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Kutdyusova Zulfiya

( The first and only in Russia, world champion in boxing among professionals.)

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Biography Kutdyusova Zulfiya
photo Kutdyusova Zulfiya
(1972 - ...)
In Moscow, many famous athletes. But such as Zulfiya, until there is no. It - the first and only in Russia, world champion in boxing among professionals.
Woman with blue eyes - it is legal
The title of world champion Suhl won earlier in the year in America, and in March, has defended it on the ring in the Olympic Sports Complex, where in ten rounds made short work of an American Gwen Smith. To fight it carefully prepared - held dozens of fights with the boys junior age (20 years) and struggled with them in the present. Almost two months went after training in bruises, and Muscovites are sympathetic look at her in transport.

- Zulfiya, a rare and beautiful name! You would have such a singer or actress, but you you fight.

- Name not such a rare and. Lovers of poetry surely know Zulphiya Israilova. This Uzbek poet was born in 1915. Many people know the collections of her poems <Close my heart>, <Heart of the way>, <Rendezvous>. I earn a living in the ring. Hlebushek this gets me hard. Always go with bruises. But my boyfriend loves me for it even more. Probably sorry.

- Do you in the hallway hangs a boxing pear, and long she zdesN

- On the day that became involved in boxing, but it is a relatively recent. By the way, barely persuaded their parents to hang a pear.

- So tell me about them.

- They are far from sports people. My mother worked as a salesman in the grocery store, my father - Jack of all trades. Here even the bookshelves in my room, made myself.

I was born in January 1972. We lived in the former Pralyatarski area in a two-room apartment. When I was eight years old, was born sister Galya. And with us living grandmother and aunt. Grandmother now 84 пЁп╬п╢п╟. <. P>

I Went to school with a sports bias. In fourth grade, a friend invited me to the section volleyball. I was small and frail - no prospects. But the coach left, do not even know why. Volleyball worked for seven years before graduation. <. P>

- Well, except for volleyball were still loved predmetyN

- Most loved books. I wrote a lot of works. Only on "War and Peace> - about ten! Prince Bolkonsky even at night dreaming. That here I am impressionable girl.
- After school, you know where you'll do than zanimatsyaN

- Unfortunately, no. I even went to college career centers, filled the pile of papers, and I was told that I have the makings for a career coach. And my friend was told that she had the makings of a barber. Recently, she won a prize in a competition barbers. Well, I enrolled in after school infizkult, who recently graduated.

- You can guess, many sports zanimalasN

First there was karate, but there I did not like. The coach turned out to be random. We are still clumsy, but he needs to play a stroke with a turn in the jumping leg. She was gone in a different section - Taekwondo, which were masters from North Korea. Prozanimalas half years. Learned to fight with his hands and feet. We are preparing for a competition, was coming world championship in North Korea. But the charges were not invited. Then I became involved in kickboxing, was on Sukharev, the club <Combat gloves>, and then moved to the club <KITEK>. At one time league <KITEK> invited to Moscow, such stars as Chuck Norris and Van Damme.

In kickboxing can cause strokes and kicks. I stood in the class <fulkontakt>. Less than a year, I managed to win the Championship. Then another three times became the strongest in Russia, became the master of sports of international class.

- And whether you have the most memorable boyN

- The championship of Russia in 1997 had to fight a world champion among professional women Olga Vlasova. She is physically stronger than me and more experienced. But I managed to win by cunning. Showing that I beat in the head and a blow struck in the body. Conversely. Characteristics of the receiving left hook, this is my <crown>.

- And how did you get into boksN

- In 1995 we went to a kickboxing match meetings on US-Russia. I stood there not bad. Manager came over and invited Americans to participate in competitions in boxing. First, in 1997, I had the opportunity to enter the ring against American Dora Weber. I lost. Then it came to her twin sister Cora. The battle took place in America. In the eighth round it I split the eyebrow was bleeding, but bleeding has stopped. Rival all the time aiming a me this eyebrow. Then I blew cool - and won. Was happy, because rival looked frighteningly. It helped me to my coach - Nicholas Lee. He supported me in the most difficult moments. Lee - Honored coach of Russia. At one time he coached team.

- And then there were two victorious battle for the title of champion miraN

- First in Atlantic City, and later in Moscow, in <Olympic ", where I managed to take the upper hand over an American Gwen Smith. Now, my rating is high enough.
- Serious our conversation it turns out, may be something funny vspomnishN
- One guy in the subway shows on my bruise and asked: <Who are you so otdelalN>. I answered: <One woman!>. He: <I suppose, because muzhikaN>. And I said to him: <But no, because bucks!>.
- Opponents of women's boxing argue that this sport is not for girls.
- I'll say one thing, if you do not like it - do not look. And bruises - it costs the profession. To me, boxing - chess under load.
- How much did you spend boevN
- If you take kickboxing and boxing, then about 50. Of them, 40-ka won. Only once in the ring felt that my opponent was stronger. It was an American bark Weber. At first I ever was a psychological shock, do not know what to do with it. In itself came only in the fourth round. In short, I was not psychologically ready to spar against her. Yet won.
- With kickboxing you quite zakonchilaN
- If the competition in kickboxing and boxing do not coincide, I would be willing to act in these two disciplines. For me, harder to fight in kickboxing, since there are only three rounds, and I do not have time to warm up. In the same box enter into force only in the fifth round. In sports such call marathon.
- A character you zhestkiyN
- Soft, cling modestly. At no one raised his voice. As a child, did not fight, and generally not aggressive people. I love photography. Mainly, his sisters.
- Would like a gymnast Svetlana Khorkina, photographed for the magazine <Playboy> N
-And why not, because I'm a girl, young, beautiful and poor. I think that being a model - it is also very interesting work. As in boxing, however.

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Kutdyusova Zulfiya, photo, biography
Kutdyusova Zulfiya, photo, biography Kutdyusova Zulfiya  The first and only in Russia, world champion in boxing among professionals., photo, biography
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