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Nicholas G. Gaponenko

( Honored Builder of Russia, Honorary builder of Moscow, the Chevalier Order of Patriotic War I and II degree, the Red Star)

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Biography Nicholas G. Gaponenko
(December 5, 1923)
H. G. Gaponenko - Honored Builder of Russia, . Honorary builder of Moscow, . Chevalier Order of Patriotic War I and II degree, . Red Star, . Labor Red Banner and the soldier's medal "For Courage", . which he found 40 years after the second injury, . as well as two dozen other medals.,
. Born December 5, 1923 in the village of Alexandria Popelnastoe district of Kirovograd region of the Ukrainian SSR, in the family of the employee
. Father - Gregory Evseyevich. Mother - Anna Feodorovna. Wife - Isabella Pavlovna, a civil engineer, more than a quarter century, worked in the design institutes, Glavmosolimpiade-80 and the USSR State Construction. Daughters: Olga - a military translator, Catherine - radio engineer. Grandchildren - schoolchildren.

In 1938, Nick graduated from the seven years from the Dnepropetrovsk technical ways communications. In August 1941, while on pre-graduation practice in the city of Nikopol was drafted into the Red Army and sent to the front.

Combat baptism Nikolay Gaponenko received on the Voronezh Front, commanded by detachment. Our units, leading heavy defensive battles, retreated to the east.

... Order, as all the orders, was brief: to dislodge the Germans from the village, cross the Don and take the city Korotoyak on the west bank of the river. The first part of a combat mission battalion Gaponenko completed relatively quickly. Driven to the bank of the Don, the Nazis shot back angrily, but the courage and bravery of the soldiers and commanders, aimed fire mortar calculations done their job. Now was to cross the Don. Under cover of darkness, who designs for the bridge, who swam. The first fled the Communists and Komsomol. Among them was Nicholas and calculation Gaponenko. Forward! Only forward! As soon as possible to overcome open space, to reach the first town houses. And then he seemed to stumble, leg burned sharp pain in his eyes darkened. And the battle is already thundering ahead, on the city outskirts, in the Korotoyake. Relying on the shoulder of a comrade, Nicholas got to the medical battalion. Already there learned the good news: the task is done, the city vzya
The hospital has experienced three operations. And again to the front, on the Orel-Kursk. Now Nick - Senior Sergeant, YCL separate mortar battalion that was part of a separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade 1-Don Guards Tank Corps. The Front YCL ... People of selfless courage, courage, able to inspire, to lead the people if necessary - to replace the commander. N. G. Gaponenko - one of this glorious cohort.

Separate mortar battalion supported by tanks developed the attack on the Eagle. Attack. Company commander Killed. And then the command assumes the YCL Guard Battalion Sergeant H. Gaponenko. Forward! For the Motherland! And the company reiterated in an attack goes forward. Battalion relieved Orel already without their militant Komsomol organizer. Seriously wounded, shell-shocked, he was found nurses. Again, hospital operations - one after another. In 1944 - the demobilization of disability. Shards and still sit in the body of Nicholas G..

In 1944 Nikolay Gaponenko arrives in Dnipropetrovsk Civil Engineering Institute, who graduated with honors in 1949. In 1950, with the institute's department of construction materials has been re-drafted into the army, and the rank of second lieutenant platoon commander in one of the construction battalions of the Military Construction Directorate of the city of Moscow (VSUM).

. Platoon lieutenant H
. Gaponenko in the construction battalion MAT g. Moscow in 1950, participated in a radical reconstruction of facilities VDNKh. But six months later on his lot to have the work on the construction of a residential district on the Big Zhovtnevyi field, . which has become a huge laboratory, . where to adopt new technologies in the construction of residential complexes (with a parallel design, . construction and matching of technology with the introduction of advanced methods of labor),
In 1954, Lieutenant H. G. Gaponenko was appointed head of construction and assembly area for the construction of the plant ZBV (KZHI-355), which provided a large amount of housing products and special construction of the Ministry of Defense. Significant step in the formation of H. G. Gaponenko as head of the production team has been working as chief engineer and then head of the UPR-234 in Moscow region (1957-1967). All this time the company was among the best. Here he was fortunate enough to expand as necessary for the head of any rank theoretical knowledge, enrich their daily experiences. All this made it possible to generalize their knowledge, . a streamlined engineering and building system, . which provides high quality construction and installation work, . high productivity, . reducing costs and improving profitability of construction,
. This was a specific tangible creative contribution H. G. Gaponenko in improving construction processes.

In the late 50-ies, our country has achieved great results in the field of space exploration. And to prepare for the flight of the world's first astronauts needed to urgently establish a training center - Star City, which was brilliantly done. In the short time put into operation a hotel with a polyclinic, training base with simulators and the isolation chamber, which has been trained the first group of astronauts. April 12, 1961 the world's first manned space flight took place! It was a feast for the participants and the construction of Star City. All service in the UPR-234 for H. G. Gaponenko was a remarkable school of life, and the construction of Star City - the crowning works of engineering construction system, which was widespread in the program of action on the scale VSUMa.

In 1967, Lieutenant Colonel H. G. Gaponenko was appointed chief engineer, and in 1975 the Chief of the Military Construction Management, Mr.. Moscow (VSUM). He was to implement the experience of the UPR-234 to many thousands of new. VSUM rented annually to 200 thousand square meters of housing, . representing about 40% of the total work, . and 60% - a special set of buildings and other purposes (computer centers, . hospital-clinical and spa resorts, . sports facilities, . building institutions of higher education, . construction industry enterprises and factories, . B & Bs and more, . including diversified facilities for the CPSU Central Committee and the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, . meant that the highest responsibility),
. VSUM continued to hold the primacy among the military and the Defense Ministry building organizations, becoming the basis for the exchange of experience building organizations. For outstanding achievements in work and in the 40 th anniversary (1978) VSUMa team was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor. The same award was awarded and the head VSUMa Major-General H. G. Gaponenko. At the same time he was elected a delegate XXV Congress of the Communist Party and a deputy of the Moscow City Council. He was awarded the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

K Olimpidiade-80 military builders of the capital was to build a unique building football and athletic complex (FLC), equal in the world was. Its construction involved several thousand people and up to 40 different manufacturers. The construction period will reduce by half, resulting in savings of $ 1.5 million rubles. Construction of universal sports hall and the reconstruction CSKA facilities (swimming pool, the palace of weightlifting, gymnastics and game rooms), Theater of the Soviet Army was also satisfied ahead of time and with high quality. For all these years VSUM created a number of objects, which would be enough for a city with one million population. In 1980 this same team was entrusted the construction of a new building of the Ministry of Defense on the Arbat and General Staff Academy in Troparevo. Tasks completed ahead of schedule, reducing the time, respectively, four and two years. Objects have received excellent evaluation.
Over the shoulders of Major-General Nikolai G. Gaponenko 50 years of building practices. He happened to be commissioned thousands of homes, . build factories, . laboratory, . institutions and academies, . hospitals and spa resorts, . surface and underground fortifications in Moscow, . Moscow, . central zone of Russia, . Crimea, . the Black Sea and the North Caucasus, . as well as in Western Europe,
. In all of these and other large facilities, he had to lead the headquarters building is already being in the position of Deputy Chief Hlavka (1983-1990) and Senior Specialist (since 1990. present). Particularly important role played by the headquarters building, and showed themselves in the construction of facilities and special-purpose facilities with a greater concentration of human, . material resources, not only military construction organizations Defense, . but also the ministries and departments of the military-industrial complex,
H. G. Gaponenko - Honored Builder of Russia, . Honorary builder of Moscow, . Chevalier Order of Patriotic War I and II degree, . Red Star, . Labor Red Banner and the soldier's medal "For Courage", . which he found 40 years after the second injury, . as well as two dozen other medals,
He lives more fulfilling creative life. Friends and acquaintances admire his enormous capacity for work. His best friend - Sports: winter - skiing, summer - swimming. He is always willing to help people. Among the wide range of builders, for it is firmly entrenched glory "living legend".
Lives and works in Moscow.

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Nicholas G. Gaponenko, photo, biography
Nicholas G. Gaponenko, photo, biography Nicholas G. Gaponenko  Honored Builder of Russia, Honorary builder of Moscow, the Chevalier Order of Patriotic War I and II degree, the Red Star, photo, biography
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