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Stukov Maria

( Athlete, bodybuilding)

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Biography Stukov Maria
photo Stukov Maria
(Apr. 6, 1983 - ...)
In late April, in Murmansk held the Cup and the championship of Russia on bodybuilding and fitness, participate in and three ex-Yekaterinburg - pupils training room Oleg Todorov. I made a real sensation when he returned home a six-fold in the amount of prize-winners Cup. In particular, the 17-year-old student Mary Stukov ranked third among women and first in the girls junior and in the absolute primacy of fitness.
Born on 06.04.1983 r. in Sverdlovsk.
The absolute champion of Russia in 2001 fitness.
Is engaged in the "Training Hall".
Coach - Oleg Todorov,
arbitrary program director - Elena Nosov.
Favorite food - fried potatoes,
drink - juice "Green Apple".
TV Channels - MTV, "Discovery",
Radio - "Europe +".
Colors - black and white
. Writers - Sidney Sheldon and Stephen King.
. Our Masha - absolute gold!
. "The details have already reported that in late April in Murmansk held the Cup and the championship of Russia on bodybuilding and fitness, participate in and three ex-Yekaterinburg - pupils training room Oleg Todorov
. I made a real sensation when he returned home a six-fold in the amount of prize-winners Cup
. Specifically, . 17-year-old student Mary Stukov ranked third among women and first in the girls junior and in the absolute primacy of fitness, . and its contemporary Alexander Kolyasnikov won the silver medal among boys and a bronze - Junior-bodybuilder,
. Perfectly acted in category "Girls" and 15-year-old Anastasia Barbakova, which has taken it a very high 5 place.
. May 26, these and other Uralic athletes will participate in the next tournament "strong and beautiful" - Open Championship in Yekaterinburg on bodybuilding and fitness
. The purpose of this tournament is also the union of all the many clubs of Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region under the banner of IFBB - the only version officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee.
. In spring 2000, she became vice-champion Cup Urals and Western Siberia
. Almost immediately took 4 th place at the Cup of Russia in Krasnoyarsk, and became vice-champion of Russia 2000 Cup of Russia in Chelyabinsk. In the spring of next year in Chelyabinsk she Cup winner in the Urals and Western Siberia, and in Murmansk is the absolute champion of Russia in the class "Fitness-juniors". Such a rise in any sport is a unique phenomenon, even in the fitness, where the "dark horses", please forgive me, the beauty of the gnarled stamp, has always been a lot.

"CT": - Masha, judging by your success over the past year or two his way to a great sport you start from detstvaN

Maria Stukov: "Yes, indeed. As early as 3 years myself, watching TV, invent songs, ran with a ball or a ribbon. And, we must pay tribute to the Pope with his mother, they took it for a whim, and in 5 years I have given in this section of gymnastics. I've prozanimalas to 8 years, then went to the circus. Parents have always been interested in my success, my mother would not let pass a single workout

"CT": - Gymnastics - Circus - fitness, perhaps, these areas of human activity can be called adjacent, but not much. Or as a talented man you are talented in vsemN

MS: - Get all quite unexpectedly. I was in my first year of circus department, and we are with the girls at the gym just pretending, someone biceps showed someone triceps. At the time I went to the pants and shirt, and my figure was not visible. And we have been teaching gymnastics Elena Nosov, who is also vice-president of Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Sverdlovsk region. She then searched for junior competitions, which were to be held in Yekaterinburg, April 23, 2000. Somehow, she immediately drew attention to me and invited to speak at competitions. I was at a time, even ideas about what is fitness, no.

"CT": - suggested that the success of those early contests and determined your fate ...

MS: - two weeks I began to prepare if it is, of course, you can seriously call training, and quite well made - took second place. At that time I was only 16 years old and a prize was a real incentive to work. Silver - one step away from gold - I was set to go further. In the spring, I spoke at the championship of Russia in Krasnoyarsk, where it became the fourth
. "CT": - You automatically chooses the coach, or he nashelN How do you sum this union "champion-trainer" N

. MS: - By Oleg Viacheslavovich led me Elena, and I train with him from the beginning
. My victory - this is, of course, and to his credit, he dealt with me, was training plans, diet. Sometimes people think that the president of the Federation his name as a coach enters for the multiplication of merit, but it is not the case. I just to meet the requirements and instructions. And here's the result ...

"CT": - I think these cruel diet bodybuilding and fitness just crazy, do not want to eat to satiety and stop myself istyazatN

MS: - We have to deny themselves in many ways, but it's worth it. And, besides, the diet is not the whole year, but only in a certain period before competition. All around me have become accustomed to my diet, in general forgotten how to salt my mother may forget to cut the bread guests. At first it was hard, but it's because I misunderstood that in general such a diet, what role it plays. The transition from the normal food was not easy, but now I just do not notice, for me it is natural.

"CT": - There are in your sport, those to whom you are equal, you want to be pohozhaN

MS: - Ideal I have no. I was just looking at herself in the mirror and see those things which still need to work in accordance with international standards. I will certainly look at the competition "Miss Fitness Olympia, charged energy, analyze their performance. And, of course, I like our girls: Margarita Avtyuhovich, Daria Akinshina, Natalia Gurievskih.

"CT": - If you do not mind, share the secrets of the profession.

MS: - There is no secret. I think it all depends on a good coach who will provide program and supply, respectively, at the same time must always be objective - victory.

"CT": - And what about genetic predraspolozhennostN

MS: - Of course, much depends on genetics, that is, from parents, but as I have said in the beginning of the interview. So for the genetic secrets to contact him. But good data - a pretext for idleness. In principle, all can be achieved, the main thing in this case the desire and hard work. Another issue that the time to achieve the result to someone you need more, someone less

. "CT": - Each subsequent preparation for a competition for you is hard or legcheN

. MS: - No, it is easier to give, the more competition experience, the simpler, the more you already know about the mistakes of the past which can not be repeated

. "CT": - Formulate a brief that for you fitness: hobby, profession, the path to fame and dengamN

. MS: - This is more than a hobby
. You can not even imagine what a pleasure it can deliver the training. I like the process: training, training for a competition, performance itself. After winning all ineffable feeling. Now nice look in the mirror: it became self-confidence. Fitness for me - the space for life.
"CT": - In the hall you turn to the newcomers for sovetomN

MS: - Many of them really fit and wonder how I achieved this result, asked that a prompt, give advice, what would be the same. I always Weц¦can. By the way, I conduct seminars (demonstrative training) in the training room, where she and doing.

"CT": - do not feel coach sposobnostiN

MS: - We have once been the case during my workouts became ill one of the trainers, Oleg V. asked me to replace the instructor. I worked for just two weeks. Then Oleg V. told me that I have my gift for coaching work. In fact, everything is simple: I simply have a desire to help people, not all athletes can be coaches should be teaching talent. I really like working with people.

"CT": - Training, of course, interfere uchebeN happens that good grades teachers pose for sports uspehiN

MS: - I would not say account for just a month after the competition to sit down and bury textbooks. I finish the day Branch School of Arts (Circus Branch) at four and five. Future specialty - circus artist, circus director of the collective.

"CT": - And how to relate to your college studies fitnessomN

MS: - They all understand and come to meet me. They say that watching on TV to compete with my participation. Tamara Butuzova, our director, always interested in my success, and at any time ready to help. Her deputy for the training of Vanechkin Valery very sympathetic and caring person. All the time, asked about the school, not be left behind if I can than help. I remember once, I even moved the deadlines for tests, just because I left for the emulation. They're all over me sick.

"CT": - I am with you, apparently, little, if falls minute than zanimaeshsyaN

MS: - If it still happens, I love to rest in nature, or even just walking around the city, reading, music. I write poetry, but until something abandoned.

"CT": - The failures you very rasstraivayutN Sometimes that kind of change hoechtsya deyatelnostiN

MS: - Failure me only stimulate. I have some racing excitement. There are, of course, like all some setbacks, but I take myself in hand, and say to myself, must go further. Due to their performance and I achieved these results. As they say there is no limit to perfection. I am never satisfied with themselves, want more and more refined. I own a very hard critic. Always analyze your mistakes after speeches. It is easier when you see yourself from

"CT": - Fitness - a sport that does not leave men indifferent to your person ...

MS: - Some simply scaling down the neck. My mom does not let one into the street, says he does not return. Sometimes, approaches and interests, ask questions, say that they saw on TV. All this, so to speak, izzhitki profession.

"CT": - What can you say about his relationship with treneromN

MS: - We are very close friends. Differently and should not be. As a general matter, the coach and athlete should be no secrets. Oleg V. always aware of all my events, constantly inquires after health. Even if I say that I'm good, and he sees that I am unwell, then he sends me home. But this relationship pupil and teacher.

"CT": - The city has many different rooms where you can do, but do you train in the hall Federation pochemuN

MS: - Quantity does not mean quality. There may be expensive and nice trainers, but this is not enough. If not provided with coaching staff, what can we expect from this room. I am pleased that I speak for the Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, there is some sense of responsibility - you know what to expect and you get sick of you. I am very glad that I've come to this room and to Oleg Todorov, for our Federation has a great future. Nowhere else I would not want to deal. Being engaged somewhere in the "basement", I would not have got either no competition and did not achieve such results. In the "Training Hall" reigns some special atmosphere as soon as you come, you forget about all the problems and rveshsya to simulators.
"CT": - Have there been with you some funny things on sorevnovaniyahN

MS: - It happens several times in the intermediate competition, I have repeatedly stretched in the draw бL 1. It turned out that I had a scene-won position from the center. But despite this, I won and became the first. Therefore, when the Championship of Russia, I pulled бL 11, Oleg V. told me that he would have to be twice as the first - no other way.

"CT": - It is, rather, fate, and whether that veseloeN

MS: - Not without this. Cup of Russia in 2000 when we bought without trying to make up. They brought in the dressing room, seemingly normal. And the scene just went black, with Oleg Vyacheslavovich just climbed into his eyes to the forehead (laughs) and his jaw dropped. Frightened by the blackness of the following events, I was opposite pale. Now, everything is fine, make-up we worked

"CT": - A lot of it mean to you audience, those who look at the performance of zalaN

MS: - From the support of the hall, much depends, when the scene you see sour faces - it is unpleasant. True, the competition for fitness is rarely the case, where everyone is happy. Much depends on the very leading. Applause support. General fitness performance - it's always colorful. Free round, in fact, the whole show. Every girl's bright costumes and expressive makeup, which will reveal the image. Now judges have become much attention given to such points as makeup, hair, costume. The appearance of athletes is no less important than the physical training.

"CT": - You are a fighter for natureN

MS: - Of course. I remember we held the championship for the city, I must act, but at the last moment, I forgave, and put me in the hospital, with his last strength I got up and came to the speech. Took the stage, because I've been waiting for the spectators and fans

. "CT": - What to do after next sorevnovaniyN

. MS: After the competition I am resting for almost a month, eat all kinds of cakes, ice cream, training at this time no, but then again gradually begin to train

. "CT": - You start to engage in April 2000, took just over a year, and such successes </ P>

. MS: - After my spontaneous coming in fitness it turned
. In the spring, I immediately became vice-champion of the Cup of the Urals and Western Siberia in Krasnoyarsk and then took 4 th place in the Cup of Russia in the autumn of that year in Chelyabinsk became vice-champion of Russia-2000. In the spring of next year's Cup of the Urals and Western Siberia, I became the first. And finally, this spring in Murmansk, I became the absolute champion of Russia in the class of "Fitness-juniors".

"CT": - What more planyN

MS: - We will take the championship of Russia, where I hope very much to win and go to World Championships. If this happens - this will be my first championship of the world scale, I expect him to win.

PS: In conclusion, I would like to express my great appreciation for the assistance in preparing for a competition Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, Sverdlovsk region, its president and my coach Todorova OV. and vice president of fitness bow E.E, as well as "Sverdlovsk Avtodor" enterprise "Chemicals" and Irbit farm. In addition, special thanks to coaches and all those involved in our fitness club "Training Room" (St.. 40 years of October, 27).

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