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Golovchenko Vasily Ivanovich

( War Veteran)

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Biography Golovchenko Vasily Ivanovich
(23 April 1920)
Vasily's main hobby - fishing. He is faithful and grape growing, but not for the record, but for the soul. Do not leave to take part in art activities, sing with your family. From books like Russian classics and military memoirs.
Born April 23, 1920 in the village Starotitarovskoy Temryuk district of Krasnodar Krai. Father - Golovchenko Ivan Nikonovich (1898-1958). Mother - Euphemia Golovchenko Lukyanovna (1905-1973). Wife - Maria V. Golovchenko (1925. born.). Daughter - Golovchenko Nina (1942. born.).

The whole life of Vasily Ivanovich related to Taman. Here he was born, began working career. In 1934 - 1936 years Basil has worked on the farm. Then he was sent on courses tractor. He studied with great fervor, because then the technique arouse admiration for rural children. In 1937, the first sat behind the wheel of a tractor.

In December 1941, mechanic Basil Golovchenko went to the front, hoping that would be a tanker. But he had to first serve in the infantry. In a rifle company, he acted quite well, but wounded. Hardly recovered - has received direction on rates of drivers of self-propelled artillery system. With courses - in the regiment, who was in the endless battles. The worst of them fell on the last months of the war. The enemy, retreating, defending himself like a hunted animal.

Especially memorable for Vasily Ivanovich had contractions as they crossed the Danube and Budapest. Then the troops were pinned great hopes on the gunners: it is a force capable of smashing the resistance of any enemy. Basil Golovchenko and his comrades did their utmost to meet those expectations.
That's how it was in the battle near Budapest. Self-propelled guns were in the hottest points of the battle. They often had to shoot direct fire. And the result was excellent. Dozens of tigers and panthers, were burning on the battlefield.

Nothing seemed to stand in front of ACS. Nevertheless, an enemy round hit the armor of self-propelled. Killing all who were inside. Only a miracle survived the driver and gunner Basil Golovchenko guns Basil Eskin from Penza. For courage and bravery in battle he was awarded the Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union.

In 1946 he returned home a war hero in the collective farm "Red Arrow" and led the tractor brigade. Soon rattled and labor glory Hero.

In 1949 Vasily Ivanovich comes to courses of mechanics MTS. In 1951 a new stage in his life: he - combine, the chief engineer Starotitarovskoy MTS. And the struggle for record harvests. In the first harvest Basil Golovchenko threshed over 1000 tons of grain. In 1952 he issued from his bunker harvester 1300 tons of grain - a record figure for that time. It was then that his Gold Star of Hero added to the same high reward for valiant labor achievements - the Gold Medal of Hero of Socialist Labor.

Plowed, planted, cleaned ... Now all this sounds simple, ordinary. And then work on the fields of Kuban was littered with mines and shells. It took more than one year in order to rid it of these dangerous signs of war.
Less than a decade, as the grain-grower-mechanic Vasily Golovchenko replaced genus of its activities: head vinsovhoz "Azov". It was necessary to develop the wine-growing industry in the province. For him it was a new thing. But he is not overawed. With his characteristic energy took up the establishment of vineyards and the construction of refineries. As for the fishing hamlet Cordon - the central manor farm, he was unrecognizable. Him and given a new name - p Illich. Old-timers who lived in other parts of the territory, arriving at home, did not recognize him.
30 years supervised Vasili vinsovhozom. Created such vineyards only dream about what could. And the wine from the raw farm "Azov" has gained fame not only in the country but also abroad. , Retired, leaving about themselves for decades a good memory.
VI. Golovchenko awarded four Orders of Lenin, Red Banner of Labor, the October Revolution, two Orders of Red Star, Order of the Patriotic War.
In 1982 he published a book VI. Golovchenko, "The Field of our victory."
Vasily's main hobby - fishing. He is faithful and grape growing, but not for the record, but for the soul. Do not leave to take part in art activities, sing with your family. From books like Russian classics and military memoirs.

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Golovchenko Vasily Ivanovich, photo, biography
Golovchenko Vasily Ivanovich, photo, biography Golovchenko Vasily Ivanovich  War Veteran, photo, biography
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