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Greshilov Mikhail

( War Veteran)

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Biography Greshilov Mikhail
(November 15, 1912
In Battle M. V. Greshilov awarded the Order of Lenin, three - the Red Banner, Nakhimova II degree, two - World War I level, the Red Star, as well as the American Order of the Sea Cross and 14 medals.
. Born November 15, 1912 in the village Budanovka Zolotukhinsky Kursk region, in a peasant family
. Father - Basil Greshilov Fomich (1890 - 1934). Mother - Greshilova Praskovya N. (1892 - 1981). Wife - Greshilova Anna (1913. born.). Sons: Eugene M. (1938. born.) graduated from Moscow State University, physicist, acoustics, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Victor M. (1941. born.) graduated from the mother, an engineer on the cold treatment of metals, the head of press-forging shop of the plant Khrunichev, Mikhail Mikhailovich (1945. born.) graduated from MIPT, the engineer in control systems. U M. V. Greshilova four grandchildren and two great-grandson.

Childhood Years Archangel Greshilova held in his native village. There was, and primary education. Then, in the Kursk railway graduated from school and two courses in teaching college. In 1929, the Komsomol call Michael went to the construction of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine. He graduated from the school FZO and three years worked as an electrician, then a shift foreman at the coke plant.

1933 was a watershed in the life and fate of Mikhail. As one of the best workers, and Komsomol activists Magnitogorsk, he voucher Komsomol was sent to serve in the Navy and enlisted in the Naval School named after M. V. Frunze. Travel to mariners, . yes even begin service with the school in such a prestigious and oldest in Russia forge marine officer personnel, . four-year sojourn in Leningrad - the cradle of the revolution and the greatest center of culture - it was an accomplishment of many young men in those years! And Marine Sciences, . obtained from the best professors and Culture, . absorbed young officer in many ways defined his morals and truly heroic image of the commander and educator subordinates.,

. In 1937, Michael Greshilov graduated from college, specializing in submarine navigator, "and sent to the Black Sea Fleet
. Two years mastering the depth "of the blue sea, the navigator on a submarine" Z-202, then passed the higher classes, special training detachment commanders in diving and was appointed commander of the submarine M-35 '(such as "Baby"). In this position, and found his war.

Successfully acting for the German communications, submarine M-35 under the command of Captain 3rd rank M. Greshilova until the end of 1942 carried out 19 armed raids and sank four transports of the enemy with manpower and military equipment.

. From 1942 until the end of the war Michael Greshilov - commander of the submarine "Z-215" (like "The Pike"), was part of the 2 nd Brigade of submarines
. The task of the violation and disruption of transport of the enemy in the 1943 - 1944 years of the ship M. Greshilova continuously go into the military expeditions to the shores of occupied Sevastopol, Evpatoria, Odessa, Yalta, Kerch, and also to the shores of pandering to the Germans in Turkey. During these campaigns, Y-215 "let sink a few enemy transports and landing barges. One of the transports, chrome ore, was torpedoed and sunk in the vicinity of the Bosphorus, and the other - in the area of Sinop
Combat activity submariner Michael Greshilova distinguished technical mastery and a meaningful risk, determination and courage. Here is just one example. During one of the military campaigns of the submarine were found enemy vehicles with a displacement of not less than 5 thousand tons and escorting his two destroyers, two ships, "Hunter" and the three aircraft. Such a strong escort would accompany only vehicles with a cargo of high value. M. Greshilov boldly rushed into the attack, although they foresee the danger of resistance from the enemy escort. Issued boat torpedo hit the target accurately. In Nazi ammunition ship exploded, and it sank.

But, as expected, destroyers and boats, "hunters" pounced on our submarine and started throwing her depth charges. From a strong shaking and quite close to the boat explosions began spontaneously emerge. Yet the efforts of the crew were able to quickly troubleshoot differentovat her and took to the depth, to evade prosecution. Forcing the minefield, "Z-215", broke away from the enemy and returned to their base.

Altogether during the war Chernomorets submarine Michael Greshilov committed to their submarines 26 armed patrols, sank five ships and damaged three enemy. Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of 16 May 1944 he was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

After the Great Patriotic War Michael Greshilov graduated from the Naval Academy. In 1948, the rank of captain 1-st rank, he returned to the Black Sea Fleet. He served as Chief of Operations Staff Poti naval base in one of the divisions of Fleet headquarters in Sevastopol. In 1951 he was transferred to Moscow several years he served in the Office of diving Navy Chief of Staff. After leaving the military in 1959, worked as an engineer at the Institute of Acoustics USSR.

In Battle M. V. Greshilov awarded the Order of Lenin, three - the Red Banner, Nakhimova II degree, two - World War I level, the Red Star, as well as the American Order of the Sea Cross and 14 medals.

. After the Institute of Acoustics Mikhail longer did not work, except for the indefatigable and so close to his heart work on the courtyard of his father's house in his native Budanovke
. Vaccinations and nurturing new varieties of fruit trees - his passion. Greshilovsky garden is famous throughout the district. From early spring to late autumn, he and his inseparable companion of life - his wife Anna Ivanovna conjures above the beds and the apple trees in the garden.

And of course, loved listening to them trills Kursk nightingales. Is it because changing is not an apartment in Moscow, he lived here close to nature - in the picturesque Yasenevo Bitsevsky park on the street with such a sweet heart of his poetic name - Nightingale travel

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Greshilov Mikhail, photo, biography
Greshilov Mikhail, photo, biography Greshilov Mikhail  War Veteran, photo, biography
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