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Shawn Ray (Shon Ray)

( Athlete, bodybuilding)

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Biography Shawn Ray (Shon Ray)
photo Shawn Ray (Shon Ray)
Sean - a worthy disciple of the great teachers. For many years, he is one of the strongest bodybuilders of the world. In the first "professional" year, Sean has applied for "Olympia" and once finished in the top five. Then he put some kind of record, staying in the top five for 10 more years in a row.
For someone reading the book - the Bible, for someone novel by Stephen King. Well, at Ray's is always at hand a major thick biography of some celebrity. "Do not mock - Sean anticipates my reaction. - Sam prikin, unless something can be learned by reading the adventures of detective supermenovN And here is a story about people who have actually lived - this thing! You see life as it is - without the usual literary nonsense and exaggeration. Here and courage, and indomitable heroism, commitment, contempt for death, and also the abyss of human depravity, betrayal, cowardice ... In short, have something to ponder. And most importantly, is, with whom to take an example! You think: more-then walked to the end, then, and you in his case should be the same! For a professional this is very important. In bodybuilding, to win, not just be stubborn like a sheep. Looking for creative inclination, sensitivity, emotionality, sensitivity of mind ... And such a person monotony of the training - that the knife is sharp. It happens that in the room go well, completely unbearable - sick of the monotony and boredom. In short, not to break, we should consciously educate themselves unwavering determination to win in whatever was. Moreover, with a ready will no one is born. The greatness of the great in that time they realized this with his own hands and brought up in an iron character.

In pursuit of the supreme title.
Sean - a worthy disciple of the great teachers. For many years, he is one of the strongest bodybuilders of the world. In the first "professional" year, Sean has applied for "Olympia" and once finished in the top five. Then he put some kind of record, staying in the top five, even 10 years in a row. At the same time in 1994 and 1996 rose to second place, holding a gigantic mass of Li Hain! However, to be winner is the one, and quite another - the winner. If so, Sean, it seems, it's time to fall into hysterics - it turns out that more than a decade without success, he attacks the main purpose of his life. However, it was then, and just need to take Ray's example. See, he did not lose Fight temperament and in their 33 пЁп+п¦п¦ full of enthusiasm clockwork. "Before every workout I tell myself that I must, must, must, must be the best in the world!" It is clear that in this setup is not going to sway with the lazy. On the contrary, consciously want to the maximum "squeeze out" all its conceivable Resources. There really is not up to fluctuations, uncertainties and other "leftist" thinking. - Sean shares the secrets of their psychology. - By the way, even the fans, I do not advise you to start training on "autopilot", they say, came, changed, closed his locker with a key to clothes and went to pull the handle simulators ... No, start with powerful psychological "self-pumping". Sit down somewhere in the far corner and gather yourselves together with the thoughts. "Bring in mind its primary purpose. Then perebroste of it as a bridge to the present day and to determine exactly how and what you need to do right now to guarantee a closer to the goal one step further.

Remember, your brain - a computer. Encourage your child to correct the original data, it clicks a couple relays, and he will give you a hurricane mood! Usually, however, rolling on the contrary are misleading their brains are the same - introduce them erroneous information. For example, in the hall continue to think about the problems with work or re-experiencing a personal setback. How does the brain understand what is more important - to lift the weight or allow another life trudnostN Well, if not the absolute concentration, in fact, why should rezultatuN short, to take up vulture must have "cocked"! "
. Creation of a champion.
. Yes, Sean professed ascetic devotion to bodybuilding, but this does not mean that its outlook is limited to the walls of gym
. Sean has a surprisingly wide interests. First, he absorbed the history and politics, and very biased is watching what is happening in the world. Sean writes a thick, three daily newspapers and major news every evening watching television programs. He also informed about the latest news pop culture and cinema. By the way, Sean's musical preferences are very peculiar. For example, in his Jukebox "Sex Pistols" easily side by side with Natalie Cole and Andrea Bocelli.

Life Sean has not yet formed. It is at that age, when the superficial relationships do not need, well, a serious until he comes. The reason you might guess: every girl expects to be the only love in the heart of Sean, well, and when found, although it's yet another love - to bodybuilding, then ... Most recently, Sean left the girl, whom he saw as all future wife. Sean does not keep her resentment: "Firstly, I am constantly on the move. Secondly, eat, train and sleep strictly on the clock. Third, when I begin preparing for the next "Olympia", then everything else for me to simply cease to exist - no discos, night clubs, trips out of town and pr. Then for any girl burst patience. In short, I understand everything, but still a pity ... "

It is felt that Sean was born too late. In the "era of Arnold" he would have been destined to live among the "Olympic" gods, whose names and today we hear undying legend. The delicate sense of proportion, high harmony of proportions, artistry, and conscious commitment to high ideals of our sport - all this is, indeed, in common with Shaun "stars" of the 60's, for whom weight has never been and could not be ends in themselves. Then, as we know, there came other times and other idols. On the podium "Olympia" firmly rooted "monsters", as if descended from the pages of comic books - horror. In such circumstances, Sean, with his stoic commitment to one and the same in the competitive weight of 96 kg, and really seemed hopelessly backward from life neophyte.

. One of the great Greek speakers, . staunch opponent of Carthage, . enslaved his homeland, . every speech, . whether it is about new taxes, or of urban sewage, . always ended with the words: "... Carthage must be destroyed!" In the end, he "took" his compatriots, . those gathered with the forces actually destroyed Carthage,
. Sean similar role. In each of his interviews he does not miss a chance poironizirovat over newfangled ideal of extreme weight. But he does not choose expressions, very much like the Muhammad Ali. There is only one quotation. "Podium" Olympia "- this is not a medieval circus where the audience entertained by showing freaks. Judges are just crazy! Who in our sport is YateN Only a handful are bodybuilders who ugorazdilo grow to 190 cm. Well, for me most of the bullies with average growth of 172 cm and a launch weight of 68-70 kg. Whose victory is more convincing and vazhneeN Clearly, my! Amateurs with their own eyes they see what can be achieved in our sport with mediocre genetics! Nevertheless, I regularly "closes" in favor of the guys who weighed steward had in 17 years. I strongly disagree! High sense of bodybuilding is that it can overturn all sorts of genetic barriers. However, for this you have to show the full force of will and character. In this sense, "Olympia", we should represent the highest manifestation of human spirit. What good show in the first ranks of all those "chickens"! N "
Can have different attitudes to the words of Ray, in particular, many believe that the old ideals of symmetry and proportions of artificially restrict the spirit of bodybuilding. For the life of a bodybuilder - that no one led by a researcher, hidden spaces of human physiological. It's like the astronaut in space. Nobody can say exactly what awaits him in front. So for a bodybuilder should be left the freedom of the experiment, the freedom to try and err. And if someone believes that can reach a competitive weight of 140 kg, even trying ...
Fans of Ray, as he himself, think very differently. They say the main thing - it is the proportions, and not what Aby, and correspond to our concepts of sportiness. Take the same Hercules, from which everything was. He is infinitely strong, but not force bumpkin - powerlifters. It is faster and endurance of all, it is the best archers, masterly with spear and sword, he - a tireless swimmer, wrestler, champion, and also the hero in the field of sex. Is this the athletic ideal embody clumsy modern "Olympians" with weight in half tsentneraN
By the way, but in Shona there nobody will dare to throw stones. Outside the hall he was - a fan of sailing, cool volleyball, tennis, football and even rocker (he has two motorcycles). What is the philosophy pravaN Look at Ray and conclude for yourself ...

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  • Alexei for Shawn Ray (Shon Ray)
  • Shawn Ray - a legend in bodybuilding. One of the most beautiful bodies of the world. The splendid proportions, simimetriya, the quality of the muscles of the highest level. At olimipii 1994 points won 1 st place, but the decision of the judges had been moved to the second. How then are recognized experts, the majority of the judges, "Mr. Olympia" is kachek under two feet tall and 110 kg. Sean I can see them cut through the physical data. If it were not for the stereotypes in this sport, Sean has a much more outstanding results.
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    Shawn Ray (Shon Ray), photo, biography
    Shawn Ray (Shon Ray), photo, biography Shawn Ray (Shon Ray)  Athlete, bodybuilding, photo, biography
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