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Mikhail Kalashnikov Timofeevich

( War Veteran)

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Biography Mikhail Kalashnikov Timofeevich

(November 10, 1919)
In 1976, Mikhail Timofeevich awarded a second gold medal "Hammer and Sickle. Among his awards - three Orders of Lenin, "For merits before Fatherland" II degree, Order of the October Revolution, Red Banner of Labor, Friendship of Nations, World War I level, Red Star and many medals. M. T. Kalashnikov - Commander of the Order of St. Andrew.
Born November 10, 1919 in the village of Kurya Altai Territory, in a large peasant family. Father - Timothy A. Kalashnikov (1883-1930). Mother - Kalashnikov Frolovna Alexander (1884-1957). Wife, Kalashnikov Ekaterina V. (1921-1977), - technician-designer, drawing performed work for Michael Timofeevich. Daughter: Nelly Mikhailovna (1942. born.), Elena (1948. born.), Natalia (1953-1983). Son - Victor M. (1942 g. born.).

To 1936, Mikhail Kalashnikov was in high school. At the end of Grade 9, he joined the Technical Secretary of the political 3rd Branch Turkestan-Siberian railway.

Since 1938 the Army began the life of Michael. His active duty service was held in the Kiev Special Military District. First, he underwent the driver of the tank, then he was sent to a tank regiment, stationed in the town of Stry.

And here is be creative nature of Mikhail Kalashnikov. In particular, he created the Registrar of the number of shots from a tank gun. At the same time I first met with Mr.. K. Zhukov. The commander of the Kiev Special Military District, presented the young inventor registered hours.

Before Kalashnikov opened a big career. But soon the Great Patriotic War. And of course he was a young tank officer, could not be at the front. However, in October 1941 in his tank shell landed fascist. Mikhail Kalashnikov was badly wounded and serious concussion.

But long time lay on the hospital bed, doing nothing, it was not in his nature. Kalashnikov tormented by one thought: how to help frontuN This idea and brought him to the library, forced to sit at the drawing table. And as soon as he was given restorative vacation, he immediately went to the station Matai, where for some time worked before the war. There, with the help of friends has made his first submachine gun.

Kalashnikov felt that need to debug something in his arms, to achieve higher accuracy of fire. However, when he presented his design to the outstanding scholar-vooruzhentsu A. A. Blagonravova, I heard him praise. A new stage in the life of Mikhail Kalashnikov, is not yet recognized designer.

His first designs were not accepted for service. But they have enriched his considerable experience. And this experience when victory was already 45-th year, instilling confidence in the. Kalashnikov began work on the creation of an automatic weapon under the cartridge model 1943. He never imagined that he would rather quickly be able to solve the problem: a new machine withstood the first test.

In 1948, his commanders in Izhevsk. Then the young designer and did not think that "settle" in that there is little known to him the city that it will become for him the most native. From here a short time later, the troops will leave in the first installment of the automaton.
He drew a different idea: how to create a self-loading rifle. He worked with unprecedented enthusiasm. Much has changed along the way. Eventually Kalashnikovskaya self-loading rifle turned and lighter in weight, and more reliable in operation. In some ways even surpassed Simonov variant of the same rifle.

In this period the army has successfully completed testing of the machine, created by Michael Timofeevich. And then it was decided to take him to the Soviet Army. In the history of the world's small arms began a new era - the era of automatic weapons. The first opened this era, he Mikhail Kalashnikov. AK-47 gave him a ticket to the gun world and brought fame and some did not know a single designer on the planet. With the advent of such a powerful machine in its effect by itself obviates the need for semi-automatic rifle.

September 1, 1949 Mikhail Kalashnikov joined the staff of the department chief designer Izhmash. It still works. First of all involved in the further development of the AK-47. This brainchild Kalashnikov added 7,62-mm machine gun AKM modernized and upgraded machine with a folding stock - AKMS.

. After the transition to 5,45 mm appears a large family of Kalashnikov rifles - shortened AKS-74U, AK-74 and AK-74M.

. Michael Timofeevich known as a designer guns
. Among his designs - 7,62-mm machine-guns and Kalashnikov RPK RPKS - with folding stock, 5,45-mm machine-guns Kalashnikov RPK-74 and RPKS-74 - with folding stock. And just in the design office Kalashnikov created more than a hundred samples of military weapons.

There is a Kalashnikov, and another passion - the creation of hunting weapons. His self-loading hunting carbine "Saiga", constructed on the base machine, won huge popularity among hunters in our country and abroad. Among them - smoothbore model "Saiga", self-loading carbine "Saiga-410", "Saiga-20S". More than a dozen modifications carbines are produced nowadays.

M. T. Kalashnikov - designer of world renown. Famous Israeli Uzi Gal Constructor very accurately stated, once said to Michael Timofeevich: "You are among us the most authoritative and unsurpassed designer.

The popularity of M. T. Kalashnikov unlimited. Once the American philosopher and expert on weapons of Edward Clinton Ezel sent a letter to this address: "USSR. Mikhail Kalashnikov ". Just as "the village of my grandfather". And that message, of course, carefully preserved, although in our country thousands of Kalashnikovs.
As chief designer offspring - the Kalashnikov assault rifle - that he considered the invention of the century. This evaluation gave the French newspaper "Liberation", compiled a list of outstanding inventions of the twentieth century - from aspirin to the atomic bomb. According to foreign experts in the world by early 1996 produced from 70 to 100 million machines. It is used in 55 countries. He is depicted on the banners and coats of arms of certain countries.

For creation of an AK-47 Mikhail Kalashnikov was awarded the Stalin (State) Award of the first degree. Later, were taken into AKM rifle and machine gun CSG. For his efforts, designer awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. In 1964 he was awarded the Lenin Prize. After 34 пЁпЎпЄп° M. T. Kalashnikov once again become the laureate of State Prize.

In 1976, Mikhail Timofeevich awarded a second gold medal "Hammer and Sickle. Among his awards - three Orders of Lenin, "For merits before Fatherland" II degree, Order of the October Revolution, Red Banner of Labor, Friendship of Nations, World War I level, Red Star and many medals. M. T. Kalashnikov - Commander of the Order of St. Andrew.

Mikhail Kalashnikov - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Worker of Industry of the USSR, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the Republic of Udmurtia. He - Honorary Member (Academician) of Academy of Sciences, . Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences, . Russia Academy of Engineering, . Member of Peter's Academy of Fine Arts and Art, . International Academy of Sciences, . Industry, . Education and the Arts, . International Academy of Informatization, . Union of Designers of Russia, . Several other major research institutions, Honorary Citizen of the Republic of Udmurtia, . of Izhevsk, . village Kurya Altai.,

. Since 1953, he was in the ranks of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
. Elected deputy of the Supreme Council of six convocations, delegate XXV Congress of the CPSU, XVIII Congress of Trade Unions. For several years he was a member of the Udmurt Party Committee.

M. T. Kalashnikov has published three books of memoirs: "Notes of the designer-gunsmith" (1992), "From someone else's door to the Spassky Gate" (1997), "I am with you was one way" (1999). Member of the Writers' Union of Russia.

Michael Timofeevich keen on classical music. He - a permanent participant days of traditional music of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Loves poetry. Friendly with many of the poets - the patriots of the Fatherland. Still in school fond of writing poems. His pre-war poems were published in the newspaper of the Kiev Special Military District, "Red Army".
. Living and working in Izhevsk.

. Man and Machine

. Dedicated to Kalashnikov and his weapons.

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Mikhail Kalashnikov Timofeevich, photo, biography
Mikhail Kalashnikov Timofeevich, photo, biography Mikhail Kalashnikov Timofeevich  War Veteran, photo, biography
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