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Popenchenko Valery

( Athlete, Boxer)

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Biography Popenchenko Valery
(26.08.1937 - 15.02.1975)
The name of the boxer in the 60-70's very well known not only in our country but also abroad. His career in the sport has developed a powerful and fast, delighting and bewitching everyone who watched over her.
Valery Popenchenko was born in 1937. Mother - Rufina V. - brought up her son alone and always dreamed of seeing his handsome and strong man. So in 1949, she brought him to Tashkent and gave a Suvorov military school. There Valery first time and became acquainted with boxing: the school came Captain Yuri Matulevich and immediately opened a section on this sport. The man destined to become the first coach Popenchenko on the way to a boxing heights.

Training in the section box held four times a week. Visited, there are several dozen people, and Valery first time none of them particularly stood out. But from one month to grow its successes, and now he was listed among the most gifted pupils Matulevich. In the city competitions he won his first boxing awards.

It should be noted that these competitions were very loved by trainees, Boxers, because at least occasionally, but allowed them to leave the walls of the school. Therefore, as soon as they are released through the gates, they immediately rushed to the city and spend hours loitering on the streets. Although then Tashkent not like the present, but also in its cadets, the boys were not bored. They drove to the outskirts of the city - in Khodro, which was a stadium "Spartak", along and across the street prosherstili Aksalinskuyu, Navoi, and the Communist (at the last room was Dynamo Moscow), explored every corner of Gorky Park.

. In 1955 Popenchenko with honors from the Suvorov school: a certificate of one of the five, on his hands - gold medal
. That summer it was included in the junior team of Uzbekistan, and in August he went to the primacy of the Union in Grozny.

Preliminary fights Valery beat their opponents with relative ease and reached the final. There he opposed the previous year's champion, the boxer from Moscow Kovrigin. Their battle struck many
The first round was fairly quiet as the competitors would have stared each other. Second Kovrigin powerfully went ahead and already in the first minute Popenchenko dealt a heavy blow to the head. Valery fell, but then managed to climb. Hall rejoicing, fully supporting the champion. Inspired by this, Kovrigin again starts to attack the enemy and deals a new blow: uppercut to the solar plexus. Popenchenko again finds himself on the platform. Referee starts counting: one, two, three, four ... And here is dealt a blow. The second round is over.

When the third round, probably no one in the room had no doubt that the final Kovrigin Score "Proc of Tashkent". And indeed, the champion went ahead, paid a series of strikes and in some of the moments, apparently believing in his victory, opened. And Popenchenko not miss his chance. Seeing a gap in the enemy's defenses, he paid his crown, honed in the school attack called "cross". Kovrigin collapsed on the pavement and continue to fight on failed. The gold medal went to champion Valery Popenchenko.

It so happened that this battle was the last duel tandem Matulevich - Popenchenko. In the same year, the fate of their divorced: Matulevich returned to Tashkent, and Valery went to Leningrad, where he was admitted to the Higher School of the border.

. The new location also existed section of the box, but Popenchenko it almost did not attend: he did not like the coach
. However, the fall of that year, he still persuaded him to speak for the school at competitions, and Popenchenko agreed. And suffered his first defeat. He knocked Muscovite Sosnin. Then Valery wilted and more in the section did not come. Then he first thought that he had parted from boxing forever. But life is judged on its own.
Once at the stadium "Dinamo", he met with coach Gregory Kusikyantsem, who invited him to resume training. Thus began their community.

The first exit Popenchenko into the ring with a new coach came in just a few weeks after their meeting. Kusikyants still did not know abilities of his pupil, but decided to release it into the ring, so to see what he is capable of. These were sports and athletics competitions Leningrad. Before final Valery came easily, but in the final duel meet with an experienced opponent, the champion of the country Nazarenko, and lost it on points. It was the second defeat in a boxing career in. Popenchenko.

During the next three years racing commonwealth Kusikyantsa and Popenchenko actively continued. Although Valery had to give a lot of time learning about the box he did not forget. As a result, in 1959, he brilliantly won the championship of the USSR. Then the question arose about his inclusion in the national team, which was supposed to go to the European Championship in Switzerland. But in the qualifying meetings Popenchenko defeat: he lost to Olympic champion Gennady Shatkovu. (Shatkov on the championship took a "gold".
It took another two years before the boxer came in the USSR team. During this time he managed to become a double champion of the country, but most boxing experts tried to ignore him, considering his victory chance. His fight style Popenchenko they called the awkward and clumsy. And only at the European Championships in 1963, which was held in Moscow, Valery was able to force these people to talk about themselves differently.
. In the first battle, he literally "smeared" the experienced Italian, in the second - defeated Yugoslavia, in the account which was already 400 matches
. Finally, in the finals, he knocked the Romanian boxer Jonah Monyu. So Popenchenko first became the champion of Europe.
In the next few years, the boxer was able to once again become the European champion, four times (total - six) - champion of the USSR, and once (in 1964 in Tokyo) has won the Olympic gold. In those years he was one of the most popular athletes in the Soviet Union, his name is constantly flashed on the pages of newspapers, the person does not get away from TV screens. But soon he suddenly decides to leave the ring, which for many was a complete surprise. Because of his skill reached a peak, and the forces were rife. He tried to talk, but he remained adamant. After all, in addition to sports Valery was loaded above their heads: the scientific work at the Higher Technical Engineering School (he even defended a dissertation), membership in the Komsomol Central Committee (there he was elected in 1966), and finally, a young family. About the latter is to tell apart.
Popenchenko chosen one was a student Shipbuilding Institute Tatyana Fomina. They met by chance at the Hermitage. Valery went there with a friend, Tatiana - with a friend. It is because of what happened the last of their familiarity. As it turned out, she knew a friend, with whom Popenchenko came to the museum, and when the commotion of corridor they ran nose to nose, struck up a conversation. Tatiana seemed familiar face guy, but she could not remember where she saw him. The fact that the sports programs that are broadcast on television, she looked extremely rare, but it is one of them, she saw this person, but then forgot. Situation cleared up only after he introduced himself: Valery Popenchenko.

Their meeting lasted for about three months, after which they decided to get married. Tanya was a good family, and her parents are happy to admit a new person to the same celebrity. Soon came the addition of Young - the son Maxim.

In the late 60's Popenchenko decides to move his family to his mother in Moscow. Rufina V. live in the capital alone and openly complained to his son on loneliness. "Come to me - she begged her son and daughter. - I'll take a grandson ". And they moved.
Moscow Popenchenko offered jobs in different locations (eg, H. Ozerov lured him to the commentators), but he chose teaching: in the Bauman Moscow Higher Technical School was promoted to head of the department of physical education. In the mid-70's began the construction of new buildings at the school (including sports facilities), and Valery often drop in there to check the work of builders. Usually in the morning he changed his clothes in the marine overalls and trousers and went to the construction site, where used, lost, and until the evening. During one of such visits in February 1975 and the tragedy occurred. Absurd and so far has not been fully explained.
Popenchenko ran down the stairs with handrails and low on the next circuit, suddenly lost his balance and fell down in the stairs. Death was instantaneous. The investigators did not manage to explain what happened to the famous athlete. There were two witnesses to this incident, one of whom claimed that Popenchenko he was flying down, did not utter a sound. It was strange, because he has been scared for awhile anyway. But the consequence of malice in this tragedy was not found.
He was buried at the famous athlete Vvedenskoye cemetery.

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Popenchenko Valery, photo, biography
Popenchenko Valery, photo, biography Popenchenko Valery  Athlete, Boxer, photo, biography
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