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Reverend Deguchi

( Athlete, coach founder of aikido)

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Biography Reverend Deguchi
In 1919, Ueshiba left Sirataki to go to Tanabe for sick father. On the road he heard a lot of rumors about the strange monk - a healer and miracle-worker living in Ayabe, Reverend Father Deguchi (its former name Ueda Kitasaburo). Deguchi was the spiritual mentor Oo-moto-Ke, sect Great Source. In 1898 he had a revelation: he heard a "heavenly voice", who told him the following:

"You must know the most pure and noble path - the path that leads to Heaven. You must cleanse your body and soul to be able to awaken people. You need to be a servant of God. Spreading light in this world. Become a Salt salvation and purification. Lechi body and soul. Give your life to people and the Path to Heaven. Without this power of love you can achieve this. Ten years will be decisive. You know the hatred and persecution. Feel free to go ahead with the power of the Lord. Do not give. God shed his light upon you. "

In 1907, Deguchi was a great teacher Oo-Ke-Moto. From that time until his death, . 1948, . He unfolded a huge multifaceted activities: set up a daily newspaper "Taisho-yarns-Michi", . was a Japanese-Esperanto dictionary, . established the Association of Universal Love and Brotherhood, . established the Association for the dissemination of the Great Martial Ways of Japan, . created the World Federation of religions, . established the newspaper "Dzinryu-Aizen-Shimbun, . an alliance with the Chinese sects under the name "Society of the Doctrine of the fundamental unity" and "strict compliance with the Community",
. In 1925, Deguchi contacted the White Brotherhood in Bulgaria (later the World White Brotherhood), led by Peter Deyunovym (1864-1944).

. Under the leadership of the sect Deguchi Oo-moto-Ke was a powerful organization with numerous branches throughout Japan and abroad
. Its main purpose, . "external" and "visible", . was in close connection with the imperial project of the "sphere of common prosperity of Asia", . other words, . Deguchi proposed to establish on earth the kingdom of the One God ", . based on political, . cultural and economic alliance between China and Japan.,
. Deguchi, Ueshiba Morihei visited in late September 1919 and went to Tanabe only on December 28
. His father died on Jan. 2, 1920. At the tomb of the son felt a strong shock, which strengthened his belief in a religious vocation. In the same year, Ueshiba had lost their first two children died at an early age. After all the adversity he decided to join Deguchi and moved to Ayabe.

On the advice of his new spiritual father, he opened a dojo, where he taught Daito-ryu-aiki-jitsu adherents Oo-Ke-Moto. In 1922, here for some time came Takeda for training in the hall Ueshiba. If the relationship between Ueshiba and the Reverend Deguchi were excellent, it looked very different relations with other members of the community accused him of authoritarianism and intolerance.

. Near Deguchi, Ueshiba fully immersed in teaching, which he outlines mastered in the Shingon sect (remember Fujimoto Mitsui), and which was decisive for their future understanding of Aikido-Koto-Tama.

. Koto-Tama - is the doctrine of "power sound"
. It is practiced mostly in the form of mantras (sacred sounds) and mudras (symbolic gestures). Here's how it characterizes Michelle Randow in his book "Military art, or the spirit of Budo" ...

"Esoteric knowledge of Aikido very deeply. Master Ueshiba spent his whole life. One of his major studies concerned the power of symbols and sounds.
Five pervozvukov Creation - this, and then E, A, L, D. At Saint John, "I" is the original sound, the relevant words of the Gospel: "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God". The sounds of E, A, B, D are 4 stages of creation. These 4 steps symbolize the respiratory rhythm of the universe. These 4 rhythm generate 8 forces, which are also 8 colors, 8 sounds. Figure 8 in Japan and in the East - is a figure of infinity.

4 stages I, O, A, E develop the initial energy, create inner and outer world. Each letter represents one of the spheres of Being. Sounds means showing the world:

. Every field has its own vibration, connecting the spiritual essence of the physical body ...

. 4 spheres Manifestation, multiplied by 8 forces, give rise to 32 states actually ...

. This knowledge has its roots in the esoteric teachings of Shinto ... "

. According Kissomaru Ueshiba, the son of teachers, interaction between aikido and Koto-Tama is that aikido should be seen as a specific interpretation and embodiment of the doctrine of "power of sounds.
. Under the influence of the theory of Koto-Tama, Ueshiba significantly changed the nature of teaching Daito-ryu Aiki-jutsu and began calling his art "Aiki-Bu-Jutsu.

. Meanwhile, at the GS-moto-Ke began a crackdown
. Since 1921 Deguchi on charges of insulting the Emperor was under house arrest. However, at night on Feb. 13, 1924, he, ignoring the ban, went to Mongolia in China, accompanied by several loyal individuals and Ueshiba as a bodyguard.

. On arrival at the place with the help of some Lu Zhang Gueya he created the "Independent Army of the North-west, took over the distribution of salt and rice, to notify all of the creation of a" kingdom of God "and declared himself the" Savior of the world "
. The local governor Chang Tso Lin did not tolerate such arbitrariness in their possession, executed Lu Zhang Gueya and sentenced to death Japanese visitors. Only the intervention of the Japanese consulate and Deguchi, Ueshiba allowed to return home July 25, 1925 and unharmed. Thanks transported into the adventure tests Ueshiba first learned about its ability to foresight. It turns out that at the time of mortal danger he "feels", he "knows" about the attack before the enemy, as it happens. Mystical intuition ( "the point of white light") shows him even the trajectory of bullets.
Henceforth, Wang Shu Gao (mystical alias Ueshiba in Mongolia) has changed his view on the Martial Arts. A year later, in 1926, after a very intense training, he had a vision, which he described as follows:
"Suddenly I realized that the earth and the sky begins to vibrate. From the land came the spiritual energy, like a golden couple, who obvolok my body, transforming it into a golden. At this point, I was able to reach the heart of the world. Henceforth, all the land - my home. I realized that Budo martial arts are useless, if victory is achieved by force. They should not be tools that will bring peace to the collapse, their role in that heart of the world was yours and that prevailed throughout the world ... "
. Thus was born Aikido! Nevertheless, had to wait another 15 years, that this term was used officially
. In 1927, Ueshiba left Ayabe and moved to Tokyo, where he taught in the dojo, located in his own house. In 1930 he began construction of a dojo in Wakamatsu-Ge, "Kobukan", which was opened in April 1931. Due to the extremely difficult exercise, held in the hall Kobukan, he was nicknamed "jigoku-dojo" (Hall of Hell).

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Reverend Deguchi, photo, biography
Reverend Deguchi, photo, biography Reverend Deguchi  Athlete, coach founder of aikido, photo, biography
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