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Ivan Tretiak Moiseevich

( Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Socialist Labor, Army General)

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Biography Ivan Tretiak Moiseevich
photo Ivan Tretiak Moiseevich
(Feb. 20, 1923 - ..
Born February 20, 1923 in the village of Malaya Popovka Khorolskiy district, Poltava region, to a peasant family. Father, Tretiak Moses Ilyich (1896. born.) - a hereditary peasant. Mother Praskovya Emelyanovna (1898. born.), - farmer. Sons: Stanislav Ivanovich (1950 g. born.) - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Minsk Medical Institute, Vladimir Ivanovich (1955. born.), - engineer radiophysicist.

After graduating from the seven years, Ivan Tretiak (affected peasant roots) arrives in Poltava Agricultural College. He studies diligently. But in 1939, when military events have occurred in the area Khalkhin-Gol, he wrote a letter to People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR to. E. Voroshilov to send him, in spite of draft age, a military school. The request was granted by Ivan. In November 1939 he went to Astrakhan, and by passing the entrance examinations in small arms and machine-gun school, becoming a cadet.

On the eve of the Great Patriotic War took place in Astrakhan College Issue. 18-year-old Ivan Tretiak was promoted to lieutenant. The dream of his - to defend our homeland - was realized in the most terrible time.

. As part of the 19 th Infantry Brigade, mainly composed of students of military schools, the young company commander and then deputy commander of the battalion had a chance to learn all the miseries and hardships of defensive battles on the Western Front
. We had to retreat, often by companies covering the retreat team at the new positions and suffering heavy losses. In short, the 41-m Ivan Tretiak felt the heavy burden of responsibility for the destiny and lives of the soldiers assigned to him, by age sometimes fit into his fathers.

From battle to battle command and battle accumulated experience. And at the higher commanders, according to Ivan himself Moiseyevich, he was lucky. It was someone to learn. After the first gunshot wound in January 1942, having left the hospital, Tretiak was given assignment in the 5 Army General L. A. Govorova. In this army commander of 29 th Guards Rifle Division was in. I. Polosukhin. In such illustrious connection happened Deputy Battalion Commander Ivan Tretiak go a long way. A few months later he became commander of the Rifle Battalion. Then there was the deputy commander of the regiment. In August 1944, already in the rank of Major, Ivan Moiseevich becomes commander of 87-Guards named M. V. Frunze Infantry Regiment, which was created during the Civil War. This 22 th year of life!

The division was conducting offensive operations in the band Minsk - Orsha. Combat Tretiak will receive a second shrapnel wound. It is treated in an army hospital. Command of 29-th division is doing everything possible to cure an experienced officer after he returned to his native connection. This coincides with the desire of the Tretyak. So once again he found himself among his comrades. The division also by this time passed in the 10-th Guards Army 2 nd Baltic leading edge
Summer of 44-th. Ahead of the Pushkin Mountains, familiar from the books where he lived and worked great Russian poet. Here and had a chance to battle the battalion commander Tretyak. It was bitter to see what made the Nazis these sacred places of every Slav.

Front, 80 kilometers away - a small town Opochka. Before the battalion Tretiak division commander, Major-General Andrew Trofimovich Stuchenko put combat mission: the machines, . broke away from the advancing regiments of the division, . break through to the Great River and in conjunction with tank crews commander Ivan Kravchenko, . fingering a ford in the river, . master the outskirts of the town Opochka,
. Night fighting was fleeting, and took the enemy by surprise. The task was performed. July 15, 1944 Opochka, occupied by the enemy more July 5, 1941, was released.

Combat Ivan Tretiak, the commander of a machine-gun Branch Guard Sergeant Alexander Woodpeckers were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. And in the postwar years, Ivan Moiseevich becomes honorary citizen of the city Opochka.

In early November 1944, when he was commander of the regiment, Tretiak was the third serious gunshot wound. Was sent for treatment in Moscow. After the hospital he returned to his native regiment and participated in the defeat of Courland German grouping.

. At the end of World War II 29-I Elninskaya Red Banner, Order of Suvorov II grade Infantry Division was relocated to Estonia
. Hence, in 1946 Ivan Tretiak arrived in Moscow to enroll in the Military Academy named after M. V. Frunze.

Successfully graduated from the Academy, Lt. Col. Tretiak appointed deputy chief of training the 11 th Guards Army. But the staff work weighs militant commander. A year later, he submits a report with a request to transfer him to the command post. Tretyak wish come true: he became commander of the 75 th Guards Rifle Regiment, 26 Guards of the East Siberian, Gorodok Red Banner, Order of Suvorov II degree Infantry Division. In 1956, Colonel Tretiak Takes Command of this division, and will soon receive the rank of major general.

Again Moscow. At this time - Military Academy of the General Staff of the USSR. Ivan Moiseevich finishes it with a gold medal and receive direction in the 18 th ordinary army the army chief of staff. Six months later he was sent to the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, chief of staff of the 3rd Field Army. Four years of service, intensive combat training possible to learn general knowledge and experience in leading large formations.
. In 1964 - a new destination: Tretiak Takes Command 4 th Combined Arms Army of the Transcaucasian Military District
. Soon he was assigned the rank of lieutenant general.
The most significant period of service in the Soviet Army general and. M. Tretyakov - is as commander-in-Chief. In 1967, Ivan Moiseevich became commander of the Belarusian Military District, and since 1976 - the troops of the Far Eastern Military District,. Over 16 years of service in that capacity and. M. Tretiak became Colonel-General, later General of the Army. Then, within two years he served as army commander in chief of the Far East.
And. M. Tretiak was elected deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR four convocations. He did many things for their constituents: in particular, for the establishment of sports facilities in Belarus and in the Far East. Habarovchane still grateful for their assistance in the construction of sports facilities in the coastal Stadium in. I. Lenin. It is no accident Moiseevich Ivan Tretiak - Honorary citizen of the city of Khabarovsk.
In 1982, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Ivan Moiseevich Tretyak awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. A rare military commanders is such a high honor. She - recognition of Ivan Moiseyevich.
Since 1986, Tretiak - Chief Inspector - Deputy Minister of Defense of the USSR. Later, he - Commander of Defense Forces - Deputy Minister of Defense of the USSR.
In November 1991, having served in the Army 52 calendar years, Ivan Moiseevich retired. Now he works as a senior specialist company "RUSS".
. Hero of the Soviet Union, . Hero of Socialist Labor, Army General Tretiak was awarded four Orders of Lenin, . three orders of the Red Banner, . Order of Kutuzov III degree, . Alexander Nevsky, . World War I degree, . two Orders of Red Star, . two medals "For Service to Motherland in the Armed Forces", . three foreign orders, . many domestic and foreign medals.,
. Main hobby General - reading historical literature
. In recent years, re-read many of the prominent Russian historians, in particular, Basil Osipovich Kliuchevskoi and Sergei Mikhailovich Soloviev. Now studying works of outstanding Russian writer and historian Nikolai Karamzin.

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