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Nalivalkin Dmitri

( Veteran War Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Nalivalkin Dmitri
photo Nalivalkin Dmitri
(November 2, 1925 - ...)
Caring for the D. A. Nalivalkina enough. The working day is painted by the minute. In their plans, he always leaves room for meetings with the young soldiers, schoolchildren, students. Dmitri says: patriotism - the future of Russia. A strong, efficient army can be when its ranks are replenished healthy, morally and physically disabled youths.
Born November 2, 1925 in the village Krasnogvardiyske Stavropol Territory. Father - Nalivalkin Aleksei Mikhailovich (1898. born.). Mother - Nalivalkina Maria Ivanovna (1903. born.). Wife - Nalivalkina Maya Mikhailovna (1926. born.). Sons: Nalivalkin Valery (1952. born.) Nalivalkin Yuri D. (1960. born.).

At the front Dmitry Nalivalkin hit on Jan. 25, 1943. It was him at that time 17 years. Identified guy gunner in one of 120-millimeter mortar rounds 476 Infantry Regiment, who was then the fierce battles against the Nazi invaders on the territory of his native Stavropol.

. Fighting baptism took a Novo-Bataisk
. Soviet forces then attacked. Infantry attacks was preceded by artillery preparation. Infantrymen take one strong point after another. On the heels of the rifle ranges were artillerymen, supporting infantry fire. This was the first combat mission, which happened to perform ordinary Nalivalkinu.

When there was fighting for the liberation of Donbass, the command decided to send to the rear of the enemy scouts. Gunners set the task to cover up leaving in search of fighters. Powerful raids blinded, deafened by the enemy, forced him hiding in the cracks. Unobserved fighters infiltrated into the enemy rear. For successful operations in this combat mission detachment received the command of gratitude.

Well remember Dmitri assault Saur-Mogila, who on a topographic map was listed as the height of 277,9. Realizing the importance of height in the defense system in this sector, the enemy tenaciously clung to her. Master the height advancing troops had to be in whatever was. The infantry were taking place, the artillery - his. Artillerymen took a comfortable position and sent to the height of the mine to mine until mortar battery is not detected, enemy artillery observers. Mortar does not have to wait for the enemy artillery пҐп°п?я€пЎп?я? their. Timely used maneuver nomadic battery "- the rapid roll away to new positions and from there opened rapid fire on the enemy. Mines still flying up to the target, and mortars were again in motion. Six times the gunners exchanged positions. Could not catch them by surprise the enemy gunners. A height taken. They took with mortar, which in that day had no losses.

Of 5-Second Shock Army account Nalivalkina heroically fought for the mastery of Nikopol bridgehead, liberated Nikolayev and Odessa, crossed the Dnieper. In 1944, the infantry division, which included his infantry regiment, became known as the Red Banner Enakievskiy. Then there were the Iasi-Kishinev operation, the release of Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, fighting for Debrecen and Budapest.

've Served Nalivalkinu and Komsomol organizer rifle battalion. However, they stayed only six months - a position some officer. When invited to put on the officers' epaulettes, flatly refused - the war came to an end, wanted to go home. The desire to become a career officer will then. And then asked to return it to the mortar battery.

Long-awaited victory Sergeant Dmitry Nalivalkin and his military friends celebrated in the Austrian city of Brook.

The fact that Dmitri Nalivalkin fought no worse than others, say his military awards. In November 1943, a brave mortar was awarded the medal "For Courage". A month later - the medal "For Service in Battle". Later, Sergeant Nalivalkin get a second medal "For Courage", the Order of the Red Star, the medal "For Defense of the Caucasus", Medal "For Victory over Germany".

Faded away victory salute. Prior to 1946 AD Nalivalkin served as party organizer training separate artdiviziona 503rd artbrigady, then - the doyen of academic Battery 365 th howitzer artillery regiment the 25 th Mechanized Division. It is time to demobilize, but at some point, Dmitri Nalivalkin understood: without an army can not. Then the decision is ripe to enter the military academy.
After graduating from Lviv military-political college newfound officer got in the internal troops, and not somewhere else - in terms of guarding important state facilities. He served as deputy company commander for political affairs, the secretary of the party organization. Officer youth passed in the now famous and little-known then Arzamas-16. Another guarded secret city - Chelyabinsk-70.

In 1956 he graduated from the Order of Lenin Red Banner Military Institute. Then there was the Chief of Staff (1956-1958), . commander of the 18 th of a separate division 4 th Department of Internal Troops of the MGB (1958-1959), . Head office training MVD USSR (1959-1964), . commander of the 92-th separate regiment MVD of the USSR (1964-1965).,

. Officer Frontal quenching, it exemplary to perform his duties
. As at the front, enjoyed a prestige and respect of colleagues. Then D. A. Nalivalkin was appointed deputy commander of motorized infantry division a separate special purpose behalf F. E. Dzerzhinsky (1965-1974). In December 1974, Colonel Nalivalkin - commander of the famous connections. In this position, was promoted to major general.
From 1982 to 1988, Dmitri was Chief of the Bureau of Special parts of the Interior Troops. Already being Lieutenant-General participated in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident.
. For a model of military labor to receive awards added to the Order of the October Revolution (1978), . World War I degree (1985), . Red Star (1972), . Courage (1996), . Order of the Republic of Hungary "Red Banner" II degree (1985), . Many domestic and foreign medals.,
. Transferred to the reserve, Dmitri actively involved in the work of veterans' organizations
. Today he is - Deputy Chairman of the Moscow War Veterans Committee.
Caring for the D. A. Nalivalkina enough. The working day is painted by the minute. In their plans, he always leaves room for meetings with the young soldiers, schoolchildren, students. Dmitri says: patriotism - the future of Russia. A strong, efficient army can be when its ranks are replenished healthy, morally and physically disabled youths

. Leisure time is dedicated reading historical literature, watching films of the Soviet period, football, happy to perform physical work.
. Lives and works in Moscow.

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Nalivalkin Dmitri, photo, biography
Nalivalkin Dmitri, photo, biography Nalivalkin Dmitri  Veteran War Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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