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Monastic Maria

( sportswoman, karate)

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Biography Monastic Maria
photo Monastic Maria
If you met Mary Monastery - a pretty, fragile, low girl - on the street, not care would not have guessed that this is the world's only three-time world champion in contact karate for women ... So the first question suggests itself.
- Masha, on you ever attacked ulitseN Drunk company naprimerN
- There was a case where a guy tried to squeeze me in the elevator, and was severely punished. But in general I'm very cautious man, good sense of danger and try not to fall into extreme situations. I know, for example, that such a blow on the head. If an ordinary person is "fun" is rarely felt or not felt at all, I am not getting any time, and I know how it is dangerous. Therefore defile in the mini-skirt past the drunken men of the company I will not. I have to go around, so as not to provoke conflict. After all, I understand perfectly well how it would end. As for me, and for them.
But in general I am always surprised when people make any inappropriate, wild behavior. I think: you do it now, . dear, . and what the consequences would be, . predstavlyaeshN or situation: the machine runs out of the bully and only for, . his Mercy softly struck in the back, . starts waving his arms, . hit the glass, . scream ..,
. There would be eccentric to think: Who is in the car - world champion in karate or just a thug who pulled out a pistol and shot him in lobN Why do so themselves vestiN I really do not like it when your hands are spread.
- And you can easily hurt, obidetN
- Who can I obidetN VragiN These do not hurt. They are trying to destroy, trample, sling mud. They can simply not pay attention, if only we are not talking about the physical removal. And those who are whispering behind my back ... God be with them.
Sports, movies and men
- There is a view that professional athletes - they are people are out to as soon as possible ditch their own health.
- No professional sports, health benefits, does not bring. In striving to be the fastest or the strongest, with the titles and ranks, medals and cups athlete inevitably pays fractures, sprains, fractures, functional disorders of the brain, cardiovascular system ...
- So you and the other is "to these galleys" N
- Imagine a talented young man who, pursuing any sport, became champion of Moscow, Russia, and, finally, the world champion. He can no longer stay, he dreams of winning at the Olympics. Sport is his way of life. And about the man who more than ruin your health, and you can philosophize. Here you sit at a computer all day, spoiling the eyes, incubated osteochondrosis, you have stiff joints, heart and cardiovascular system completely netrenirovanna ... It's too bad.
- Probably, you are asked this question constantly, but where to get away from him: How is your personal zhiznN not afraid of a man close to you podhoditN
- Not that fear react somehow inadequate. Some learn that karate, running without looking. Others think that I have without them enough fans, and also relegated to the very first lines. In fact I have very little free time, even with old friends are extremely rare.
- What should be the man that you ponravitsyaN have some intelligent four-eyes go and the chances netN
- This is absolutely not important. Pumped superman or four-eyes, what raznitsaN The only requirement for a man whom I can fall in love - it must be decent. "The mare is not a horse, a woman not a man" - this attitude I do not understand.
- And in the film is not removed priglashaliN Cynthia Rothrock with her mediocre appearance and in the absence of any title at all to you, in my opinion, far.
- I do not know how in America, and we have, no matter how you may be supertalantlivym, you will not invite anyone anywhere until you give me any money, or anything else ...
Do not drink - therefore, the enemy
- Masha, is that we have to break rezhimN sports drink, for example, in kompaniiN
- In the company of my friends drink very rarely. And if I refuse, no one will not persuade. But sometimes a drink still has. For the sake of the case, in order to positively was resolved an issue related to the work. We've both: do not drink with us - means that the enemy. Actually I even against drugs containing alcohol.
- You can often hear that section of karate - it is, say, a forge of the gangs to. This takN
- Strongly disagrees. Those who engage in the sections of karate, are not only physical but also psychological, moral training: they have something to occupy his hands, feet, and most importantly - head. But those who do nothing, anyone itching from idleness, probably in a gang and will be.

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Monastic Maria, photo, biography
Monastic Maria, photo, biography Monastic Maria  sportswoman, karate, photo, biography
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