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Bondarev, Yuri V.

( War Veteran)

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Biography Bondarev, Yuri V.
photo Bondarev, Yuri V.
(March 15, 1924)
Yuri enjoys painting. At home, he gathered an impressive collection of books on painting and albums with reproductions of world masterpieces.
Born March 15, 1924 in the town of Orsk, Orenburg region. Father - Bondarev Vasily (1896-1988), worked as an investigator People. Mother - Bondareva Claudia of Saxe-Altenburg (1900-1978). Wife - Bondareva Valentine Nikitichna (1927. born.). Daughters: Bondarev Elena (1952. born.), a specialist in English language; Bondareva Katherina (1960. born.), artist. Grandson - Bondarev Andrey, diplomat.

In 1931 Bondareva moved to Moscow. Lived in Zamoskvorechie. Yuri studied in 516-Secondary School. Lessons passion for football, skating, blue - the usual boy's life with its joys and sorrows. In some of his interests occupy a large place and book. This has greatly contributed to my mother often read to him in the evening and gradually instill an appreciation for his son to the Russian classics.

But perhaps the most important test of the nature of the future writer was at war. In 1941, the Komsomolets Bondarev, along with thousands of young Muscovites participated in the construction of fortifications at Smolensk. Then there was an evacuation, where Yuri graduated 10 th grade. In the summer of 1942 he was sent to study in the 2-e Berdychiv infantry school in the city of Aktobe. In October of that year, the students were transferred to the Stalingrad. Bondarev was appointed commander of the detachment 308 th Regiment, 98 th Infantry Division. In the battles of Kotelnikov he was wounded, was treated for frostbite and slightly wounded in the back. After treatment in the hospital served as a gun commander of the 23rd Division of the Kiev-Zhitomir. Participated in the assault crossing of the Dnieper and Kiev. In the battles for Zhitomir was wounded and again fell into a field hospital.

Since January 1944 W. Bondarev fought in the ranks of the 121-th Rylsk-Kiev Red Banner Division in Poland and the border with Czechoslovakia. In October, the order was sent to Chkalovskoye School antiaircraft artillery, and after graduation in December 1945 was found partially fit for service and discharged on injuries.

. The front path Bondareva recorded live awards: the Order of Patriotic War I degree and two medals for Valor, the Medal "For defense of Stalingrad", "For Victory over Germany," Polish medals
. In the war he joined the Communist Party and remained in its ranks until 1991.
It is at the front in the consciousness of South. Bondarev finally came clean and crystal clear commandments of love of country, honesty, loyalty. After a battle all things are naked and obvious - that good and evil. And each is faced with a choice. Bondarev made his choice once and for all. He chose a bank of human decency. And there, on the war, the writer understood the main thing: "Man is born for love, not hate" (the words of the hero story "The battalions are asked to fire").

. After the war, Yuri Bondarev graduated from the Gorky Literary Institute in Moscow, in 1949 began to publish
. In 1951 he was elected a member of the Writers' Union. The first collection of his stories - "On the big river" was released in 1953.

Very soon Bondarev became one of the authors printers. He wrote novels belong to: "Silence" (1962), . "Two" (1964), . "Hot Snow" (1969), . "Coast" (1975), . "Choice" (1980), . "The Game" (1985), . "Temptation" (1991), . "Non-resistance" (1996), . "Bermuda Triangle" (1999); the story: "Youth commanders" (1956), . "The battalions are asked Fire" (1957), . "The latest volleys" (1959), . "Relatives" (1969), a collection of short stories "Late at night" (1976); cycles of miniatures "Moments" (from 1977); book of literary articles "search for truth" (1976), . "Looking at the biography" (1977), . Keepers of values "(1978),

. Works Bondareva translated into over 70 languages, . including English, . french, . Italian, . spanish, . German, . Japanese, . Dutch, . Danish, . Finnish, . Polish, . Turkish, . Romanian, . Czech, . Slovak, . Serbian, . Hungarian, . Bulgarian, . Greek, . Arabic, . Hindi and other,
. Results for the period from 1958 to 1980 abroad published 130 works Bondareva. In the Soviet Union and Russia, was published the collected works of the writer 3: 1973-1974 (4 vols.), 1984-1986 (6 vols.), 1993-1996 (9 vols.).

. In the works of Yuri Bondarev removed the feature film "The latest volleys," "Silence", "Hot Snow," "The battalions are asked to fire," "Beach", "Choice"
. Paintings on the works of the writer looked, without exaggeration, the whole world. Ozerov and O. Kurganov) removed the epic "Liberation", the audience is over 350 million people. As one of the authors of the script films "Liberation": "Arc of Fire," "breakthrough," "The direction of the main attack," "The Battle for Berlin," "The Last Assault", in 1972, S. V. Bondarev was awarded the Lenin Prize.
Writer's work is devoted to several books. Among them: In. Mikhailov "Yury Bondarev (1976), E. Gorbunov Yuri Bondarev (1989),. Korobov "Yuri Bondarev (1984), SW. Idashkin "Yuri Bondarev (1987), H. Fed "Art Opening Bondarev" (1988).

Along with creativity, SW. V. Bondarev and leads an active social life. From 1959 to 1963 he was a member of the Editorial Board, editor of the section of literature and criticism Literary Gazette. In November 1971 he was elected first deputy chairman of the Union of Writers of the RSFSR, and from 1990 to 1994 he chaired the Union of Writers of Russia. For eight years, from 1991 to 1999, worked as co-chair of the International Community of Writers' Union. In 1974-1979, he led the voluntary society of book lovers.

In 1963, Yuri Bondarev was admitted to the Union of Cinematographers. In 1961-1966 years he served as editor in chief of the Association of Writers and film-makers in the studio Mosfilm.

. The writer was elected deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR IX-X convocations, was deputy chairman of the Council of Nationalities of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (1984-1989), a member of the Communist Party of the RSFSR (1990-1991)

Currently S. V. Bondarev - Full Member of Russian, Slavic and the International Pushkin academies, as well as Russia's Academy of Letters. He was elected an honorary professor at the State Open Pedagogical University.
S. V. Bondarev - Hero of Socialist Labor (1984), . Lenin Prize (1972), . two USSR State Prizes (1974, . 1983) - for the novel "Beach" and "Choice"), . State Prize of the RSFSR (1975 - for the screenplay for "Hot Snow"), . Prize Leo Tolstoy (1993), . International Prize named after Mikhail Sholokhov (1994), . National awards "Stalingrad",
. He was awarded two Orders of Lenin, the Order of Red Banner of Labor, the October Revolution, "Badge of Honor, Gold Medal A. A. Fadeeva, as well as the Order of "Great Star of Friendship of Peoples" (GDR).

Yuri enjoys painting. At home, he gathered an impressive collection of books on painting and albums with reproductions of world masterpieces.

. In people the writer is extremely valued integrity: "It means the ability to be restrained, . be able to listen to the interlocutor (a great dignity in the communion of people), . not to cross the border anger, . namely - to be able to control himself, . not be late to come to the call for assistance in someone else's misfortune, . be able to be thankful ... ",
. His assessment of our very tough: "We live in timelessness, not big ideas, without the natural goodness and morality, without modesty and bashfulness defensive ..
. Our freedom - a freedom to spit in his past, present and future, in the holy, sacred, pure ... "However, Yuri Bondarev not lose faith in the future. He is convinced that even in the most terrible tragedy there is hope.
Lives and works in Moscow.

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Bondarev, Yuri V., photo, biography
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