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Alekseev Mikhail Nikolayevich

( The general - lieutenant of artillery.)

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Biography Alekseev Mikhail Nikolayevich
photo Alekseev Mikhail Nikolayevich
Born April 4, 1919 in the village Zheludeva Shilovsky region Ryazan. Father - Nicholas Anashkin Trofimovich (1898. born.). Mother - Anashkina Elizabeth I. (1900 g. born.). Wife - Anashkina Antonina Fedoseevna (1922 g. born.). Daughters: Alevtina Ivanovna (1948. born.), Olga (1957. born.). Son - Alexander Ivanovich (1957. born.)

In 1935, Ivan Anashkin graduated from junior high school and enrolled in the Ryazan School of Artillery. As one of the best of its graduates, was left in him to command a platoon of. When the Great Patriotic War, Lieutenant Anashkin was assigned to the Bryansk Front for the post of commander of the battery rocket - a new kind of weapons originating in the Red Army.

. Many young commander had to work hard to master a completely new technique for him
. But he was honorably cope with the difficult task, managed to put together a great battle groups. And on the night of September 13, 1941 Battery made its first salvo against the advancing Germans near the town Glukhovo in Sumy region. Prepare data for firing battalion tasked, as highly trained, Ivan Anashkin than he was immensely proud.

Later battery rocket launchers BM-13, the famous "Katyusha", under the command and. N. Anashkina played a crucial role in the fighting in the region of Zvenigorod, Moscow region. Suffice it to say that the combat mission when battery commander Anashkin put himself commander, General L. A. Govorov. A rare case, but too complicated and tense situation was then under Moscow. And Division "Katyusha", skillfully maneuvering, causing telling blows Nazis, suddenly descended on them deadly volleys.

. In the village Karinskoe installed pedestal, indicating the place where in November 1941 by the fascist invaders was made fire a volley "Katyusha" 5-m individual guards mortar battalion, consisting of a battery Anashkina

During the fighting near Moscow, Ivan was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.
In subsequent years, and. N. Anashkin fought on the Western, Central and 1 st Belorussian Front as the commander of a separate guards mortar battalion and Chief of Staff of the Guards Mortar Regiment. By the beginning of "Operation Bagration" Belarus to release in summer 1944, Ivan Anashkin has been deputy commander of the regiment, and soon took command of the Guards Mortar Regiment. He graduated from a military way Ivan Anashkin near Berlin with the rank of lieutenant colonel, a knight of the six military medals.
After the war, in 1946-1947, he graduated from the Leningrad Higher Artillery School and the officer receives the appointment in his native Ryazan military artillery school for the post of commander of the battalion of cadets. After graduating from the Military Academy named after M. V. Frunze in 1955 for two years served as commander of the Guards Brigade in a mortar Kiev Military District. In 1959-1961, respectively, and. N. Anashkin - Deputy Head of the Ryazan Military Artillery School. From 1961 to 1963 he served as commander of an artillery division in the Carpathian Military District, and from 1964 to 1983 - at the Central Office of the Ministry of Defense - deputy commander of the Missile Forces and Artillery of the Army. From 1970 to 1983, was a member of the editorial board of "Military Gazette.

In the period from 1980 to 1982 and. N. Anashkin was in Afghanistan, where he directly participated in the leadership of artillery fighting the Soviet Army and the armed forces of Afghanistan.

Ratna path and. N. Anashkina at the front and the troops in the postwar period marked by the Order of Lenin, . four Orders of the Red Banner, . Order of Suvorov II degree, . Alexander Nevsky, . two honors World War I degree, . three orders of the Red Star, . Order of Red Banner of Labor, . Order of Honor, . two foreign orders, . number of medals,
. General Anashkin was awarded an honorary citizen of the town of Zvenigorod simultaneously with three times Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel General of Aviation and. Skin Pincher. He also - Honorary Citizen of PoznaеL (Polish Republic) and sat Karinskoe Moscow region.
. In 1982, the publishing house "Moscow Worker" published a book of memoirs of veterans of Guards mortar units "came out in front of Katyusha rockets, which were published and two articles and
. N. Anashkina: "Moscow fortress" and "the Oder". In all he is the author of two books and more than 10 articles.
In 1985, after leaving the reserve, Lieutenant-General and. N. Anashkin went to work at the Moscow Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery of the Ministry of Health of Russia, where as Chief of Staff for Civil Defense, he works today. He is chairman of the Joint Council of Veterans Guards mortar units and artillery reserve of the High Command of the Moscow Committee of veterans.
. Ivan happy to meet with young people, speaks to schoolchildren and students
. Leisure uses for cultural, communication with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren (all seven of them from him). He loves reading history books, watch domestic films, Russian folk songs.
Lives and works in Moscow.

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Alekseev Mikhail Nikolayevich, photo, biography
Alekseev Mikhail Nikolayevich, photo, biography Alekseev Mikhail Nikolayevich  The general - lieutenant of artillery., photo, biography
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