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Balboshin Nikolai Fyodorovich

( Athlete, wrestler)

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Biography Balboshin Nikolai Fyodorovich
photo Balboshin Nikolai Fyodorovich
(June 8, 1949 - ...)
As a child, Nicholas Balboshin - future Olympic champion, one of the greatest fighters "classics" of the twentieth century - not distinguished good health. Every time during the examination the doctor found he had "noises" in the heart and gave him relief from sports at school. But Nicholas hesitated to talk about it and always went to gym class. Together with his elder brother Vladimir played football in the street, merilis force with each other.
Born June 8, 1949, Mr.. in Potsdam (Germany) in the family of military. Father - Balboshin Fedor Semenovich (1921 g.rozhd.). Mother - Balboshina Ekaterina (1920 g.rozhd.). Wife - Balboshina Nina Stepanovna (1950 g.rozhd.). Children: Balboshin Nikolai Nikolaevich (1973 g.rozhd.) Balboshina Elena (1979 g.rozhd.). Grandchildren: Nicholas and Mary.

As a child, Nicholas Balboshin - future Olympic champion, one of the greatest fighters "classics" of the twentieth century - not distinguished good health. Every time during the examination the doctor found he had "noises" in the heart and gave him relief from sports at school. But Nicholas hesitated to talk about it and always went to gym class. Together with his elder brother Vladimir played football in the street, merilis force with each other.

Vladimir was already engaged in the classic struggle of the stadium "Science". In 13 years, came to be written in the section and Nicholas. However, unable to climb the rope without legs, which was prerequisite for admission, and he was denied. Soon Nicholas did take, and together with his brother, he took up the struggle. They gained weight, became further study at home, competing with each other, hardened strength and courage. Maybe that was then and began to form an unstoppable character of Nicholas. "Game" iron-hard, every day, trained fanatically, most were afraid to sleep through morning exercises in the morning before school. Competing with each other, obstinacy was melted in an iron willpower, self-esteem - in self-confidence.

Pretty soon surpassed the older brother Nicholas. He confidently walked to victory, but, speaking at a Moscow championship among junior boys and surely winning the first meeting, in the third, holding the reception, broke his arm.

It was the first and, unfortunately, not the last serious injury. However, it did not stop Nicholas. In 1966, Mr.. He won his first major victory - at the championship of Moscow among the youth, where his competitors were older than 3 years, that at this age it is not unimportant. In April 1967. He won the USSR championship among juniors in the heavyweight division, and three months later won the school sports day and received a master of sports.
In 1968. Nicholas Balboshin was drafted into the army. Serve stayed in Moscow, the internal troops, and began to train at Dynamo. It also met with a war hero, the Olympic champion in Melbourne (1956), the repeated champion of the USSR in the heavyweight division Anatoly Parfenov, who became coach Nikolai. Anatoly like himself had to fight and increasingly began to take a sparring partner of Nicholas, although the difference in weight was almost 25 kg. Fought, they did not playfully: Parfenov was very strong. The first time Nick would lose, but then, gathering strength, experience and equipment, began to win.

At this time Nicholas Balboshin began to speak light heavyweight (100 kg), although its own weight does not exceed 95 kg. Under the leadership of AI Parfenov, he quickly began to add, and a year later, in 1969, won the USSR championship among youth, and then twice won the international tournament "Olympic Hopes" won the "adult" championship "Dinamo". In 1971, Mr.. was medalist of the USSR, and in 1972. won one of the most prestigious in those years of international tournaments - tournament in memory of I. Poddubnogo. N. Balboshinu was awarded the title of master of sports of international class.

At this time, with AI Parfenov began working as a coach Yuri Ivanovich picking. He recently graduated to speak at a large carpet, was a wonderful technician, a remarkable man and has done much to improve the skill of members of the Dynamo team.

. Almost all fights Nicholas won early, oderzhivaya them clean victory
. "To lay" rivals the blades becomes brand style Balboshina. However, in recognition of the athlete, his technique was still noticeably "limping". Have hours, day after day, month after month "cure technical lameness, sharpen up the subtleties of his crown reception - roll bending, to bring it to perfection. A year of intensive training, but he learned to roll bending conduct of any seizure, catching opponents in the left and right side and sent them to the shoulder.

In 1972. Balboshin won a few tournaments, and coaches included him in the team of the country to participate in the European championship and the preparation for the Olympics. But another injury, this time gap ligament of the knee joint, crossed out ambitious plans.

Pivotal year in sports was the fate of Nicholas Balboshina 1973. He won the championship of the USSR, but in training before competition hurt his shoulder, as it turned out - tear in the articular bags. However, several months later won the European Championships in Helsinki, and then at the world championships in Iran.

In 1974. He became a silver medalist of European Championship in Madrid (to win the gold prevented another injury), but at the world championships in Poland (1974) and the European Championships in Germany next year, in 1975, became a champion. In all these competitions Balboshin actually prove the truth of the words of his coach AI Parfenov: "Nick is particularly dangerous at the end of the fight: he, . like no other, . a truly inexhaustible reserves of strength and will, . that helps him win just to finish every match.,

. At the next World Championships in Minsk (1975) has taken another trauma (separation of the greater trochanter of the hip joint), and Nicholas Balboshin was unable to continue competition.
. The most memorable for Nicholas Balboshina began in 1976, when he was the third time he became the champion of Europe in St. Petersburg and took part in the Olympic Games in Montreal
. At the opening of the Games Nicholas Balboshinu entrusted to carry the banner of the Soviet delegation. The appearance of Russian heroes, carrying the flag pole of the Soviet Union at arm's length, remember the millions of viewers around the world. Authority Balboshina was then so great that many experts previously gave him unconditional victory. At the Olympic wrestling mat Nicholas put on the blades of all five of its rivals, which lasted only 15 minutes (a record), and became the Olympic champion. After that, he three times won the European Championship three times, became the champion of the world.

. At the Olympics-80 Balboshinu very much like to once again become an Olympic champion, he insists on preparing for a competition, but the second meeting again seriously injured
. Two years could not speak.
In 1976. Balbolshin graduated from high school coaches, and in 1980. - Institute of Physical Education. In 1981, during the forced interruption due to injury, became the coach Dynamo and worked together with AI Parfenov. However, with the carpet finally parted. In 1983. in the interests of the team returned to Moscow on a large rug to take part in the Sports of the USSR, and became a champion. In February 1984, in the Olympic year, N. Balboshin won the gold medal at the USSR Championship. Now you can take part in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, but unfortunately for Soviet athletes, the country's leadership decided to boycott the Olympics. At the sports career Nikolai Balboshina ended.
. During speeches in the sports arena, he was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1973), awarded the Labor Red Banner (1976) and "Honor" (1981).
. Currently, the stock of Border Troops, Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas Balboshin continues to work with the Federation to fight in Moscow, transfer experience to young athletes
. All free time reading, giving, work on the cottage and car.
Lives and works in Moscow

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Balboshin Nikolai Fyodorovich, photo, biography
Balboshin Nikolai Fyodorovich, photo, biography Balboshin Nikolai Fyodorovich  Athlete, wrestler, photo, biography
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