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Vorozheikin Arseny V.

( Twice Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Vorozheikin Arseny V.
(28 October 1912)
Twice Hero of the Soviet Union AV. Vorozheikin awarded the Order of Lenin, . four Orders of the Red Banner, . Order of Suvorov III degree, . Alexander Nevsky, . World War I degree, . two Orders of Red Star, . six foreign orders, . Many Soviet and foreign medals.,
. Born October 28, 1912 in the village of Prokofiev Gorodetsky District of Nizhny Novgorod Province
. Father - Vorozheikin Vasily Ivanovich (1884-1916). Mother - Vorozheykina Agafia Alexandrovna (1884-1972). Wife - Vorozheykina Valentina Pavlovna (1915-1988). Daughters: Faith Arsen'evna (1941 g. born.), Librarian; Olga Arsen'evna (1946. born.) Engineer. Son - Sergiy Arsenijevic (1952. born.) soldier. Wife of the second marriage - Vorozheykina Lilia P. (1935. born.) journalist.

. Famed aviator, . not knowing the lesions in most difficult years of war, . known for its unique craftsmanship air sniper, . a born strategist and organizer of a group of air combat, . mentor of an entire galaxy of outstanding students, . Heroes of the Soviet Union - thus entered the history Arseny V. Vorozheikin.,

. Arseny grew up in a poor peasant family
. Sooner bereft father, who died in World War I, he knew orphan share, poverty and hunger. But since childhood, he sought out the winner from difficult life circumstances. After the seven years he worked at the sawmill, was a sailor on the first examination vessel Volga surveying expedition. Then he went Rabfak, served military service in the cavalry. Entered the Gorky agricultural komvuz.

. The dream of a flying career that took over Arsenije Vorozheykin in childhood, led him to Kharkov Military Pilot School, he graduated in 1937.

. Even in summer school it appeared the rare ability to air the sniper, who sent in the target - "cone" ten times more missiles than was required for an excellent evaluation
. June 22, 1939 fighting broke out on Khalkhin Goal. In an air battle with the Japanese he had a baptism of fire: in 30 air battles on I-16 shot down 6 Japanese planes. Was presented to the rank of Hero, and received the Order of the Red Banner.

In the battle with the Japanese pilot Vorozheikin was seriously injured spine. Verdict of doctors was merciless: compression fracture of three lumbar vertebrae. However, neither despair nor frustration was. Instead, the thirst for victory determined the actions. Prematurely discharged from hospital "lost" a certificate of cancellation of flight operations, he returned to his unit. And again - in the sky!
In its entirety talent Vorozheykina opened during the Great Patriotic War. But before it was involved in Soviet-Finnish war. After her graduation in 1940 he received the direction to the Air Force Academy and successfully completed it in September 1942.

. At the front of the Great Patriotic War, Arseny V. arrived already an experienced fighter, with more than 100 sorties and academic education
. In September 1942 Vorozheikin was sent to the 728 th Fighter Regiment at the Kalinin Front. There, under Toroptsev on I-16 he made dozens of sorties.

First victory in the Battle of Kursk was won by him on the Yak-7B. Then Vorozheikin knocked trehpushechny new German fighter Me-109 G-2. In the next battle in the area Prokhorovka pilot had shot down two Ju-87 - the first ripped "belly", the second struck an unexpected blow from the top of the clouds.

. In one battle to save his slave Dmitry Anya lined in a plane, Squadron Commander diverts attention to himself, comes to grips with the four "Messerschmitt"
. One to four! Later in his book "Above the Kursk arc" Vorozheikin writes: "The plane as it sank into me. He was a continuation of my hands, feet, thoughts. Moment decides the success of a short bout. But from this moment, when in the back firing the cannon and machine guns, in the veins of blood-curdling, and the second seems an eternity ". This eternity won Vorozheikin ace, shooting down two Bf-109 and hit the third. The fourth fold, turned back.

A few days later four of our pilots, attacking a large group of Xe-111, shot down four bombers. Two of them - on account Vorozheykina. One of October fighting in 1943, he again shot down two Ju-87 in one attack: a bomber, shot down an attack from below, with slides, shied away to the side and crashed into a neighbor.

. In his life at the front Vorozheikin triumphed over "Messers" and "Fokker", "Junkers and Heinkel, always combining a sober approach and fantastic rage
. It is not never spoke disparagingly about the enemy. "Fighting is necessary to know the strengths and weaknesses of the enemy. Then easier to fight, "- said Squadron Commander pilots of his squadron.
In early 1944, the regiment re-equipped in the Yak-9. Vorozheikin first knocked at the fighter "Focke-Wulf-190". In war happens all. He does not ever again come to the aid of his comrades, burn yourself, to fall to stop the motor, to land the stricken plane. In March 1944, bringing down a fascist spy "cuttlefish" - Xm-123, he was a black. By some miracle, the pilot managed to land the plane in a clearing among the marshes on the territory occupied by the enemy. Friends rushed to help, managed to land on the meadow by-2 and take his squadron leader under the guise of the two "yak", manned by Sergey Lazarev and Alexei Kovalenko.

. During a combat sortie in the Ternopil region on the new machine Yak-9T with a powerful 37-millimeter cannon, he said trehmotorny S-52, bound for the Soviet troops
. "Junkers" behaved peacefully, turret guns were raised up. Vorozheikin with the knowledge of a rapprochement with the transporters, even make out the pilots, who raised his hands, and many people in the ports. Suddenly, a dozen fire lines were stretched to him from the board of "Junkers": arrows and passengers, having lulled his guard, opened fire. Quick to respond Vorozheikin "failed" the car performed a U-turn of combat and long lines in the back literally tore the enemy. Later, in the same radius, he shot down two more S-52 and U-88! If we consider the number of motors, destroyed in this battle, it was the most "fruitful" departure in the history of the Soviet Air Force: the four downed planes were 11 engines.

. His first Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union A
. Vorozheikin received February 4, 1944, when the number of downed aircraft came to 46. August 19, 1944 he was again awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

In July 1944, Arseny V. be appointed to the post of commander of 32 Fighter Regiment. Soon he was transferred to the post of chief inspector, the pilot of the Main Control Frontal Aviation.

In April 1945 over Berlin in a pair with Major Treschev he caught a jet fighter-bomber "Arado". The latest novelty of Hitler's military equipment was shot down and disappeared in the smoke.

Sky was called by General Arseniy Vorozheykina his comrades and friends. Yes, it is the general of the sky: he led the pilots to fight, taught all the finer points of aerial combat, skill sudden attack, the ability to win. Just his flying career Vorozheikin spent about 400 combat sorties, shot down 54 enemy planes in person (6 of them - to Khalkhin-) and 14 in group. Thrice was wounded.
After the war, Arseny V. commanded regiments, the division was deputy commander of the air defense of the Black Sea Fleet. In 1952 he graduated from the Military Academy of the General Staff. He flew until 1957. He mastered many types of jet aircraft, among them La-15, Yak-15, Yak-17, MiG-15, MiG-17. In the resignation came at the rank of major general.

Now, Arseny V. engaged in literary activity. He - a member of the Writers' Union, the author of 12 books published in this country and abroad. Among them - "Fighters", "Over the arc of the Kursk," "Private aviation, etc.

Twice Hero of the Soviet Union AV. Vorozheikin awarded the Order of Lenin, . four Orders of the Red Banner, . Order of Suvorov III degree, . Alexander Nevsky, . World War I degree, . two Orders of Red Star, . six foreign orders, . Many Soviet and foreign medals.,

. In Nizhny Novgorod land in different years are three memorial countrymen, the legendary pilots of the twentieth century
. Cast in bronze, . stand on the Volga expanses of the world-famous Russian pilot Pyotr Nesterov, . author and the first performer "dead loop" - the most complicated stunts, Valery Chkalov - legendary aviator, . who made an outstanding contribution to the development of various theoretical studies, . brilliantly put into practice his outstanding airmanship and Arseny V. Vorozheikin - one of the most successful and brightest aces Soviet fighter aircraft.,
. Lives in Moscow.

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  • Eric W. Mathews for Vorozheikin Arseny V.
  • I do not know if you remember me or not. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting you through Virginia Bader as she hosted a meet and greet during the signing of a print for a Robert Taylor lithographic print honoring your exploits. Also there was General Konstantin Treshyov. I wanted to let you know that my Veterans of Foreign Wars Post Number 8063 in Lafayette, California near San Francisco will play host to Russian War Veterans of "The Great Patriotic War" living in the "Bay Area" this coming August 11th. We will be celebrating the end of The Second World War and remembering the days in which we were allies in this great war and terrible war. You and other veterans are welcome to attend. Contact Terry Murphy at VFW Post 8063, P.O. Box 1025, Lafayette, California, USA,94549 for more information. I believe that this is the first time the VFW has hosted such an event. Respectfully, Eric W. Mathews
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    Vorozheikin Arseny V., photo, biography
    Vorozheikin Arseny V., photo, biography Vorozheikin Arseny V.  Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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