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Gerasimov Mikhail

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Gerasimov Mikhail
(July 17, 1915)
. Hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gerasimov was awarded the Order of Lenin, . two honors World War I degree, . Order of the Patriotic War II degree, . two Orders of Red Star, . many medals, . including two for Valor, . "Service in Battle", . "For the Defense of Moscow", . Bulgarian medal for the liberation of Bulgaria.,
. Born July 17, 1915 in the village of Krasnaya Sholokhovo district, Moscow region, in a peasant family
. Father - Nikolai K. Gerasimov (1880 - 1925). Mother - Gerasimova (Makeyev) Maria Ivanovna (1881 - 1924). Wife - Gerasimova (Kuraeva) Barbara S. (1919 - 1996). Son - Gerasimov, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich (1938 - 1992), was a colonel in the Soviet Army. Daughter - Gerasimova (Mezelova) Zinaida Mikhailovna (1941. born.), the engineer of a design bureau in Moscow. Son - Aleksandr Mikhailovich Gerasimov (1954. born.), the chief engineer of motor enterprise.

Michael, lost his parents early, grew up an orphan under the tutelage of older brother. After leaving school he worked as a fitter in FZO Artel. The first day of the war, he goes to military authorities with a request to call him in the Red Army and trained at the signaller.

In October 1941 he was sent to Battalion 19 th Infantry Division. In its structure it participates in the battles of Yelnia, in the Moscow battle. Later this division, in which Mikhail Gerasimov went all the way up to platoon commander in the battalion, will receive the honorary title Voronezh-Shumlinskoy and will be awarded the Order of the Red Banner and Suvorov II degree.

. In one battle near Moscow at the critical moment, Michael has managed to bring us to one of the regiments of the division in need of artillery support
. For this he was awarded the medal "For Courage". Later he was to pull the lines followed by paratroopers on the rivers Seversky (North) Donets Ingulets, Dnieper, Dniester, the Prut, the Danube, as well as shelves Division, who liberated the Ukraine and Eastern Europe. He was wounded, after the treatment in the medical battalion returned to his battalion.

Were in the life of Mikhail Gerasimov's military operations, which are remembered for a lifetime.
... March 1944. The division is rapidly moving to the west, freeing Soviet territory from invaders. Ahead of the Southern Bug. A handful of fighters entrenched on the opposite shore, is an unequal battle, in need of support. Before section leader Gerasimov task: the improvised means to put a wired connection with the paratroopers. To find the boat could not. Day in the West Bank suneshsya: He - exalted, and the Germans would not allow us to put. And time is running out: the river thunders battle.

Signalers built a raft of logs and planks. As twilight fell on the river, they pre-brushing the coil of wire, so that they do not creak, pushed off from shore. We got to the middle of the river. And at this time in the sky flashes flare. Germans found raft. Right and left shells burst, dousing signalers cold water in March. But a shell explodes in the immediate vicinity of the raft. Wounded soldiers, guns sixth. Burst, some ropes, pulling together a raft. Signalers waist in water, on the dilapidated raft reaches the shallow water first and then the coast.

Michael device connects to the cable. And - oh joy! - He hears the voice tube battalion commander. A few minutes airborne officers communicated by telephone to coordinate goals. Marines captured the high-building, occupied by the Germans.

Soon the sergeant Mikhail Gerasimov Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

Ended with 1944. Michael Gerasimov - platoon commander. Division its advanced units out to the Danube. Divisional Commander, Major-General Lazarev is a second lieutenant Gerasimov and confronts his platoon task: after the paratroopers to put a wired connection through the river. The task was complicated by the fact that there was no cable length needed. Had to do bunches of disparate pieces. A stable relationship will only be if the pieces are well insulated and do not miss moisture.
Platoon commander found a way. The ends of the cable wrapped oiled paper, over which imposed a tight insulating tape. And under enemy fire, contact was established. Cable, dropped to the bottom of the Danube, did not disappoint. Shelves Division dug in on the opposite shore, and then went on the offensive.

. June 24, 1945, Junior Lieutenant Michael Gerasimov, on his chest which was the Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union, several awards and medals, was held on Red Square in the 2-composite regiment of the First Ukrainian Front
. After 50 years, a war veteran Mikhail Gerasimov again marched on Red Square. At this time of the composite regiment 1 st Baltic Front.
After the war, fifteen years Gerasimov had served in his battalion and the rank of Major in the left margin. Back in the Moscow region, joined the engineering plant in the city Dolgoprudny, worked in the personnel department. Prior to 1992, led by the Joint Training item on preparing young people for military service. Gerasimov repeatedly elected deputy of the City Council and a member of the Party Committee. Was a frequent visitor to schools, technical schools, military units.
. Hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gerasimov was awarded the Order of Lenin, . two honors World War I degree, . Order of the Patriotic War II degree, . two Orders of Red Star, . many medals, . including two for Valor, . "Service in Battle", . "For the Defense of Moscow", . Bulgarian medal for the liberation of Bulgaria.,
. For many years Mikhail Gerasimov fond of hockey and football, not parted with skis, has a sporting level.
. Lives in Dolgoprudnyy Moscow region.

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