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Hutz Pavel Danilovich

( War Veteran)

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Biography Hutz Pavel Danilovich
photo Hutz Pavel Danilovich
(9 September 1919)
. Over many years of impeccable service to the Fatherland and heroism, . manifested in the Great Patriotic War, . he was awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "IV degree, . Orders of Lenin, . Red Banner, . Alexander Nevsky, . World War I and II degree, . two Orders of Red Star, . Red Banner of Labor, . "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces", . many medals and two orders of foreign countries.,
. Born September 28, 1919 in the village Stufchentsy Proskurov area Kamenetz-Podolsk region (now the Khmelnitsky region Khmelnitsky region)
. Father, Danil L., died early. Mother, Stepanida Panteleimonovna, one son, one. We P.D. Hutz and his wife, Galina, has two daughters: the eldest Larissa P. - candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, junior Yelena Pavlovna - physicist.

. In 1937, after graduating from college art instructor Paul Hutz appointed District Department of Education
. Two years later, fate changed dramatically: he enrolled in the 2-th Saratovskoe heavy tank school, where he graduated with honors. In mid-June 1941 as a lieutenant, he arrived in the 63rd Tank Regiment, 32 th heavy armored division stationed in Lvov. Early in the morning of June 22 alerting platoon control (five KV tanks, two - the T-34 and 2 - BA), commanded by Paul Hutz, led a column of the regiment moved toward the western border. He led an experienced driver-mechanic Galkin, in the recent past test tanks Kirov plant in Leningrad. Faced with the vanguard of the Germans, Hutz bravely led a platoon of rapprochement. The first was destroyed by enemy gun. But by 12 o'clock platoon Gujo already knocked out five German tanks, three armored personnel carriers and several cars. The same day the commander TOR masterful control Galkina paid a sliding kick in the idler enemy tanks, knocked off his caterpillar. Then a heavy blow knocked into a ditch.

It was the first in the division, and perhaps in the entire Red Army Tank ram. Together, were repulsed, and other attempts to break through the enemy tanks on the east through the military formations of the regiment. To act boldly and other regiments of the 32-th Division. As a result of the dogged resistance of the tank, infantry units, border guards and other troops of the South-Western Front, the enemy's plan to quickly go to Moscow through Kiev and Lviv was foiled.

. November 7, 1941 Paul Hutz, at that time had a battalion chief of staff, participated in a military parade on Red Square
. And straight from the parade, he led his tank to defend the capital. By early December, after nearly a month of continuous fighting, the battalion remained only one HF, several light tanks and a handful of tankers. And what was to be any cost to stop a large group of enemy tanks, occupied the village near Moscow Nefed'eva. Battalion commander, Captain Konstantin Horin, with which Hutz crushed the enemy is on the border, invited the Chief of Staff and as a friend said: "One hope for you, Paul. I trust last and only HF. Generates the crew and the night in the battle. It is necessary to stop and destroy the enemy - this is the order of command ". "There is destroy the enemy!" - Answered firmly Hutz.

The results of this unequal fight later told the head of the Soviet trade union delegation, chairman of the All N. Shvernik a mass rally in London in early February 1942. He said: "At one section of the Western Front Tank Lieutenant Hutz was in a hurry to support infantry attacks. Hot battle ensued a Soviet tank with 18 Nazi. One to 18. Soviet tank methodically incapacitates one tank after another. Soon on the battlefield have already burned were 10 and lined with German cars. Meanwhile, our brave infantry were arrayed on the enemy, who could not stand the onslaught and ran. Tank pursued retreating, pressed their tracks and shot a machine gun. On the battlefield remained up to 400 Nazi thugs who will never see, not only Moscow but also in Berlin. Despite receiving tank 29 dents, the heroic crew of the machine remained until the end of the battle, brilliantly supporting the infantry.
Then there were new battles in the different areas of Moscow region - under the Rzhev, Sychovkoy and elsewhere. For exceptionally daring deeds committed in the defense of Moscow, Lieutenant Hutz was awarded the Order of Lenin. High state awards have been noted and all members of his crew.

In one of December's heavy fighting along the Lama of Volokolamsk killed the battalion commander, fearless tanker captain Horin. He was replaced by Paul Hutz. In July 1942 he was appointed commander of the 574 Tank Battalion 212 th Tank Brigade.

Some time passed, and the military ignored the fate of P. D. Hutz on steppes of the Don. Here he is already a major, deputy commander of the Guards Heavy Breakthrough Tank Regiment, courageously defended from continuous enemy attacks Stalingrad. Feel free to counter-efforts of German tanks to break the blockade and rescue Paulus's army surrounded in Stalingrad. In one of the unequal battle tank, which was Hutz and commander. and gunner on fire. In addition, the caterpillar and flew off the tank froze on the spot. And the armor is already buzzing flame of diesel fuel broke out, threatening to penetrate the machine, packed with ammunition. Came to the rescue tank crews rescued the crew and its commander with six penetrating wounds immediately sent to hospital.

After prolonged treatment with P. D. Hutz in late 1943 returned to the front. And once again fight the battle. Approaching Zaporozhye, to ensure that small units of the crossing of the Dnieper, it was necessary to seize the dam, power plant. Two days was a fierce battle. When reached the target of an ambush suddenly jumped "Tiger". Gun duel ensued. Suddenly the tank, which was Hutz, shook a huge blow to the forces. Crew was seized in flames. Loader and gunner were killed. We Gujo broken left collarbone and shattered left hand: she hung on the same vein. Overcoming pain, Pavel Danilovich knife cut a tendon and saw crawl out of an ambush two "tigers". Hutz pressed his foot descent: shell landed exactly on target, and an enemy tank on fire. Brought a gun to another, but almost simultaneously fired and "Tiger" ...

Having come to consciousness, Pavel Danilovich saw that lies in the crater, and with him the wounded driver-mechanic. To please the commander, he reported that the two "tigers" in flames ...

But this is not a serious wound separated Gujo Guard lieutenant colonel with the Army. Having prosthetic arm, he again returned to the front and has successfully commanded the 5 th Guards separate heavy tank regiments.
. And in May 1944 he was appointed to command the listener faculty of the Military Academy of Armored Forces, which in 1947 he graduated with a gold medal
. After studying in adjuncture worked as a teacher. Then he was deputy chief of the department and the tactics of higher formations, led the special groups to develop a number of scientific papers related to improving the combat readiness of armored forces. At the end of 1953 P. D. Hutz appointed head of the department of atomic weapons. As nuclear specialists, took an active part in preparing and conducting exercises in Totskoye. Here he spent the vanguard - Tank Regiment - through the epicenter of the explosion.

A special group of General Staff P. D. Hutz developed the problem of strategic deployment of armed forces in the event of nuclear war. He headed an interagency government commission on adopting a new infantry fighting vehicle.

. Over many years of impeccable service to the Fatherland and heroism, . manifested in the Great Patriotic War, . he was awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "IV degree, . Orders of Lenin, . Red Banner, . Alexander Nevsky, . World War I and II degree, . two Orders of Red Star, . Red Banner of Labor, . "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces", . many medals and two orders of foreign countries.,

. Wide range of educational and scientific activities of Doctor of Military Sciences, professor, Honored Scientist of RSFSR P
. D. Hutz. It was in the Academy of Armored Forces, where he rose from cadet to colonel-general (happens rarely), deputy chief of the institution, in its entirety revealed his talent as a military educator and scholar. Developing new instruments for armored forces, introducing into practice a more intelligible effective teaching methods and tactics of combat employment of these forces, P. D. Hutz has created more than 300 scientific works, of great practical importance.
Lives and works in Moscow.

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Hutz Pavel Danilovich, photo, biography
Hutz Pavel Danilovich, photo, biography Hutz Pavel Danilovich  War Veteran, photo, biography
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