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Devyatayev Mikhail Petrovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union.)

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Biography Devyatayev Mikhail Petrovich
photo Devyatayev Mikhail Petrovich
(July 8, 1917 - ...)
Hero of the Soviet Union. Hero next to the Golden Star - Order of Lenin, two Orders of Red Banner, Order of Patriotic War I and II degree, many medals. Mikhail Devyatayev - Honorary citizen of the Republic of Mordovia, the cities of Kazan, Wolgast and Tsinovichi (Germany).
Born July 8, 1917 in Mordovia, in the working village Torbeevo. He was the thirteenth child in the family. Father, Peter Devyatayev Timofeyevich, hard-working, workman man, worked for the landlord. Mother, Akulina D., mainly been busy taking care of children. By the beginning of the war dead were six brothers and one sister. They fought for the Motherland. Four brothers were killed at the front, the rest before the time passed away due to wartime injuries and adversity. Wife, Faina Hayrullovna, raised her children, now retired. Sons: Aleksei Mikhailovich (1946. born.) anesthetist eye clinic, PhD, Alexander (1951. born.) employee of the Kazan Medical Institute, Candidate of Medical Sciences. Daughter, Nelya Mikhailovna (1957. born.), a graduate of the Kazan Conservatory, teacher of music in drama school.

At school, Michael studied successfully, but was not the best of playful. But one day if it replaced. Happened after the plane landed in Torbeevo. The pilot, who appeared in his clothes magician, swift iron bird - all subdued Michael. Do not restrain himself, he asked if the pilot:

- And as a pilot statN

- It should be a good student - the answer. - The practice of sport, be bold, brave.

Since that day, Michael decisively changed: all gave tuition and Sport. After 7 th grade, he went to Kazan, intending to enter the aviation technical. It happened some misunderstanding with the documents and he was forced to go to River College. But the dream of the sky is not extinguished. She captivated him more and more. There remained only one - sign up in the Kazan aviation club.

Michael did just that. It was difficult. Sometimes late into the night sitting in the airplane or engine class Aeroclub. And in the morning had hurried to the river college. Once the day came when Michael first, but with an instructor, took to the air. Excited, beaming with happiness, he told his friends: "The sky - my life!"

This high dream and led him, a graduate college of the river, are already up the Volga, in the Orenburg Aviation School. Education there was happiest times in my life Devyataeva. He was gathering the crumbs of knowledge about aviation, read a lot, with diligence practiced. Happy as ever, soaring into the sky, which until recently only dreamed of.

And summer 1939. He - military pilot. And specialty - the most menacing for the enemy: the fighter. First, he served in Torzhok, then transferred to Mogilev. It was lucky again: was in the squadron of the famous aviator Zahara Vasilyevich Plotnikova, had time to war in Spain and Khalkhin -. From him recruited Devyatayev combat experience and his comrades.

But the war broke out. On the first day - sortie. Although most Mikhail Petrovich did not knock down "Junkers," he said, maneuvering, brought it to his commander Zahara Vasilyevich Plotnikova. And he did not miss the enemy aircraft at once it.
Soon lucky and Mikhail Petrovich. Once in a break in the clouds his eyes fell "Ju-87". Devyatayev, without wasting a second, and ran for nimeni And a moment later saw him at the cross sight. Immediately gave two machine guns. "Junker" flushed and crumpled to the ground. There were other good luck.

Soon distinguished themselves in battle aroused from Mogilev in Moscow. Michael Devyatayev, among others, was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

The situation grew ever more acute. Devyataevu and his comrades have already had to defend the approaches to the capital. On the new "yak" they intercepted the planes, rushing to reset the deadly cargo to Moscow. Once near Tula Devyatayev together with his partner Jacob Schneier came to grips with the Nazi bombers. They managed to shoot down one "Junkers". But the aircraft suffered Devyataeva. Nevertheless, the pilot managed to land. And he was in the hospital. Not cured until the end, ran out to his regiment, who was already west of Voronezh.

September 21, 1941 Devyataevu instructed to deliver an important package to the troops surrounded the headquarters of the Southwestern Front. He fulfilled this assignment, but on the return journey came to an unequal battle with the "Messerschmitt". One of them was shot down. And he was wounded. So he again found himself in hospital.

In the new part of his tour of the medical commission. The decision was unanimous - in slow-moving aircraft. So a fighter pilot was in the regiment night bombers, and then in the air ambulance.

Only after meeting with Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin he has once again become a fighter pilot. It is already in May 1944, when Devyatayev found the "farm Pokryshkin". New colleagues greeted him warmly. Among them was Vladimir Bobrov, the fall of 41-th gave the blood of the wounded Mikhail Petrovich.

Not once raised Devyatayev his plane in the air. Repeatedly, along with other pilots Division A. I. Pokryshkin fought the Nazi vultures.

But then came the fateful July 13, 1944. In an air battle over Lvov, he was wounded and his plane burst into flames. At the command of its leader, Vladimir Bobrov Devyatayev jumped from the plane in flames ... and prisoners. Interrogation of the interrogation. Then transfer to the Intelligence Abwehr. From there - in Lodz POW camp. And there again - hunger, torture, abuse. After this - the concentration camp Sachsenhausen. And finally - the mysterious island Uzedon where she developed super-power weapons, before which, according to its creators, no one to resist. Prisoners Uzedona - it is actually sentenced to death.
And all this time, the prisoners ripe one thought - escape, escape into whatever was. Only on the island Uzedon this decision has become reality. Nearby, at the airport Peenemц?nde, were aircraft. And was the pilot Mikhail Devyatayev, a man brave, fearless, able to carry out planned. And he realized, despite the enormous difficulties. February 8, 1945 "Heinkel" 10 prisoners landed on our soil. Devyatayev delivered command strategically important information about a secret Uzedone where and tested missiles Nazi Reich. There was still two days before the planned Nazi massacre Devyataevym. He saved the sky, in which he was immensely in love with since childhood.
The stigma of war affected long. Neither the trust nor the standing of work ... It's depressing, bred hopelessness. Only after the intervention has already widely known master spacecraft designer Sergei Korolev case headway. August 15, 1957 feat Devyataeva and his comrades had received an adequate assessment. Mikhail Petrovich was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, and the flight members were awarded medals.
Mikhail Petrovich finally returned to Kazan. In the river port returned to his first profession - boatman. He entrusted the test the first speedboat "Rocket". He became a captain and his first. A few years have led to the Volga-speed "Meteora".
And now a veteran of the war, only peace can only dream. He is actively involved in veterans' movement, created the Foundation Devyataeva and assists those who are in special need. Do not forget the veteran and young people often meet with students and soldiers of the garrison.
Hero next to the Golden Star - Order of Lenin, two Orders of Red Banner, Order of Patriotic War I and II degree, many medals. Mikhail Devyatayev - Honorary citizen of the Republic of Mordovia, the cities of Kazan, Wolgast and Tsinovichi (Germany).
As in his youth, he is fond of literature on aviation, the exploits of our airmen.

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  • Vladimir for Devyatayev Mikhail Petrovich
  • I am the son of concentration camp prisoner on. Usedom, I want to make contact with his son M. Devyataeva-Alexander. Our fathers knew each other!
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    Devyatayev Mikhail Petrovich, photo, biography
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