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Moreau, Jean Victor (Jean-Victor Moreau)

( War Veteran)

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Biography Moreau, Jean Victor (Jean-Victor Moreau)
(13.02.1763 - 2.09.1813)
Upon learning that the general Scherer removed and an army of enemy will Moro, Suvorov said:
- Few of Fame would be split charlatan. Lavra, who stole Moro, will be better to blossom and turn green!
On the orders of Suvorov Cossack regiments rushed to San Gervasio. And immediately on arrival and made a crossing. Been ordered and other parts.
At 5 am, when the last section of pontoons was installed, crossed a company of huntsmen and several hundred Cossack. French battalion, left here just in case (and one could not have imagined that the Russian would elect to cross the most inconvenient place), recollected. But it was too late: the huntsmen pressed, deft Cossacks managed to outdo the battalion from the rear.
Moreau, a wise and prudent Moreau, in doubt. Surely it is here that Russian will take the main udarN he jumps to the division Grenier, which is on its way to the place of battle. According to his calculations, the division just below Trezzo. But what does the Cossacks! General Moreau with a handful of escorts almost fell into Russian hands. However escaped. I managed to order, indicating the position of the generals Grenier and Victor. The French, reinforced by fresh, just yavivshimisya battalions, immediately launched a counterattack. The Wizard Marquis de Shateler (French Russian service) tried to stop them, but where there! French pressure steeper rapids. The result of successful crossing was like crumpled.
And then Don Ataman Denisov, in the twinkling of an eye gathering their shelves, overthrows the left flank of the enemy. The infantry, hardened French infantry, on the run. Startled allies, the Austrians rushed to the site of the bout. The French driven out of Pozzo and Vaprio.
Discouraged Moreau (cursing myself disbanded the armed forces, General Shearer) orders to their units to retreat to a new position. But in the rear of the French had already heard gunfire ...
The battle continued for another 12 o'clock. French stubbornly clung to each line and still retreated, losing people, guns, flags. Suvorov could not but pay tribute to the enemy: Moreau had a short term much, and his army escaped the final defeat.
Who was he, Jean Victor MoroN At age 17 he became a soldier. His father, quite a successful lawyer, tried to force his son to leave the military service and obtain a legal education, but the revolutionary wave again made it to the military path. During the formation of the National Republican Army Moro was elected commander of the battalion, the battalion is part of the Northern Army. One year later, Moreau made a brigadier general, and then - in the divisional. In this rank he was replaced Sherer. And faced with Suvorov.

But not a defeat in the battle worth Moro military career. That defeat him, no one reproached - yet he kept the army, later won several victories over the Austrians, which ended the glorious Victoria at Hohenlinden. This opens a direct route to Vienna, but Bonaparte was slow in order. Then there are people who would argue that Napoleon, jealous of the growing glory of the most brilliant general of the Republican army, simply did not want to Moreau scored another victory. These rumors will reach Moreau, he otmahnetsya from them, but something caught in the memory, then disappearing, then recalling himself.

Victory at Hohenlinden and ended the military career of General Moreau. He learns that Bonaparte is going to become the Emperor Napoleon. It touches republican sentiments, Jean Victor. He refuses sent him the Legion of Honor. I stepped aside, trying to stay away from politics. "We are not fit for the conspiracy," - he repeated several times.
Vain. He will be in politics, and conspiracies. One could say that the plotters against Napoleon led his love for his wife. But vain beauty tirelessly intrigued against Napoleon was not from an excess of republican sentiments, but because of that power and its attendant got no comfort to those who have been preferable for Madame Moreau.

. General selflessly loved her, but do not give this all-consuming sense of values
. Ears generals were open, and he often heard as a victory pose at Hohenlinden above bonapartovoy victory at Marengo, - ah, the flatterers, a straight life would be without you, but - God! - A fresh. Moreau noticed that the toilets are regulars Tuileries getting richer - and began to dress so simple that became a model of republican austerity. He did not restrain his tongue, . especially if, . when was sure, . that his words give Bonaparte, . - And then called the Legion of Honor, an honorary Order of the pot ", . ships, . intended for the landing in England, . "pelvis", . and the famous Bois de Camp, . where preparations were vanguards of the invasion, . "school swimmers.,
. House Moreau gradually turned into the headquarters of all the enemies of Bonaparte.

. But not for nothing that the police Consul Bonaparte was a lot of dodgy former royal
. Moreau arrested. On the streets of Paris there were posters: "Innocent Moro, one of the people, the father of a soldier - in chains! Foreigner, a Corsican, was a usurper and a tyrant!" But the "tyrant" does not want blood of his general. Moreau accused of plotting against the government. But he has been waiting for the guillotine, not hard labor - Link.
Moreau went to distant lands - in North America. Here, on the Delaware River, he lived in seclusion for nearly a decade. Only in 1813, at the request of the Russian emperor Alexander I, 50-year-old Moreau returned to Europe. And in the army. In the last battle. In the famous battle at Dresden French core severed both his legs.
Already being in exile on St. Helena, Napoleon tells the Count Las Kazu: "It grieves me the glory of Moreau, who found death in the ranks of the enemy. If he had died for their country, I would be envious of such a fate. I was accused of his exile, one way or another - because we also had two, while only one was needed.
French General Moreau was buried in the same city as the Russian general Suvorov - in St. Petersburg.

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  • Rochelle for Moreau, Jean Victor (Jean-Victor Moreau)
  • We are a little aged, . Young ideals, . But still know how to fight, . as your Lanny. See also, . whom you exchanged at the Murat! Shut, . All Tolstova! ashamed, . soldiers, we were going to attack once: Why did you kill me? "By order of the Napa stupidly: You have my heart shot! cries poor dog, . And my wife, my dear. I am rotten to France, . And now she's - a stranger. I am like a woman, a toad? "Because I - Kutuzov, I am worse than Lanna drama takes place: we - the French! Young ideals, . We have thinned out a bit. I have been friends with your Lannom, . You are my reminder to the sick:,
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    Moreau, Jean Victor (Jean-Victor Moreau), photo, biography
    Moreau, Jean Victor (Jean-Victor Moreau), photo, biography Moreau, Jean Victor (Jean-Victor Moreau)  War Veteran, photo, biography
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