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Baysak Michael G.

( Literary Award Winner Fadeeva, captain of rank 1.)

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Biography Baysak Michael G.
photo Baysak Michael G.
(April 13, 1921 - ...)
Winner of the literary prize named after a. Fadeeva, captain 1 rank. Awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Bogdan Khmelnitsky III degree, World War I degree, two Orders of Red Star, 30 medals, including "For Military Merit.
. Born April 13, 1921 in Ukraine in the village of Alexandria Omyanka district of Kirovograd region
. Father - Gregory Baysak Akimovich (1881. born.). Mother - Baysak Agafia I. (1890. born.) Wife - Tamara (1924. born.), theater, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine. Sons: Baysak Gennady Mikhailovich (1944. born.) - film director; Baysak Alexander (1952. born.), - captain of rank 2, serves on the Black Sea Fleet.

Before the war, Michael worked as a secretary Baysak Petrovsky district committee of the Komsomol (1939-1940), where in the late 40 th was called to the Black Sea Fleet. He graduated from the School of weapons Training Detachment specialty torpedoman. It took him a war. From the first and the last day actively participated in the heroic defense of Sevastopol in the 1-st Sevastopol Marine Regiment, and then 8-Naval Infantry Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet. Not once led fighters in the attack, he often went to bed to the machine gun and shot the enemy.

Here are some lines of notes in front-line newspaper "For the Motherland": "Once I had to reconnoiter enemy forces in the area of farms N. Michael Zampolitruka Baysak volunteered to go to exploration. Led a group of five men, he penetrated into the enemy's location and gathered valuable information. The Nazis discovered scouts. Deputy political commissar, taking and successfully finished the fight, no loss out of the environment.

Soon, both distinguished themselves in battle, M. G. Baysak was enrolled in the frames of political personnel of the Soviet Navy with the rank of "junior political officer."

Special courage and daring young political officer shown in the most critical days of the defense of Sevastopol during the retreat of our troops. June 29, 1942 with a group of sailors entered into an unequal battle with the enemy landing in the Count's Quay, where a machine gun killed more than 50 Nazis.

. June 30, 1942 at Cape Chersonese Michael Baysak formed from disparate groups, a company of machine gunners
. Sailors under his command during the two days hindered the onslaught of overwhelming enemy forces in the area Kazach'ya Bay. Sevastopol land he had left among the last of its defenders. Went to sea with 12 soldiers on a small raft haywire. Attacked by enemy planes. Sea reared up from the nearby explosions bombs. Only on the night of July 4 patrol discovered a lonely raft. It remained only three seamen. Badly wounded, unconscious, Michael Baysak was lifted on board the boat and taken to Novorossiysk.
. Until 1944 he composed the Red-maneuverable manipulator unit hydrography participated in the defense of the Caucasus, . in Novorossiysk landing operation, . provide landing Infantry Brigade, . commanded by his former brigade commander, Colonel P,
. F. Gorpischenko.

But in the 45-m for the war had not ended. The Red trawler "Mina", where he served as deputy commander, led the military sweeps, clearing mines from the Black Sea fairways.

. In the years 1950-1951 Captain 3rd rank Baysak worked as an instructor in the General Political Department of the Navy of the USSR, from 1951 to 1954 he studied at the Military-Political Academy in
. I. Lenin. Then served as deputy commander of the destroyer "cautious" of the Northern Fleet and the "traceless" Black Sea Fleet.

In 1957, appointed deputy commander of the base of the division of torpedo boats of the Black Sea Fleet in the rank of captain rank 2. In the years 1960-1964 he was deputy commander of a separate regiment regard the Black Sea Fleet, and in the years 1964-1968 - Deputy Chief spetsupravleniya USSR Ministry of Defense.

. Almost 30 years Michael G. gave service in the Navy, having risen from the sailors to captain 1-st rank
. For courage and bravery, . displayed in the Great Patriotic War and impeccable service in the Armed Forces awarded the Order of the Red Banner, . Bogdan Khmelnitsky III degree, . World War I degree, . two Orders of Red Star, . 30 medals, . including "For Military Merit.,

. After leaving in 1968 to resign, M
. G. Baysak immediately joined in the work of a veteran. For many years, was chairman of the committee promoting the Leninsky district military enlistment, then Chairman of the Board of Veterans Marines of the Black Sea Fleet. Currently he is chairman of the board members of Heroic Defense and Liberation of Sevastopol, the first deputy chairman of the Sevastopol City Council veteran, a member of the Council of Elders of the city.

. Michael G. is known as an active propagandist of heroic combat traditions
. Bright and enthusiasm he said at the meetings with young people, newspaper and magazine publications about those who defended the country from Nazi invasion, who stood to the death in defense of Sevastopol and fought in the Black Sea. Even during the heroic defense of the city he was born the idea of writing a book about the courage of its defenders. For decades it took him so that they have gathered the materials and documents that shed real light on the fiery days, which had suffered most. Find survivors. The collected material allowed him to write a documentary novel "The sailors are on the ground" which won the 1982 literary award named after a. Fadeev.
For years, M. G. Baysak engaged in a relentless search for heroes, for various reasons, been forgotten, those who died a heroic death in the last days of the defense of the city, and those who are not their fault was in a Nazi prisoner of war and died there. On his initiative and thanks to his persistence in Krivoy Rog was erected a monument tortured and shot prisoners of Nazi concentration camp, among whom were hundreds of the last defenders of Sevastopol.

. He returned to the family and friends of the good name of the fearless Commissioner Third Battalion 8 th Marine Infantry Brigade Ivan Shlyakhova, almost 40 years, the number in the lists of missing
. Based on eyewitness accounts and documents found Baysak found, . that one of the last days of the defense of Sevastopol, . leading to the slope of the mountain Sapun battle against superior enemy forces, . Commissioner Shlyakhova was seriously wounded, . shell fragment tore off his arm, . but the hero refused hospitalization and again continued to drive his men to counterattack, . fought until, . until an enemy bullet ended his life,
. Many years later, legendary Commissioner posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. That same rank posthumously awarded and a former brigade commander, Colonel P. F. Gorpischenko. And in this important role played by M. G. Baysak.

Due to their persistent hard work of Mikhail G. able to determine the fate of more than 400 of his fellow soldiers - Marines, contained in the lists of missing. His effort was able to collect and transmit the museums of the city and the fleet more than 5 thousands of documents and exhibits. It pays special attention to poor war veterans, labor and military service. Many of the veterans he helped get honored in his time the Medal for the Defense of Sevastopol ", other state awards, and to increase pensions, to move from the cramped little room in a furnished apartment.
M. G. Baysak is a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia. Written by more than one thousand five hundred essays, short stories and articles. He is the author of two novels, including "sea of fire" (1995), co-author of "dear to us their names" (1976), "Eternal Light of heroism" (1995).
Today, Mikhail Grigorievich nearly eighty. But as in the years of its front-line fleet of youth, he was as energetic, active and love of life. The same generous spirit and neuemen in any business which is taken. In his spare time enjoys painting and photography, exploring the history of the Great Patriotic War, he is also a passionate car enthusiast.
M. G. Baysak dynasty sailors. His grandfather and father served in the Baltic. Now serving in the Navy's son and two grandchildren. Her dream is to live up to the day when the great-grandson and put on the form of a sailor.
He lives in the city of Sevastopol.

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Baysak Michael G., photo, biography
Baysak Michael G., photo, biography Baysak Michael G.  Literary Award Winner Fadeeva, captain of rank 1., photo, biography
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