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Konstantin Karlovich Danzas

( friend and second of Pushkin)

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Biography Konstantin Karlovich Danzas
photo Konstantin Karlovich Danzas
(1801 - 3.02.1870)
It is hard to write a biography of a man who spent his whole life in military campaigns and battles, never had a shelter, family, children. His only heir after his death was the niece, the daughter of beloved brother, Boris.
. It was she who took him to his house and carefully preserved numerous memorabilia from a rare collection of Pushkin's uncle: Pushkin's death mask of work
. I. Galberga, a bust of the poet, sculptor and. Vitali's last letter, a copy of Pushkin's Baron Gekkernu, numerous portraits of Pushkin and his friends - and. Pushchino, IN. Zhukovsky, E. A. Karamzin, A. Delvig.
Stored in this unusual and, perhaps, the very first Pushkin Museum and a note sent by the poet Konstantin Karlovich on the eve of the duel. It contained a request to the Lyceum to help a friend in honor and keep everything in secret. Later she disappeared. Perhaps, had been destroyed by the addressee. Danzas could not do otherwise: he was bound by ties of Pushkin lyceum and noble brotherhood. And on his deathbed, the great poet thought about this, saying, VA. Zhukovsky and P. Vyazemsky: "Ask for Danzas. He is my brother. "

Know about the "Lycee brother" Pushkin and the story quite a bit of his days sad and heavy. Strange, . but even in reputable sources not listed his date of birth, . except for the year - 1801 (he was two years younger than incomplete Alexander Pushkin) and almost no information about his parents, . known only, . that he came from an old noble kind of Courland,
. Primary education received in Moscow, the university boarding school, where he gave a good knowledge of literature, calligraphy, the basics of a foreign language and all that had to be a child from a good family. At the request of an influential friend of his father, Major General Charles Danzas, Countess Sofia Stroganov Vasil'yevna, was admitted to the Lyceum. Entrance exam Danzas passed fine, but then his reputation is not supported by the diligent student.
Professor of Russian and Latin literature, H. Certified Koshansky it: "Konstantin Danzas, . seems, . has little ability, . or they are fickle, and he can not go even a step, . diligence it depends entirely on the eye guards, he has not so much competition, . to compare with other, . not so much prudence, . to feel the benefit, . why the success of its small and weak. ",
. Tutor M
. Pilecki spoke a little bit softer: "You can not say that did not have the abilities, but his usual awkwardness, weakness, clumsiness, and with that, and laziness make them infertile. (Quoted from the book in. Kunin "Friends of Pushkin v.2. M. Izdatel'stvo "Pravda, 1986)
Redhead, big, awkward, eternally with upturned eyebrows, stumbled upon all the angles, Danzas wore at the Lyceum nickname "Bear" and justified it normal everyday indifference to everything that was happening around. Hid in some corner and dreamed of something else. But when it ratcheted up, he jumped up, disheveled, with burning eyes and answered tricks "angry shouting or fist. And to convince him that he - not right - it was impossible! "(Literally, witness EA. Engelhardt - Director of the Lyceum). But, . "Lyceum bear" was "cute bear", . the friends stood mountain, . shared with them the latest, . uneven gradually smoothed out by the works of mentors and teachers, . although it remains closed the list of high school pupils on academic,
. Perhaps, however, the demands of professors and tutors in the Lyceum were too high, who znaetN Given a brilliant cohort of graduates emerged from its walls.

In any case, when the director of the Lyceum was reported by Professor H. Koshanskim that Lyceum students released magazine Litseysky Sage "(1815-1816 gg.), And among his" printers "number of Danzas, Egor Alexandrovich was not surprised, but said with a smile:" Strangely enough, it pretty much inclination to art ". (Classes fine arts and literature greatly encouraged by teachers among students has. Such was the spirit of the times and the spirit of the school.)
. Danzas, rewriting their beautiful calligraphic handwriting poems and articles submitted to the "authors" in the magazine itself is almost entirely responsible for the selection of materials in the journal and for their literary and artistic merit
. Survived several books - morocco-bound album in a cherry-red with a golden wreath on the front cover and the inscription: "Lycee Sage 1816" At the end of each issue of the journal colored drawings A. Illichevsk, representing some students, the teachers in different stages, partly described in the articles of the journal. Humorous inscription "Printed Danzas" and "Print permitted. Censor Baron Delvig "completed the hard-laborious handwritten work students.
Danzas is a frequent speaker in the magazine as a critic and scolds his readers for what they gave him little material. "If this continues - with a laugh, he frightens readers - I'll give you a poem soporific g. Gezalim "(ie. Kuchelbecker) on the last part sounded ridicule in the pages of "wise men". However, quite unmalicious!
In addiction to the arts and fervor temper Danzas nothing special no longer allocated. He's one of those people who show their best qualities in fact
Danzas was released from the Lyceum of an officer in the army. Since 1817 he started his office full of dangers, testing, frequent quarrels with his superiors. Everything - from the total absence of worldly cunning and disregard for the formal side of the officers' duties. Anyway, whether you need to worldly cunning and pretentious splendor man, devotion to the brave, noble, honest, not accustomed to, did not know how to live inacheN ..
. Managers form Danzas full of records about the awards: "Gold for bravery polusablya" (1828); diamond ring - a rare award for the highest officer of the army, received, probably from the Imperial name
. In the official biographies Danzas about this award is rarely mentioned - is unusual for an officer, . sentenced later imperial military court for involvement in a deadly duel to death by hanging, . replaced by two months of detention in the fortress! In the same track record and referred to the serious injury of the shoulder in 1828, under the walls of the fortress Brailov (Caucasus): "shot a bullet in the left shoulder above the clavicle with shattered bones.,
. This injury made itself felt in St. Petersburg, in the years 1836-37
. Danzas wore his left arm in a sling, and idle gossip after the duel was assured that he was injured Dantes.
. Neither the abundance of awards, or a hole in his shoulder, not even a bruise in his leg could not dismiss the brave, devotedly loyal army and soldiers, an officer from military service
. He repeatedly offered the kind of bread and place in the headquarters, but he always refused, knowing that did not get along with superiors. Nomadic life was he more like it.

She also led him in 1820 g in Chisinau, where he met with Pushkin. We met them at the celebration of anniversaries Lyceum - three. The last time the event occurred on Oct. 19, 1836. Colonel Danzas was in St. Petersburg in anticipation of a new appointment.
. Of course, in his testimony the Commission of Inquiry, sorting out the circumstances of the duel, to honor fallen friend, Konstantin Karlovich could not tell what he knew about the duel of any advance.
. He said that he accidentally met Pushkin January 27, 1837 (date of article
. style) on the street, along with him went into a confectioner's Wolf, then at the French Embassy, where there was a conversation with Pushkin D'Arshiakom - my second D'Antesa. Pushkin introduced Danzas, as his second to. Refuse to participate in the duel was over all representations - is unthinkable!.. And at five o'clock in the afternoon of the same "of January, 27", . After final preparations for the duel - buying weapons in the shop Kurakina - went, . with the rest straight to the Black River, . to the Commandant's villa, . vezya with him a sheet of paper on which were written terms of a duel,
. The same is argued, recalling the dying poet's mandate, Vyazemsky and Zhukovsky, Pletnev and AI. Turgenev. Commission of Inquiry had to trust them on the floor. Us believe we are, because they might pile of ashes left over from the note, in which the poet asked a friend to help "in honor" - not an argument ... The severe sentence was imposed Danzas, mainly for failure to report a duel to the authorities.
. Seems, . after the death of another, . after the most painful, . hard days in the life, . Konstantin Karlovich not afraid of nothing: no loops, . neck, . no enemy bullets, . or demotion in rank and file! He was glad, . that in the last days of Pushkin could be with him, . facilitate, . what could and could, . his pain and suffering of Natalya Nikolaevna, . which he first brought the terrible news,
. It had fallen into despair, friends sometimes had to divert power from a dying ... And often it is done just Danzas. Not accidentally, the patient Natalia, in the first days after the death of her husband wrote a petition to the emperor for permission to transmit Danzas body to another place of the last calm and not to punish too severely. In the first Danzas was denied - the emperor did not want to break the law, punishing duelists. On the rest we know. May 19, 1837 Lt. Col. KK Engineering. Danzas was released from the fortress. What he remembered in kamereN on those worst days for him, on pain of Pushkin, surviving the night before his death to such an extent that the poet decided to end their lives. He asked the servant, looked after him to bring guns. But he came out of the room, wisely warned Danzas. Konstantin Karlovich, a flash back to the office and took away guns from Pushkin, who had already hid them under a blanket. All of this "silent duel" took place so quickly that nobody knew about it before, so long as the memories of the poet's last days were published in 1863, recording a close friend of Konstantin Karlovich AN. Ammosova.

Why so pozdnoN Perhaps Danzas spare memory and the heart of the poet's widow, which was not in the same 1863, in the autumn, and perhaps had some other reason - no longer know. At the time of submission of the ethics were different than now. Danzas was truly a man of honor. But he confided Pushkin list of debts that were to be paid immediately and asked to burn some papers. And after many years Danzas not listed, what. The mystery has been retained. Sophia N. Karamzin called P. Vyazemsky, VA. Zhukovsky and KK. Danzas, "the three guardian angels" of the poet, to ease his last moments.

. Coming out of the arrest, Danzas has long served as a St. Petersburg engineering team, then he had a quarrel with his superiors and was sent on his own request, to the Caucasus, Tenghinka to command a regiment, where he served M.Yu.
. Lermontov. Feedback from experienced people, in particular Decembrist Nicholas Lorer, bravery, such courage, Colonel Danzas they have not seen. It was unprecedented. In 1839, KK. Danzas was appointed Assistant General Nikolai Nikolaevich Rajewski, erected forts of the Black Sea coastline, and met with Leo Pushkin. They cordially friends
Resign Konstantin Karlovich left with the rank of Major General in early 1850. He amassed a penny, he did not have anything other than retirement, General. Own family, he never created. Literature dull mentioned that he had unsuccessfully wooed to Vera Alexandrovna Nashchokin, widow of Paul Voinovicha Nashokin.
With the growth of national fame Mosaic Karlovic all the more painful and sharp sense of its role in the fatal duel. In the end, it was difficult to talk about anything except the duel, he was inclined to blame himself that failed to preserve other's lives!
. First cheerful, witty punster and humourist, has, according to contemporaries, "true the French mentality," Danzas eventually turned into a sad, nervous, depressed man
. He tenderly gathered and preserved exhibits of his little Pushkin Museum. Especially bank ring with turquoise, which, dying, Pushkin took off with his hands and gave it to him.
. In the belief that it was the talisman of a violent death.

. Died, Major General Konstantin Karlovich Danzas February 3, 1870, in complete solitude in St. Petersburg and was buried at public expense (!) In a Catholic cemetery Vyborg
. In 1936 his remains were moved to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery.

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