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Golubev Vasiliy Fedorovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Golubev Vasiliy Fedorovich
photo Golubev Vasiliy Fedorovich
(November 16, 1912 - April 17, 2001)
Glorious military achievements of the Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Fedorovich Golubeva marked by many awards. Among them: two Orders of Lenin, . seven orders of the Red Banner, . two orders of the Patriotic War I degree, . two Orders of Red Star, . Order "For Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR" III degree, . highest military order of the Republic of Egypt and the UK, . many medals.,
. Born November 16, 1912 in the village of Kamenka now Volkhov district, Leningrad region
. Father - Theodore Mikheevich Golubev (1874 - 1957). Mother - Varvara Golubeva (1875 - 1965). Wife - Alexandra Golubeva (1918. born.). Daughter - Ananko Galina (1942. born.), a pharmacist.

After dropping out of school and work in a paper mill in 1933, Vasily voluntarily joined the Red Army and served for two years. He attracted aircraft. This enthusiasm and resulted in 1936 in Basil Glider School Osoaviahima. He was an instructor, and in 1937 became the leader of the Volkhov flight Soaring Club. A year later he graduated from flight school pilots Higher Osoaviahima. He then worked as an instructor and flight commander flying club in the city of Mineral Waters. Many flying the U-2, UT-1 UT-2, and teach others.

An experienced and capable pilot, he decided to become a military aviator, master the more powerful and high-speed air vehicle. In 1939. Golubev enters the Naval Aviation School in Yeisk, where he was immediately taken to the 3rd course. This school, he graduated with honors in 1940.

Since that time, and began his permanent service in the aviation. Initially was a fighter pilot, Chief of Airborne Service, flight commander. In October 1941 he was transferred to the 13th Fighter Aviation Regiment, which later became a 4-th Guards. V. Golubev and his military friends to stick with this regiment until the end of the war in its ranks crushed the enemy on land and at sea.

. Noteworthy that the first sortie to repel an attack by German planes at the Kronstadt naval base Golubev performed at 4 am on June 22, 1941
. Since that time, flights to meet the enemy followed one after another, day and night. The overriding objective of marine pilots believed air cover Leningrad distant and near Substitution
. Reliable Leading Vasily Golubev during a meeting with the enemy sought to build a military order of the group so as to retain the initiative before the air combat or strike against ground targets
. Therefore, he always emerged victorious from the battle. And, as a rule, had no loss. Emphasis was placed on mutual assistance in battle.

Example in this filed himself a leading. At the critical moment of contact with the Nazi aircraft he once rescued slave, saved them from defeat.

Memory stores an episode from the front. In the second half of July 1941, our troops stopped the invaders, bursting to Leningrad, the river meadows. V. Golubev was ordered to reconnoiter their forces near the city Gdov. He flew with Lieutenant Zotov. When the plane was damaged and the slave has lost speed, Golubev told him to take the place of the lead and at extremely low altitude along the path to the airfield. Not reaching the front line, they were intercepted by four "Messerschmitt". By covering the damaged plane another, Golubev, owning aerobatics at low altitude, in the dizzying maneuvers not only to repel the attacks of the Fascists, but also set fire to a "Messer", with the remaining fighters left. And our couple landed safely at its airport.

Even more hot air battle broke out near the railroad station Weimar, where the unloaded train with the militia. The experience of Lieutenant Golubev knew that the funds for the attack echelon enemy bombers may have a strong fighter cover. At his request, the squadron commander added two trehsamoletnym links in two more fighters, and thus created two task forces on four machines to operate in pairs. And it is fully justified itself in battle.

Patrolling over the station, the pilots discovered the approach of a large group of "Junkers". They marched in three columns on the top ten in each, under the cover of 12 "Messerschmitt". Thus, eight of our I-16 to 42 German Ju-88 and Me-109! This is not embarrassed Golubeva. It must be something to stun the Nazis. I decided to lead rapidly attack an armada of bombers of its systems Quartet "Front" on a collision course, which is very afraid of the Germans. They could not withstand such a mental attack, began to peel off. Calculation justified. Tags fire rockets and machine guns at once our pilots shot down two Ju-88. Build the first column of the enemy began to break. Bombs rained down on the field far from the station. Also were attacked and dispersed the second and third columns of enemy bombers. Actions of group. Golubeva, repulsing "Messerschmitt", covered the top wingman, Lieutenant D. Knyazev. In this unequal battle, our pilots shot down 11 enemy aircraft without losing any of their own.

There have been troubles. Near Shlisselburg once the pilots met with four Me-109. I had to use a tried and tested method - go to a frontal attack. The Nazis did not stand, turned. But Golubeva fighter was shot down by antiaircraft artillery. The pilot could barely have lasted to the eastern shore of Lake Ladoga. Plane splashed and sank. Golubev, utterly exhausted, barely reached the shore, went to the lonely promontory. The situation seemed hopeless. About the incident reported to the command. Then battle buddy Golubeva - Dmitri Knyazev, which Basil repeatedly rescued, rushed to his rescue at the U-2. I found a friend!
Memorable for Vasily Golubev were fighting near Leningrad. May 28, 1942 locators found several groups of enemy planes. In their reflections were raised 22 fighter 4-th Guards Regiment. The upper echelon of the squadron took in. Golubeva. Her task was to forge fighter cover. But the main enemy armada consisted of 80 bombers: S-88, Xe-111, accompanied by 24 fighters Me-109 and Me-109f. It turned a five-fold superiority of the enemy!

In the skies over Kobona got into heavy and prolonged fighting. Losing planes from the fire of our anti-aircraft artillery and fighter jets, the Nazis first stubbornly repeated their visits to the ships of the fleet and terminal area. And only lost 33 vehicles, stopped flying. Squadron Golubeva destroyed then 4 bombers and 2 fighters.

Enraged by failure, the Germans the next night, still tried to destroy the ships of the fleet. In the raid involved three columns of Ju-87 dive-bombers with fighter escort. Squadron Commander Golubev foresee such an attack, and knowing that the "Junkers" bombs guided by the lead, again attacked one of the columns on a collision course. So did his comrades, using rockets and machine gun fire. Several pirates before reaching the target, crashed into the water of Lake Ladoga. Others, fearing a frontal attack and left without completing the job.

The next day the commander of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet, Vice Admiral VF. Tributs congratulated the pilots with combat success and its order to all participants ahead of time given the rank of. Three officers: Golubeva, Baisultanova and Kozhanova - presented to the rank of Hero of the Soviet Union. Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from October 23, 1942 VF. Golubev awarded this high rank.

Almost two years Vasily Golubev commanded a regiment. Constantly flying himself, taught young pilots. The pilots of the famous regiment performed 23 000 combat sorties, shot down 438 enemy planes, sank dozens of ships and vessels, including patrol and torpedo. When attacks on the fascist forces were destroyed dozens of tanks, hundreds of cars, wagons and other equipment. In the postwar years, aviators CBF performed tasks for the protection of sea and land borders of the motherland in the Baltic Sea.
With the end of the war VF. Golubev continued to master the subtleties of his aviation career. In 1951 he graduated from the commanding faculty Naval Academy. Then he was appointed commander of the Air Division of the Northern Fleet Air Force, where he organized the successful retraining flight personnel on new jet fighters, and then to all-weather interceptor. Later, a service to other responsible positions in the associations of the Navy, air defense forces and outside the country.
At the invitation of Egypt's leadership, he was senior advisor on air defense of this country in 1968 - 1970 years. Since 1971, VF. Golubev - Senior Lecturer, Military Academy of the General Staff. And again the hard work: training students, the writing of textbooks, monographs, dissertation defense, by making presentations at the Department of Defense and the armed forces.
In stock retired in 1976. But even after that continued to actively work. Visit the marz with youth, talked about the exploits of aviators in the Great Patriotic War.
Glorious military achievements of the Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Fedorovich Golubeva marked by many awards. Among them: two Orders of Lenin, . seven orders of the Red Banner, . two orders of the Patriotic War I degree, . two Orders of Red Star, . Order "For Service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR" III degree, . highest military order of the Republic of Egypt and the UK, . many medals.,
. Recently Golubev fond of literary works
. They were published 11 books. Work on another book, did not have time to finish. April 17, 2001 in Moscow, Vasily Fedorovich died.

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Golubev Vasiliy Fedorovich, photo, biography
Golubev Vasiliy Fedorovich, photo, biography Golubev Vasiliy Fedorovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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