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Andreev Nikolai Rodionovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union, the general - lieutenant.)

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Biography Andreev Nikolai Rodionovich
photo Andreev Nikolai Rodionovich
(August 7, 1921 - ...)
Hero of the Soviet Union, the general - lieutenant. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, the October Revolution, World War I level, the Labor Red Banner, Red Star, "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR", with many medals.
. Born August 7, 1921 in the village Kuropleshevo Slantsy district of Leningrad region
. Father - Andreev Rodion A. (1891. born.). Mother - Andreeva Praskovya Feodorovna (1891 g. born.). Wife - Andreeva Tamara (1924. born.). Son - Andreev Alexander (1947. born.). Daughter - Tatiana Sergeeva (1949. born.).

Nick soon joined the rural labor. He loved to disappear in the night with the horses. After the seven-year plan in 1935, he entered the Leningrad Mechanical College Road and in 1939 he graduated. He received specialty equipment for the construction of roads and bridges. Was directed to the Komsomol in the Amur region. He worked as a technician of machine-road unit. A year later he was drafted into the army.

With this preparation the ordinary for a long time could not, of course, remain. Could do in a military school. But a military career if he did not think. He became the youngest commander. He served diligently, service was easy, fast reputed disciplined, very responsible and careful use of a warrior.

When an alert - along with the crew was in a park before all. On the run only thought about how to quickly start a cold engine, especially in the winter cold. On the march - as it does not skip a team is not too late to maneuver on the shooting - not to miss ... With this mindset all he certainly succeeded.

Credibility in his company was a high. Sam commander on the teachings caused him and consulted on the tanks will be whether such a mostochku not fall apart if he. On account Andreyev was built several bridges, and it is not without a secret pride, to give an opinion: "hold out Comrade Commander!" I never made a mistake.

. On the impending war in those days spoke softly and carefully, but were engaged in combat training almost to exhaustion
. "Very driven, even in the output no peace" - grumbled senior soldiers, but Andreev somehow it was not a burden. He felt no internal protest or moral fatigue. Tamila only obsessive foreboding ambulance big war. It is altogether stronger and as it materialized, . when one of the first days of April 1941 the company commander announced on the construction, . that planning sessions on the schedule are canceled and all should be prepared for loading into trains, . without combat equipment.,

. Itinerary commanders kept secret
. Perhaps, however, and did not know. While riding - all wondered: why so much. A return to Lviv, in the emerging 64-Panzer Regiment. It was necessary to obtain and master the new technique - T-34 tank, which then was considered a secret. But his superior tactical and technical characteristics of spoken aloud and with enthusiasm.
. tanker-Dalnevostochnik Sergeant Andreev from the beginning of the war was on the South-Western Front, which took over the attack of superior forces of the fascist German Army Group South, south-western borders of the country
. From the first days of the war experiences remembered Andreev, . a heated discussion at a meeting held in the regiment that, . that will soon be in Berlin, . and yet - as I revolted and indignant his peasant heart, . seeing, . that the German tanks, . swung in battle order, . arrogantly and treacherously went straight retracted wheat field, . mercilessly vminaya spikes into the ground ..,
. With such naive emotions had to leave very soon. Soon Andreev and he confidently led his Thirty on neskoshennym bread to meet Hitler's armada. In the first battle direct hit from shrapnel shell lifted into the air covered the car with German soldiers, and together with the mechanic-driver and loader shouted for joy "Hurray!". Also in the first battle happened in the end to see and fleeing back the Nazis, fleeing from their burning tanks and vehicles.

But this was only the beginning and only local, local to our success. Later that day, neither had seen not only beaten the enemies, but as a burn, as we die, and the waste and burn, and shed the blood of most. Fate, it must be admitted, favored Andreev. Four times he was chosen safely from a burning tank, was wounded twice and once suffered a concussion and all that, the hospitals do not lie around for a long time. At a young body wounds and burns heal faster. Once a burning torch, jumped out of the tank in such a way that a driver has frozen: the face black, his eyes red, hair all burned, cracked skin ...

"I do not see anything," - said Andreev mechanics. But here, God was merciful to him. And the vision was restored, and the person - zalyubueshsya, and the hair still on the head - God forbid anyone.

So it came tanker-guardsman Andreev from Lviv to Stalingrad ... In his account had been fighting for nearly two dozen enemy tanks, dozens of anti-tank guns, and, as stated in the awards sheet, "a large number of small arms and infantry of the enemy". On the chest - two Orders of Red Star. And he dreamed as a battering ram was still ahead.

Summer 1942 was dry and unbearably hot. The sun seemed to be standing right over your head. Beating down mercilessly. Tank armor so burning hot that you could not touch his hand. And inside the tank on the march, and especially during battle - pandemonium ... In one of these days of early August tankers 6 th Guards Brigade digging with picks and crowbars hard as granite, steppe new ground by equipping the trenches for the tanks. The team had just been transferred from the reserve in front of the 64 th Army and was ordered to take a defensive line on the southern outskirts of Stalingrad.

. When the trenches were dug and the soldiers and officers eager to rest, an order has put forward in District 74-second separation, suddenly occupied part of the forces of the 14 th German Panzer division, and to counterattack the enemy, to restore the situation
. Brigade Commander Colonel Krichman placed this task on the first tank battalion, which Andreev Guard lieutenant commander of a platoon tridtsatchetverok.

. Enemy massive bombing raids constantly (this is more than the sunny weather was not good - space for the enemy aircraft!) Military formations of our tanks
. During the attack tank Andreeva first burst onto the junction and immediately collided with a column of German tanks, consisting of twenty cars. "Comrade. Andreev, - stated in its submission to the rank of Hero - not confused and did not shrink from a fight with twenty enemy tanks. Expanding his tank, m. Andreev top gear sent it along on a column of enemy tanks by shooting them at point-blank fire from the gun.

. After the tank Andreyev went on high speed machines of his platoon, the crews are headed by Lieutenant Chihunov and Sergeant Dementiev
. By deploying the gun at right angles to the direction of motion, they are a shell of the projectile sent to camouflage board enemy vehicles. Nazis such boldness to-three against twenty! - Did not expect and linger. Five of the tanks were blazing, striking fear and panic.
. At one point in the battle, when the smoke and dust, all mixed up, Andreev suddenly heard the cry of his driver Sergeant Kamanova:
. - Commander, look ahead!
. - I turned the place surveillance device, - says Andreev - and I see: rushing straight at us fascist tank and aiming a gun at our side
. And I have at this time gun was turned on board and not charged. I realized that would not have time to deploy the tower as an enemy to shoot. On reconsideration, the decision I had one moment. Not to delay or try to leave there was no way, the Nazis would have shot us straight. All this flashed through my head at lightning. I ordered the driver-mechanic:
- Peter, beat his battering ram! Roared the engine, Kamani abruptly abandoned the car on an enemy tank. At this time fascist fired its rocket slid on our tower, summoned inside a sheaf of sparks and the rebound went up. He then gave a strong blow, grit steel on steel. Thirty throughout its multi-ton weight has fallen to the enemy ... The blow broke from fixing sight, eased caterpillar, bent over the barrel of a frontal gun ...
A battle for the patrol continued. He has led the brigade. Patrol twice passed from hand to hand. But the Germans for the whole day did not come close to Stalingrad.
November 5, 1942 Nikolai Andreyev was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.
After the war, H. R. Graduated from the Military Academy of armored and mechanized forces. He served in the Soviet Army in various command and staff positions. In the resignation came at the rank of Lieutenant General
Hero of the Soviet Union H. R. Andreev was awarded the Order of Lenin, the October Revolution, World War I level, the Labor Red Banner, Red Star, "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR", with many medals.
. Being a great bibliophile, has collected an extensive home library.
. Lives in Moscow.

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Andreev Nikolai Rodionovich, photo, biography
Andreev Nikolai Rodionovich, photo, biography Andreev Nikolai Rodionovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, the general - lieutenant., photo, biography
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