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Filipp Denisovich Bobkov

( War Veteran)

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Biography Filipp Denisovich Bobkov
(December 1, 1925)
Bobkov - an avid theatergoer, many years trying not to miss the prime in a Moscow theater. His favorite spiritual exercise, even passion - collecting books. And especially those who are devoted to biographies of prominent people. They collected a number of unique publications on this subject, some of them with a light hand F. D. Bobkova find a second life - are reissued.
Born Dec. 1, 1925 in the town Chervona Kamenka Kirovograd region Ukraine. Father - Denis Bobkov Nikodimovich (1904-1944). Mother - Vera Bobkova Dementevna (1902-1925). Wife, Bobkova Ludmila - engineer-economist. For many years worked in the Ministry of Communications, recently in the institute "Giprotranstei" in the early 80's she retired. born.) - a professional poet, a member of the Writers' Union. Son, Alexey Bobkov Filippovich (1956. born.) - virologist, Sc.D.. The head of laboratory at the Institute of Virology RAMS behalf of Ivanovo. The eldest granddaughter, Daria - Candidate of Philology, ispanistka. His grandson, Dmitri, - student of Moscow State University. The youngest granddaughter, Barbara, - a pupil of secondary school.

The first childhood impressions of Philip is largely due to the nature of the father-land surveyor: constantly moving from village to village, the horse, the cart ... Together with Philip left his shelter in October 1941, just before the arrival of the Germans. Only 8 December reached Perm. Father sent to Kemerovo region, in Leninsk-Kuznetsk, the construction of the plant underground coal gasification. At the same plant started to work and Philip. Soon he was elected Komsomol organizer of the plant, and then Second Secretary of the Komsomol. He was 16 years. Once again formed volunteer division Siberians, one of them an ordinary anti-tank riflemen left his father, and a few months, attributing a couple of extra years, and Philip. Winter of 1942 he began his military life.

Many weeks father and son fought in neighboring divisions - both parts were part of Stalin's Siberian Rifle Corps Volunteers. One day in late May 1943, when part of F. Bobkova, received the title of the Guards, was standing near Gzhatsk of reorganization, its location, two horsemen galloped. First Philip learned immediately - commander Zakharchenko, and when saw the second, did not believe his eyes: his father! A rare, unprecedented meeting in wartime conditions.

We decided to ask permission to serve together. But then do not have time - fighting broke. One of them - the hardest to break through the defense of Smolensk: hell incessant enemy attacks and counterattacks, the rivers of sweat and blood, the death of comrades ... All the Siberians 22-th and 65 th Guards Rifle Division forever remembered for the fight at altitudes under Gnezdilovskih Spas-Demenes in August 1943, the height with a mark of 233.3 in the station area Paеґlinava, which cost the life of 1,252 soldiers and officers. For Philip Bobkova these fights are memorable first wounded and received the first combat award - the Medal "For Courage".

After the fighting father and son met again. At this time translated formalized, and Phillip, recovering after being wounded, was sent Komsomol organizer of one of the battalions of the same regiment, where his father served. In October 1943 a battle with a borough of Lenin, in Belarus, was awarded a second medal for bravery, and soon a battle of Orsha won just established a soldier of the Glory III degree. I learned about it in the hospital, because in those fights got a second, this time heavy injuries: more than forty fragments riddled body. F. Bobkov was treated in Moscow, and spent eight months in the Central Clinical Hospital Semashko behalf of People's Commissariat. After recovery he returned to his Siberian volunteer - is the exclusive right for the infantry had only Siberians volunteers.

Soon the beginning of the summer offensive of 1944, and in July in front of her son was fatally wounded his father. He died in hospital from gangrene.

Victory Day Fillip Bobkov met in Kurland, a platoon commander with the rank of sergeant Guard. Young Communist and also hit by a soldier, sent to school for further work in the system of State Security. June 9, 1945 Philip Bobkov first crossed the threshold of the Leningrad School Counterintelligence "SMERSH". Learn it was very interesting. Introduces students to the documents, . associated with exposure of fascist agents, . studied the methods of getting to the German secret services, . examined in detail the activities of the intelligence and counterintelligence agencies, . sabotage schools, . created by the Germans in occupied territory,
. Along with this, of course, learned the secrets of the Soviet counterintelligence operations. Besides spetspredmetov at a high level in school was delivered teaching of Russian language, history, criminal law.
In Leningrad, in those years a lot of public lectures and seminars, open days. The school encouraged the students who wanted to educate ourselves. Like his comrades, F. D. Bobkov spent much time in the public library named after M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, . Sunday attended public lectures at the University, . where the course of history had read the famous Academician Yevgeny Tarle, . participated in meetings with the creative intelligentsia, . introduced to the cultural and historical values of Leningrad.,

. After passing the exams in 1946, Lieutenant F
. Bobkov was assigned to Moscow. He had been assigned to the lowest position - assistant security officer, and October 23, 1946 he first came to the Lubyanka, where he was destined to spend a lot of long days and often nights.

. I went full voltage life begins operations staff
. Required to know the basics of operational practices, study the experience of senior, still not called by the veterans, it was not easy to master mode compressed working hours. And more and learn to be. The war has absorbed his student years, and knowledge were necessary. These include, but not to the Diploma, sought to generation, since the front. Today is hard to imagine the joy of income in correspondence Higher Party School. Night - the main teaching time, even Sundays and holidays. And so four years. As a result, the red diploma, but it does not matter - the need for knowledge is determined estimates.

. Work and study will not interfere with communication with friends, going to the theater, used-book stores (at least look at the rarity), and then, when the sons were born, a tour of Moscow and its environs.

. In those same years, accumulating experience, Bobkova allowed to become a professional operational staff, to take the best from the deserved security officers who remained loyal to duty and the law
. Life has taught to save time, protect it, do not permit a breach of agreements, to fulfill a promise and to demand performance from others. Elaborated the concept of life: to be yourself, do not succumb conjuncture, critical of his actions, not prevaricate before the people, do not take responsibility, be law abiding.

. So provide a basis of those qualities, which allowed then to win credibility among staff, occupy a prominent place among the leadership of the newly established in March 1954 the State Security Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR
. Shortly F. Bobkova elected secretary of the Party Committee Office, and a year later was appointed head of the department
After the KGB gradually, taking into account the experience of the past, began to develop new approaches to solving problems of national security. They have led to the restructuring of the security. In 1960, on the basis of all the operational units, critical counterintelligence problem in the country, was created a single General Directorate of Intelligence, which a year EFS. D. Bobkov was on the post one of the Vice Chief of Glaucus.

Age - 36 years did not call at the time of surprise. Departmental head, . authoritative counterintelligence Oleg Gribanova, . was 45, . First Deputy, . Sergei G. Bannikov, . - 37, . other two deputies, . Fedor Alekseevich Shcherbak Pankratov and Lev Ivanovich, . - Respectively 42 and 39.,

. On them and lay the responsibility for establishing a system of counter-intelligence in the new conditions
. Unlike past years, consisted in the fact that the country was open to the mass entry of foreign nationals, a different approach to going abroad Soviet people, significantly weakened the security measures. In a society rapidly developed processes of democratization. This does not subside "cold war". Her background - the flight over Soviet territory, an American spy plane pilot who was Powers. It was in these years counterintelligence faced being sent to the country's emissaries to special services that took aim to establish links with those who were able to take the path of destruction of the country.

During these years, found out and stopped spying Penkovsky, agents of foreign intelligence in the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, among foreign tourists who were carrying out reconnaissance tasks. Then arose and criminal cases against persons who are on the path of violating the law on the grounds of disagreement with the country's state system.

. The situation has put forward the task of in-depth knowledge of the situation in the country, attracting the attention of power to undesirable political phenomena in the society
. Last, practically, has become somewhat specialized Bobkova. She led him already, Major-General (1965), with the advent in 1967, the KGB Yuri Andropov as deputy and then chief of the newly created 5-th control. The management structure was built with the main channels of action intelligence and ideological centers of the West, aimed at undermining the constitutional order in the USSR. Occupies an important place measures to prevent riots and extremism, acts of terror, the protection of constitutional order.

Many knowledgeable experts now believe that if it were not for F. Bobkov, no team on which he relied did not support Yuri Andropov, and stood by colleagues, the ideological struggle within the country could take the nature of repression 30-ies. Instructions that came from the CPSU Central Committee, were transformed into orders not to punish them, and persuade, to resort to the criminal law as a last resort. As Chief of management F. D. Bobkov, perhaps, one of the first leaders of the KGB, who went to an open audience with an explanation of specific actions undertaken by the KGB and, in particular, 5-m running. He is often seen in large enterprises, student audiences, creative unions. This has been important, especially in the midst of the Cold War, activism Western intelligence agencies to undermine the existing political system in the USSR. Philip Denisovich kindly said about his deputy and. A. Markelov WITH. M. Seregin, K. M. Obukhov and. P. Abramova L. N. Chirikov, in. I. Proskurin, K. T. Pyastolove, K. M. Mahmeeve, SW. V. Denisov, IN. S. Nikashkine.

Cases and shares the 5-th control were observed in the society, received different evaluations: their, and approved, and rejected. But one must admit one thing: they were aimed at protecting the country - the Soviet Union. It is unrealistic to evaluate each case, but note: Experience has confirmed the relevance of many measures taken. But they have identified the development of events leading to irreversible consequences for the state. In general, 5-e administration has left on its own is not the worst memory.
In 1985, Colonel-General V. D. Bobkova appointed First Deputy Chairman of KGB of the USSR, in February 1987 he was awarded the rank of Army General. It was at this critical growth period fell accumulated problems.

To General F. D. Bobkova than once had occasion to visit many "hot spots", . participate directly in conflict situations (Tbilisi, . Karabakh, . Ferghana, . Sumgait, . Baku, . Almaty, . Ordzhonikidze, . Terrible, . Frunze (the list is far from complete) and often difficult to find, . and sometimes the only true solution,
. These events, as well as many other dramatic situations in the life of one of the higher ranks of the KGB, described in the memoirs of F. D. Bobkova, the KGB and power ", which was released in 1995, translated and published in Bulgaria and South Korea.

From the KGB F. D. Bobkov resigned in January 1991 and was appointed group general advisers of the Ministry of Defense General Staff, where fired after the elimination of. Army began - the army and graduated from.
Following the resignation of the general demand F. D. Bobkov was a commercial entity. It deals with analytical work, OOO "Group - Bridge. Often appears with articles and interviews in Russia's press, as well as in periodicals of France, Spain, Bulgaria, South Korea, Germany, USA and Japan.
F. D. Bobkov awarded three Orders of Lenin, . Orders of October Revolution, . World War I degree, . Red Banner of Labor, . Order of Glory III degree, . two medals "For courage", . medals "For Military Merit", . "For Victory over Germany", . "For Distinction in Protection of State Border of the USSR" and many others,
. He - Cavalier several foreign decorations, honorary member of the USSR KGB and the FSB RF. Elected a member of the Academy of Social Sciences.
F. D. Bobkov - an avid theatergoer, many years trying not to miss the prime in a Moscow theater. His favorite spiritual exercise, even passion - collecting books. And especially those who are devoted to biographies of prominent people. They collected a number of unique publications on this subject, some of them with a light hand F. D. Bobkova find a second life - are reissued.
Lives and works in Moscow.

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Filipp Denisovich Bobkov, photo, biography
Filipp Denisovich Bobkov, photo, biography Filipp Denisovich Bobkov  War Veteran, photo, biography
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