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Cherry Vladimir

( War Veteran)

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Biography Cherry Vladimir
(May 15, 1922)
. On chest veteran - Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union, . two Orders of Lenin, . Order of the October Revolution, . Three of the Order of the Red Banner, . Order of Alexander Nevsky, . two orders of the Patriotic War I degree, . Order of Red Banner of Labor, . Order of the Red Star, . two dozen medals.,
. Born May 15, 1922 in the village of Kharkov Viazemsky district of Smolensk region
. Father, Michael Ye, and her mother, Daria Markelovna - peasants. After the early death of her husband's mother was brought up by one of eight children. Wife, Alla Savelievna (1925 g. born.) - a military medic. Sons: Vitali (1949. born.) - Major General, retired, Vladimir Vladimirovich (1957. born.) - retired lieutenant colonel. Both - former missilemen. The daughter, Olga (1952. born.) - Economist, PhD in economics.

Vladimir graduated from high school in Mr.. Gorky. Ibid studied at the flying club. He called the sky universal romantic love for aviation, the admiration of the exploits of airmen and their records - for distance flight, to conquer the heights and speeds. Classes at the flying club have strengthened the desire to become a professional aviator. And even attempts to dissuade his uncle, a test pilot who has suffered several accidents and therefore, obviously, cooled by air, not shaken solutions youths. Saying goodbye to loved ones left on the banks of the Volga Vladimir, Engels joined the military aviation school pilots.

The war has reduced the duration of study. In July 1942, Vladimir was awarded sergeants straps and pilot license. Then - three days on the development of the system and capture the flying dive bomber Pe-2. After getting in Kazan, the new machines in a group of young pilots Cherry was sent to the Stalingrad front.

For the successful operation of bomber aircraft, as well as for the heavy artillery, we need accurate intelligence, and operational. They could only provide aerial reconnaissance, aerial photography. Perform it - means "proutyuzhit" dozens, hundreds of kilometers of territory occupied by the enemy. And strictly on the lanes, on a strictly specified height, at a certain speed. Such imprinted on a special photographic film frames, docked staffs of specialists, gave a full and clear picture of the location of enemy forces, their movement. The need for a spy plane was intense. And then it came the idea of using the Pe-2 ( "pawns") as scouts, respectively refitting them bombolyuki.

New deal for the bombers had the opportunity to learn some crews. Among them is the crew of Vladimir Vishenkova, pilot, was distinguished by assured piloting, coolness in carrying out combat missions.
. Returning from one of the tasks, the crew Vishenkova was attacked by a pair of German fighters, very fast, maneuverable, well armed
. Flee from them there was no sense. We had to take the fight. The pilot, maneuver, was able to skip ahead of the enemy fighters, and "hitting" on them from all the guns. One of the fighters puffed and went with a sharp decrease in the direction. Another fold, disappeared into the clouds.

The battle was won. But the air got scouts. When flying up to his airfield, it was revealed that one of the landing gear is damaged. I had to sit on the "belly". It turned out alright. Main - valuable intelligence had been delivered on time.

Further fighting way Vishenkova - this is South, 4 th Ukrainian Front, which participated in the liberation of Donbass, Crimea, Western Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovakia. 257 sorties, most of the tasks of exploration and therefore an exceptional risk to life. Four times they were kicked.

In the regiment they called him "elusive". And only to himself but to close friends - Mate Peter Hripkovu, arrow-radio operator Michael Darling, with whom he flew more than with others, was known the price of this "elusive". If a legendary pilot Alexander Pokryshkin firmly adhere to its motto "height, speed, maneuver, fire!", Vladimir Cherry adhered to its rules: "The speed, precision of action, skillful and timely care". Well, if you are attacking - give a fitting rebuff. And deliver intelligence at whatever cost!

. April 13, 1944 22-year-old lieutenant Vladimir Vishenkovu for courage and bravery, . displayed in the battles against the Nazi invaders, . and execution of special missions the command was awarded the high title of Hero of the Soviet Union with the award of the Gold Star Medal and the Order of Lenin.,
. Explosions and gunshots faded away in Berlin and Prague
. Salute a victory for Moscow. The whole country was delighted and honored heroes of veterans. June 24, 1945 held in Moscow parade in honor of the Great Victory. Right flank the front door of the consolidated regiment 4-th Ukrainian Front printed step cobblestones of Red Square Hero of the Soviet Union captain. Cherries.

Postwar biography of our hero - a service in the armed forces, transfer of experience to the younger generation of aerial reconnaissance pilots, while most mentor was a little over twenty. Vladimir knew that he let the hero, the AMS must still be at the level of increasingly complex military affairs, aviation profession. He entered the Air Force Academy (now the Yu.A.. Gagarin - his countryman) and in 1952 graduated its. Again the service in parts, flying the more advanced planes and again study. In 1958, with a gold medal in the Colonel. M. Cherry graduated from the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR.

But with the summer job had to leave - eyesight deteriorated. Gone over to staff work. And soon, so beloved band of blue on his cap "became black" - a traditional artillery and rocket. In established 40 years ago, the Strategic Rocket Forces (SRF) required a flow of both young and experienced military personnel. Recommendation Marshal KS. Moskalenko: "This is a candidate for the post of Chief of Staff Corps. I know him - man of iron "- was decisive in the Military Council of the Strategic Missile Forces.

Since the pilot began to rocket. And again - study. First on refresher courses, then - directly in. I had to comprehend the particular service in the Missile Troops, as they say, without interrupting production. Realizing that not enough practical experience missileman, filed a report and three and a half years served as the Divisional Commander. This period of Vladimir Mikhailovich considered one of the most interesting and rewarding for themselves. First, it was closer to the people, a particular case. Secondly, it is possible to verify in practice some zadumki. Many of them are convincing arguments a few years later when defending the thesis on "Strategic use of hospital-based missile division". He wrote it not for the candidate "ostepeneniya and vanity. As mentioned in the old days, "for the good of the cause."
The years. Once the sergeant-pilot, now he wore shoulder straps with an increasingly large, "heavy" stars. The Corps Commander, Army Commander, Chief of General Staff - First Deputy Chief of the Strategic Rocket Forces. And yet the best years of service in the Strategic Rocket Forces Vladimir considers the period of their formation, . when required a special concentration of mind, . will, . knowledge and the shutter speed and endurance, . who once rescued him in combat intelligence courses, . on the right Pe-2,
. Withdrawing in 1987, retired, Colonel-General
. M. Cherry does not break connection with the army. Meetings with the soldiers, pilots, students of military academies, institutes, albeit infrequent in recent years, mutually enrich the spiritual and the veteran, and the younger generation of Fatherland Defenders. Do not bypass these meetings and discuss sensitive issues, without which people live, army and above all - the moral duty of Russia warrior with arms to defend the honor, freedom and inviolability of borders.
. May 9, 1995 Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel-General, retired VM
. Cherry in the parade was held on Red Square at the head of the consolidated regiment of veterans. At the very pavement on which he printed a front step as a warrior-winner in the 45-m.
. On chest veteran - Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union, . two Orders of Lenin, . Order of the October Revolution, . Three of the Order of the Red Banner, . Order of Alexander Nevsky, . two orders of the Patriotic War I degree, . Order of Red Banner of Labor, . Order of the Red Star, . two dozen medals.,

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Cherry Vladimir, photo, biography
Cherry Vladimir, photo, biography Cherry Vladimir  War Veteran, photo, biography
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