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Myasnikov, Vladimir Vladimirovich

( Veteran War Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Myasnikov, Vladimir Vladimirovich
photo Myasnikov, Vladimir Vladimirovich
(May 16, 1924 - ...)
The merits of the Hero of the Soviet Union in. V. Myasnikov to the country recorded more than four dozen awards and medals. Among them - the Order of Lenin, . World War I degree, . "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR" II and III degree, . Order of Friendship, . the Medal for Military Merit ", . "For Victory over Germany", . "For the capture of Berlin", . "For perfect service", . "For strengthening military cooperation", . others.,
. Born May 16, 1924 in the village Ankudinova Petushinskij district of Vladimir region
. Father - Myasnikov, Vladimir Dmitrievich (1900-1943). Mother - Zinaida Ivanovna (1903. born.). Both based on occupation - farmers. Wife - Myasnikov (Ryzhova) Ludmila (1926. born.). Son, Alexander (1950 g. born.), - Colonel, Professor of the Military Academy named after Peter the Great, PhD.

When Vladimir was 12 years old, his father said: "Volodya, you already know the price of bread, became assistant to us at the courtyard. It's time to become involved and to the collective work, to show everybody what you're capable of ". With the onset of hay, Volodya, along with his father and other collective farm was hay for the collective herd. Looked closely at the experience of adults, began to wield a scythe. Passed heels mowing and heard the first publicly praise team leader: "Well done, lad, kosish beautiful.

Since then he has combined his school studies with work on the farm "Zarya". High school diploma Volodya was the eve of war. My father went to the front. The dream of the institute did not come true. Volodya became assistant to the mother, the mainstay of younger brothers and sister. And at the same time served with honor and dignity of civic duty: dolbil frozen ground, along with older men and women - digging trenches on the defensive lines between Moscow and Vladimir. From the village youngsters poured birch for firewood, and then, breaking the miles, they picked up on a sledge to the engine.

The onset of spring found the villagers in the unprecedented confusion: how to sow spring - no equipment needed, all the tractors MTS mobilized for the needs of the Red Army. Country boy had to learn to plow horse, and then spread, as in ancient times, from a basket.

July 30, 1942 began to fill the new biography of the Red Army Volunteers. And once any unexpected obstacles. First commission recognized the military office of rural youth unfit for military service!.. This conclusion intimidated and offended by Vladimir. At heart bubbling protest - not to surrender, . prove to himself and others, . that you are healthy and in many ways! Pressured by his perseverance second commission, . taking into account school-leaving certificate, . proposed to launch the service in the military establishment - the army always in need of highly qualified,

And Vladimir Myasnikov justified confidence: Graduated from Kharkiv Red Banner Military Academy of Chemical Protection. As lieutenant he was sent to the 3rd Baltic Front. In August 1944 he was appointed commander of the platoon flame 8 th Battalion of a separate flame. Here he had to supplement the knowledge already in accordance with the requirements of the combat situation.

. The battalion was part of the 67-th army and actively participated in the battles of Izborsk, Vц╣ru, Tartu, and then on the territory of Latvia before the liberation of the city of Riga in October 1944
. For successful participation in these battles, the battalion was awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky and became known as the 8-m individual Order of Alexander Nevsky flamethrower battalion.

. After liberation from Nazi invaders Riga battalion was placed on resupply and training of young Replenishment
. For the first time the battalion arrived in the generation born in 1927. The young officer's troubled mind: Do they still have time to help win PobedyN On the threshold already in March 1945 ...
. Cheered order: 8-th independent battalion to give 5-Second Shock Army, as part of its troops to take part in the battles at Kyustrinskom bridgehead
. The company, which included a platoon Myasnikov, was blocking the highway Berlin - Konigsberg. After this operation, followed by Berlin ...

... Already was April 45 th. Berlin was taken in an iron ring of encirclement. Our troops - on the outskirts of the city center. The way they blocked one of the many German defensive lines in front of the Reichstag - the river Spree with high banks, clad in granite. Huge double-deck reinforced concrete bridge connects two major highways of the city.

Designed to capture the bridge assault force tried three times to get through on the left bank, and every time a destructive fire stopped. Became obvious that operate with large forces - hence dooming people to death.

At the command post matured otherwise. Back bridge at night and burn the fascists of stone houses instructed to twenty flame platoon commander, Lieutenant Vladimir Myasnikov. To carry out the responsible task of making 15 people with six flamethrowers. At night, unnoticed by the soldiers managed to reach the first dam on the bridge. Further progress was blocked by a barrage of enemy fire - stitch machine guns, bazookas burst. He could hear the groans: one of the flamethrower was wounded in the stomach, the other - in the hand. Had to hide behind the pillars of the bridge.

. Myasnikov painfully pondered: "What delatN How to overcome the dangerous uchastokN" began to observe and analyze the behavior of the Germans: they were not permanent continuous fire, and transferred him from one area to another
. "This is necessary to use and navigate throws - he decided. - But what about ognemetamiN with them quickly not going to run ...".

Rescued Myasnikova natural wit: at his command, the men tied to pieces of wire looms, for they were able to pull flamethrowers in shelters for the support of the upper part of the bridge. Himself lieutenant took a comfortable place for observation. As soon as the enemy suffered a fire in the passing area, Myasnikov ordered: "Forward!" One carriage with flamethrower could put on the position of the congress from the bridge. Beside him sprawled on the pavement soldiers Sokolov and Kuz'min, preparing to make a shot. Myasnikov moved for the second pile and lay down next to two small fragments. Waited the estimated time to prepare for the shooting, gave the command: "Fire!" But the expected shot was no. Why not strelyaliN "- asked the lieutenant, after reaching Sokolov and Kuz'min. "Fragment of mine broke a powder cartridge," - replied the soldier.

Flamethrower was damaged by shrapnel, commander of the same during this raids was wounded.

And the unexpected happened. The Nazis attempted to break out of encirclement bridge. Had a fight with the enemy, coming from the rear. In broken Russian, German, explained that the basement is the remainder of the garrison defending the bridge - about 60 people. If they save lives, give up all. Myasnikov ordered the Nazis to leave without a weapon ...

So his assignment done! Moreover, low loss. What brought success to the young lieutenant and his soldatamN sober calculation, skill, courage and high sense of patriotism, and many others as the creator of the Victory.

. The first day was the victory for Vladimir Vladimirovich Myasnikova best in his life birthday gift - May 16
. Another bright and joyful event took place in the life of a lieutenant of the victory in the spring. May 31, 1945 he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. It is clearly visible pencil mark next to "Oberbaumbrц╪cke", indicating that very fiery bridge. But lurking deep in the heart of memory and pain of the victims on the front in 1943, his father and his comrades who fell in battle.

Vladimir Myasnikov and after the war remained to serve in the Soviet Army, without changing their profession. In 1953 he graduated from the Military Academy of Chemical Defense, and in 1972 led her. Seventeen years he led this institution. His experience and knowledge, Colonel-General "armed" students of many issues, has left a legacy of books about the tactics of chemical troops, guides to protect against weapons of mass destruction, a number of important publications.

. Zalugi Hero of the Soviet Union in
. V. Myasnikov to the country recorded more than four dozen awards and medals. Among them - the Order of Lenin, . World War I degree, . "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces of the USSR" II and III degree, . Order of Friendship, . the Medal for Military Merit ", . "For Victory over Germany", . "For the capture of Berlin", . "For perfect service", . "For strengthening military cooperation", . others.,

. Vladimir resigned in 1990 and fully entered public life
. He was a delegate XXI Congress of the Communist Party of Latvia, a deputy of the Moscow Council of People's Deputies of several convocations. Now he is in Committee of Russia war veterans and military service is headed by a commission to perpetuate the memory of the fallen defenders of the Fatherland.

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Myasnikov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, photo, biography
Myasnikov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, photo, biography Myasnikov, Vladimir Vladimirovich  Veteran War Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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