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Epishkin Michael Polikarpovich

( War Veteran)

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Biography Epishkin Michael Polikarpovich
photo Epishkin Michael Polikarpovich
(December 10, 1926)
M. P. Epishkin awarded the Order of Lenin, World War I level, the Labor Red Banner, "Honor," For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR "III degree, 16 medals.
. Born December 10, 1926 in the village Chihachevka Kalinin district of the Saratov Region
. Father Epishkin Polycarp Ivanovich (1903 - 1983), and mother, Natalia Epishkin Kuzminichna (1906 - 2000) - Rural Laborers. Wife - Epishkin Alexandra (1929. born.). Son - Epishkin Sergei Mikhailovich (1961. born.).

Like many seventeen guys Wartime, Michael Epishkin wanted to stand next to the front, somehow bring victory over the insidious invaders. He felt the strength, the ability to act boldly. Since childhood, learned the hard peasant labor - and walked behind the plow and the hay mow, and worked in the garden. In rural school was known as a good sportsman, he loved crosses, learned to swim and dive.

At the front of the adolescent is not allowed. After hearing the request of a strong village boy, the Commissar sent him to 5 th district school sniper training Volga Military District.

It is the autumn of 1943. Michael enthusiastically studied the foundations of military affairs, aptly metal grenades, mastered the techniques of action with a bayonet. Faster than many of his fellow cadets, he tore off his trench.

Michael graduated from the School of snipers on the "excellent", he was promoted to Corporal. And in May 1944 he was already famous in the Taman division, which I am very proud. Participated in a difficult but victorious offensive in Belorussia and Lithuania. With pain in my heart looked at the invaders destroyed the town and village. He tried to accurately perform combat tasks accurately strike the enemy. In addition, he had to settle with the Nazis for his elder brother Ivan, who died at the front.

Brave, resolute, brave beyond his years, Michael Epishkin became a leader among fellow soldiers. He was elected Komsomol organizer platoon and then a member of the Komsomol bureau company. He provided the confidence to him were equal to others.

In August-December 1944, the compound 1 st Baltic Front, a rapidly advancing. But in the Siauliai they met fierce resistance to the Nazis to embark on a series of counterattacks. However, the long delay, our troops they failed. Overcoming the resistance to the Nazis, part of the 1 st Guards Rifle Regiment, 2 nd Guards Rifle Division moved in the direction of settlement trowel.
. On this way to cross Dubissu - a river with high steep banks
. The Nazis were sure insuperability this line, reinforced by artillery and mortars. However, they miscalculated.

Aqueous barrier guards have to run. YCL Michael Epishkin proved himself resourceful, cool and courageous warrior. When the battalion went to the enemy tanks and armored personnel carriers, he and his friends opened fire with machine guns at enemy paratroopers. Then, in the course have gone hand grenades. "Hurray!" - Michael cried, seeing the tank, enveloped in flames. He was supported by comrades, grenades and machine-gun fire set back the Nazis.

After the battle, he was approached by the Secretary of the Party bureau battalion and. Kashcheev.

- Good on-guardsman fighting today, all showed a good example - he said.

Brewing a new offensive of our troops. One evening, the battalion commander Derevianko summoned Michael.
. - It is necessary, - he said - to designate the front edge of enemy defenses white flag.
. - And do not think there fascists that we sdaemsyaN
. - Let them think, and we gave them a hot flame guard!
. Immediately commander explained:
. - We decided to help orient the artillery during the artillery barrage
. White flag - a beautiful landmark.
It was difficult to crawl to the front of the enemy, every move must be calculated, otherwise notice Nazis - shoot. Battalion commander ordered the snipers and other riflemen vigilantly monitor the movement of a brave man, if necessary - to cover him, to give fire support. The foresight of the commander was not excessive. Already in the first minutes of motion Mikhail heard over his head, whistled fascist bullets. One of them knocked his cap from his head. Our snipers and arrows to "appease" Hitler. And when Michael managed to accomplish the task, almost simultaneously on both sides of "conspiracy" artillery.

Soon skillful Guardsman has been entrusted to plant another flag - red. On the path of the advancing troops on Lithuanian soil was important height - Nameless. On maps, it was designated as 111,3. The Nazis turned it into a well-fortified line of defense, kept under fire every meter in front of her. And all the same height it was necessary to take. It is appropriate to cite the words of Marshal of the Soviet Union and. X. Bagramian from his book "So we went to the victory:" The battalion 2 Guards Rifle Division particularly distinguished himself in the beginning of the attack eighteen Komsomolets Michael Epishkin ... When the attack is on the way the height of a disastrous fire struck, Michael with a group such as soldiers, like himself, made his way to her ... In short brave battle fascists threw grenades and raised above the height of the red flag. Fluttering in the wind scarlet cloth summoned fighters 1-Guards Rifle Regiment forward. And the commander of the regiment, Major Havrysh led them further. For his feat M. P. Epishkin awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union ". At that time Michael has applied to the party, but because he was not yet 18 years old, he was not accepted. His long-awaited membership card he received in a year.

The exploits of Corporal Epishkin published correspondence in the divisional and army newspapers, was issued a special leaflet. Hero as an example for young soldiers, advised them to be in combat such as he, brave, courageous, resolute.
A biography of the bold front-changed dramatically: it was sent to study in Vladimirskoye Infantry School. Three years later, the graduate was appointed commander of a platoon of troops in the Byelorussian Military District. He then served in the Guards Cannon Artillery Regiment.

In 1952 - 1957 years Michael Epishkin - student of the Military Political Academy in. I. Lenin. At this time, he often went to the parade on Red Square as an assistant with the Fighting banner of the Academy. After training the officer served, to his great satisfaction, the native of the Taman Motorized Rifle Division. Then he was in senior positions in the Main Political Directorate of the Soviet Army and Navy, became a Major General.
. After retiring in 1987, the reserve, Michael Polikarpovich often talked with the soldiers, Taman, told the young soldiers about the exploits of soldiers, their bravery and courage in battle
. Honored veteran has a lot of work in the sponsored school, spends the lessons of courage. He actively participates in the work of the Board of Veterans Gagarin district of the capital, the Moscow Club of Heroes. It is well known and on a small country - in Saratov and the Kalinin district. The merits of a war veteran M. Epishkin recorded in the Central Museum of Armed Forces, the Museum of the Great Patriotic War on Poklonnaya Hill, Saratov regional museum.
M. P. Epishkin awarded the Order of Lenin, World War I level, the Labor Red Banner, "Honor," For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR "III degree, 16 medals.
The main passion of Michael Polikarpovich - work in the garden of. Together with his energetic and spiritual wife, Alexandra, they are grown at his dacha outside Moscow all possible fruits and vegetables. The couple believe that the work in the fresh air helps maintain health, good mood, protects against disease and illness.
Lives in Moscow.

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Epishkin Michael Polikarpovich, photo, biography
Epishkin Michael Polikarpovich, photo, biography Epishkin Michael Polikarpovich  War Veteran, photo, biography
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