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Isaenko Ivan Danilovich

( Colonel-General, Honored Worker of the food industry)

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Biography Isaenko Ivan Danilovich
photo Isaenko Ivan Danilovich
(July 7, 1918 - ...)
Born July 7, 1918 in the village Paleevka Yampolsky district of Sumy region. Father - Isaenko Danilo Ivanovich (1877-1964). Mother Isaenko Anna Lavrentievna (1878-1928). Wife - Isayenko (Ivanov), Valentina Ivanovna (1920. born.), artist. Daughter - Shadskaya Helena (1943. born.). Grandson - Shadsky Ivan (1968 g.rozhd.). Financier. Great-grandson - Yuri (2001. born.).

Ivan's Childhood was a peasant labor. Father before entry into the farm in 1933 had his farm. Mother died when Vanya is not fulfilled yet 10 years. After graduating from high school in 1934 he entered the Voronezh Institute of Chemical Technology. With 5-year student of the Institute was directed to Kharkiv military and economic academy named Molotov, Faculty of Engineering, which graduated in 1940.

Then received direction to Moscow in the Office of the Chief of Supply for the post of Assistant Chief of. Three months later came true desire to be in the army, when Ivan Isayenko was appointed head of food service the 89 th Infantry Division. Followed by a translation in terms of military Orlovsky.

Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, he - an engineer food service 20-Army. In October 1941 the 20-th army was, along with other armies of the Western Front in the environment in the area of Vyazma. Coming out of the environment in the village Levin, Ivan gets a partisan detachment. I had to go out on reconnaissance, mine roads, bridges, attacks on German trains, thereby supplement the meager food stocks of the detachment. In January 1942, after the liberation of the territory from the Germans, which was a partisan detachment Isaenko gets assigned to food service of the Bryansk Front.

. Here in 1942 in the Office of Military Communications Front Ivan Danilovich met his future wife, Valentina Ivanova work there, and then to the rear headquarters of the Central Front draughtswoman
. So far - this is his true friend and counselor.

. Since the beginning of the Battle of Kursk, Ivan Danilovich was appointed chief of the inspection Upprodsnaba front and the end of the war he worked in various senior positions in the service in the Armed Forces.

. The primary duty and
. Isaenko became front bread - a strategic resource in the production and supply disruptions which should be excluded. In 1942 the State Council of Defense gave the military councils of the fronts, , . conducting harvesting and harvesting of grain, . vegetables and other agricultural products in the thirty-kilometer front-line order, . so at the expense of local resources, the current supply of troops and the establishment of necessary reserves for these products,
. It was established firm order delivery of food from the highest to the lowest level, with responsibility for senior. This fact has played a positive role in the Battle of Kursk.

When our troops in large parts of the country allowed to increase food resources. Upprodsnaby all fronts, their leaders, among them I.D. Isaenko the second half of 1943 were occupied by the rapid restoration of agriculture in the liberated territories. In 1944 the country received more than 47 million tons of grain instead of 30 million tons received in 1942 and 1943. The restoration of food businesses in the liberated areas. By the end of 1943 once again earned a number of sugar factories in the Kursk region and in Ukraine. Providing troops involved in operations in 1944, carried out in a more favorable environment. In view of the combat experience of the war were developed and adopted to ensure the troops new technical means to better ensure the troops during the offensive. Food service accounted for in addition to their direct responsibilities to carry out extensive work to provide food aid to the population of major cities. By the beginning of the Berlin operation 1 st Belorussian Front had food stocks for the main products of 2 or more months, and stocks of grain harvested from local resources, reach up to 6 months. However, the situation is much more complicated, when in front has been tasked to provide food to 1 million immigrants from citizens of the Soviet Union and allied states and about 500 thousand German prisoners of war. The difficulties increased when it became clear that the front should be the first time to provide food to 3.5 million inhabitants of Berlin. Last 10-15 days before the fall of Berlin, its residents had been issued even bread. Decree of the State Defense Committee of the provision of food was placed on the 1 st Belorussian Front, which means personally to I.D. Isaenko.
He also had to carry out the provisions of the Military Council of the 1 st Belorussian Front on the organization of children's milk until the age of seven. Importance was the Red Army in carrying spring sowing in the liberated countries.

. Front Military Council adopted a special resolution on development of 250 thousand hectares of arable land, of which 130 hectares was directly attributable to the troops
. Upprodsnab front I.D. Isaenko personally were designed in a short time to complete the sowing. For these purposes have been mobilized: 18 thousand soldiers and officers, 195 tractors and 22 thousand horses, 11.5 thousand tons of seed grain. Each army, every body took part in this.

. After the capture of Berlin and the end of the war Isaenko when establishing the Panel of the occupation forces in Germany (then the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany) he worked as deputy food service, . and from 1949 to 1950 - head of food service group.,

. Since 1950, he was appointed head of food service of the Belarusian Military District
. From 1952 to 1954 - Head of Inspection Office of the food supply of the Ministry of Defense. From 1954 to 1961 - Head of Department, Chairman of the Technical Committee, deputy head of the food supply of the Ministry of Defense. With the formation in 1961, the Central Food Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR Ivan Danilovich Isaenko appointed deputy chief, and in 1974 - chief of the Central Food Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR. Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR in 1982, Ivan Danilovich was given the rank of colonel general.

. In peacetime, the service had to perform not only their direct responsibilities for ensuring the smooth functioning of the army and navy food, . but seriously the creation of reserves in all links of troops, . and construction of bases, . Warehouses, . industrial service, . creation of state farms, . farms, . and canteens,
. With the advent of new technology and changing regulations in modern combat operations. To provide personnel serving the latest technology, it was necessary to make significant adjustments in the service. Create new types of food, had a high nutritional value, relatively low weight and packaging, which would have protected them from the external environment. Produced and acted to equip new types of service facilities, which allow for the troops in any situation of combat activities.

. In December 1988 Isaenko resigned from the address of thanks from the Minister of Defense.

. Awarded the Order of the October Revolution, Order of Patriotic War I and II degree, Order of Red Banner of Labor, three Orders of Red Star, Order of Honor
. He was awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of the food industry". Marked by a small gold (1960) and silver (1988) medals VDNH USSR.
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Isaenko Ivan Danilovich, photo, biography
Isaenko Ivan Danilovich, photo, biography Isaenko Ivan Danilovich  Colonel-General, Honored Worker of the food industry, photo, biography
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