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Zmirlov Valentin

( War Veteran)

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Biography Zmirlov Valentin
photo Zmirlov Valentin
(October 23, 1922)
In July 1981, in. V. Zmirlov retired with the rank of Lieutenant. In his ceremonial tunic shine Order of the October Revolution, . two Orders of Red Banner, . Order of the Patriotic War I degree, . two Orders of Red Star, . Order of Friendship of Peoples, . Order of chivalry of Poland, . Order of the Red Star of Czechoslovakia, . the Medal for Military Merit ", . "For the Defense of Moscow", . "For the liberation of Prague", . "For Victory over Germany", . others.,
. Born October 23, 1922 in the village of Port-Katon Azov district of Rostov region
. Father - Zmirlov Vasily Ivanovich (1900-1979 gg.). Mother - Martha Zmirlova Nikiforovna (1902-1986 gg.). Wife - Zmirlova Varvara Ivanovna (1924. born.). Sons: Rostislav V. (1950 g. born.), Valentin V. (1958-1997 g.).

Family Zmirlovyh was hardworking and friendly peasant family from the sea, fishing bias. Impacted the proximity of the sea rich in fish. His father labored long and hard in a fishing farm, and his mother worked in a farm field team "World October".

Education was the most cherished dream and a strong desire not to age purposeful, intelligent and physically developed Valentine. The parents did everything possible that my son could attend high school, which was located 25 kilometers from home, in a large urban settlement with an unusual name She-Strengthening. Already in the tenth grade, one of the best students, in February 1940 he entered the Rostov Military Artillery School, although he always dreamed of Naval. But fate had a different way.

. Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War Valentin released early from school on specialty artillery officer and military rank of lieutenant, . gets assigned to the 758 th artillery regiment antitank platoon commander for the post of Intelligence,
. And as early as July 41 on participating in continuous defensive bloody battles in the Zhitomir area, then in the battle for Smolensk. After the retreat from the large losses in Maloyaroslavets regiment disbanded, and in the most difficult for Moscow time, . October 17, . when the enemy was within visual sight of the capital, . Valentin appointed Assistant Chief of Staff of the 2 nd Moscow separate special detachment for exploration,
. It was the largest military unit of about 5 thousand troops, equipped with antitank and antiaircraft weapons - to destroy the enemy's military equipment.

Valentin Zmirlov - one of the few survivors of the legendary military parade on Red Square in Moscow on November 7, 1941, striding along the icy pavement near the Kremlin wall in front of the mausoleum in. I. Lenin that frosty, snowy morning.
"It is impossible to convey in words those days, our state of mind - recalls Lt. General retired Valentin Zmirlov - when the early morning of November 7 the streets of Moscow were full of people. Thousands of Muscovites welcomed us on the way to Red Square.

As I remember, exactly at 8 o'clock parade columns froze at attention ". Hardly heard the first sounds of the Kremlin chimes of the Spassky Tower gate on horseback appeared Marshal P. M. Budyonny and took a report from the parade commander, Lieutenant-General P. A. Artemyev. They toured lined up on a snowy Red Square troops. On their congratulations and greetings to cheer the men sounded like an oath. Then, on the platform of the mausoleum were shown. V. Stalin. In the deep silence his words were heard, and in strict silence, listening to the soldiers. He said that no one ever, no matter what sacrifices will not be able to break the Soviet people. The enemy must be defeated, and victory will be ours ...

. On the day of the parade, when the enemy was on the immediate approaches to Moscow, was dealt a blow to the fascism of our most important weapon - the great strength of spirit, patriotism and courage of the Soviet people
. On that cold November day, straight from Red Square, we went to the defense of Moscow and adequately carried through the fire-fighting 1418 days and nights of the Great Patriotic War, the oath, given on Nov. 7, 1941, to crush and destroy the enemy. "

. Immediately after the parade unit involved in the counter-offensive and defensive battles under the wedge, where the enemy suffered great losses in manpower and technology, was stopped on the outskirts of the capital
. But the losses were enormous Detachment

. In early January 1942 of remaining in the ranks of fighters special detachment and other derived from the best parent Khamovnichesky troops in the barracks in Moscow was founded 12-second anti-tank regiment, . where Valentin was appointed commander of the battery,
. Together with the regiment he participated in the battle of Voronezh, and in August 1943 - in the Orel-Kursk, where the regiment, having armed with 20 anti-tank guns, destroyed 65 enemy tanks. In this fierce battle tank battery under the command Valentin destroyed 22 German tanks, including 7 "Tigers. For courage, steadfastness and heroism in the battles the regiment was awarded the Order of Lenin, and the captain in. V. Zmirlov - Order of the Red Banner.
. Soon, he was appointed Chief of Staff of the regiment, who, after liberating the Ukraine and Poland, routed the enemy on its territory and participated in the liberation of Prague.
. The fighting that broke out on the right bank of the Dnieper, were heavy
. The regiment suffered losses. At the most dangerous parts of the battle appeared tall, thin figure familiar to all Zmirlova. Warm and cordial words, and most importantly, an example of endurance and stamina, he raised the spirit of the fighters.
In early 1945, went on a rapid pursuit of the enemy from the Vistula in Poland. Here the regiment successfully fulfilled the command assignments. Soldiers and officers have shown unparalleled courage and heroism. Commander announced to the personnel of the regiment gratitude.

Then in April, began the offensive on the western bank of the Oder. Regiment with the support of neighbors and swift crushing blow overturned and smashed the enemy, destroying many tanks. In pursuit of the Germans, the batteries of the regiment came to the motorway Breslau - Berlin and covered the flank of the advancing corps. The enemy tried to drive a wedge in the joint of our parts and go to the rear. For this purpose, were thrown into the tanks, large forces of infantry supported by aircraft. But the attack ended in heavy losses for the enemy, and he was thrown over the freeway.

. After the war, Valentin Zmirlov successfully continued to serve in the Armed Forces of the country in senior command positions: Chief of Staff, . Regimental Commander, . Brigade Commander, . senior officer management training artillery of the Soviet Army (1947-1949 gg.), . Chief of Staff of Missile Forces and Artillery of the North Caucasian Military District (1962-1967 gg.), . Chief of Missile Forces and Artillery 6 th Army of the Leningrad Military District (1967-1969)., . Chief of Missile Forces and Artillery of the Turkestan Military District (1969-1976 gg.), . representative of the Commander in Chief of the United Armed Forces of the Warsaw Pact in Czechoslovakia (1976-1981 gg.),
. Over the years, he successfully graduated from the Military Artillery Academy (1954), the General Staff Academy (1962), higher academic courses at the Artillery Command Academy (1964) and the General Staff Academy (1971).
In July 1981, in. V. Zmirlov retired with the rank of Lieutenant. In his ceremonial tunic shine Order of the October Revolution, . two Orders of Red Banner, . Order of the Patriotic War I degree, . two Orders of Red Star, . Order of Friendship of Peoples, . Order of chivalry of Poland, . Order of the Red Star of Czechoslovakia, . the Medal for Military Merit ", . "For the Defense of Moscow", . "For the liberation of Prague", . "For Victory over Germany", . others.,
. Active by nature and mentality, in
. V. Zmirlov, going to resign, did not sit idly. In February 1987, he headed the first time established council of war veterans and labor in the Sverdlovsk region of the capital, where he served nine years on a voluntary basis. And now in its eighth year, led by the Council of War Veterans, . Labor, . Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies of the Central Administrative District of Moscow, . is a member of the presidium of the Moscow City Council of Veterans, . member of the All-Russia organization of veterans.,
. Lives in Moscow.

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  • Zmirlova Anna for Zmirlov Valentin
  • It is my great-grandfather. He died several years ago. And his wife, Barbara, in 2008. Buried in Khovanskaya klatbische.
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    Zmirlov Valentin, photo, biography
    Zmirlov Valentin, photo, biography Zmirlov Valentin  War Veteran, photo, biography
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