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Georgy Egorov

( War Veteran)

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Biography Georgy Egorov
photo Georgy Egorov
(October 30, 1918)
. Georgy Egorov, along with Gold Star was awarded two Orders of Lenin, three Orders of the Red Banner, Order of the October Revolution, three Orders of World War II degree, a number of foreign orders and many medals.
. Born October 30, 1918 in the village Mestonovo Volosovsky district, Leningrad region, in a large peasant family
. Father - Egorov Mikhail Z. (1879 - 1943). Mother - Anna Egorova Lavrentievna (1884 - 1964). Wife - Galina Yegorova Savelievna (1917 - 1998). Son, Paul G. Egorov (1951. born.), - captain of rank 1 in stock. Daughter, Nina Yegorova, G. (1945. born.) - a doctor.

In 1936, the realized dream of the young Egorova: he enrolled in the Higher Naval School named after M. V. Frunze. He graduated in 1940, the lieutenant was assigned as navigator on a submarine P-310 Baltic Fleet.

Great Patriotic War, the boat encountered in the maritime patrol. In military campaigns Egorov ably provide maneuvering necessary for accurate use of weapons. That was in September 1942, when the boat broke through the mine-network barriers in Pomeranian Bay, sank fascist transport tonnage of 10 thousand tons. Returning to base, P-310 hit a mine. With severe damage to the submarine lay on the ground at a depth of 60 meters. Georgy Egorov, together with all selflessly fighting for the life of the ship. When a managed float, he skillfully held the boat through the dense minefields.

After the special classes Egorov became commander of the submarine M-90. In this more perfect ship he traveled to the four war patrols. May 9, 1945, at sea, Georgy Mikhailovich received a telegram brigade commander: "The war is over, return to base."

In more than half a century of service Egorova navy submarines have a special place. After the war he had the honor to command even captured Germanic submarine.
Many commanders - participants in the war for the transfer of combat experience were sent to the Pacific Fleet. Among them was and Egorov. For eight years he commanded various boats Kamchatka Flotilla, having trained and nurtured brave explorers of the deep sea, snipers torpedo firing.

In 1953, Mr.. M. Yegorov - the brigade commander of submarines. Under his leadership, ten submarines. For 25 - 26 days in the month they were in the ocean. Egorov and personal example, and a solid captain's word taught submariners what is required for military service.

Soon Egorov - Chief of Staff of the division of the Pacific Fleet Submarine. Thanks to his energetic work of this compound is one of the best in the Navy.

In 1959, Egorov graduated from the Naval Academy and was assigned to the submarine forces of the Northern Fleet. Georgi Mikhailovich was one of those who stood at the origins of equipping ships rocketry. The squadron, which he commanded, was the first in the Navy of the USSR compound submarines strategic. These warships carried vigilantly combat patrols.

Egorov was directly involved in testing all types of boats. In April 1963 he was appointed Chief of Staff of the Northern Fleet. In the center of his attention - the main striking force of the fleet - the nuclear-missile submarines. Georgy involved in the preparation of under-ice voyages nuclear-powered ships to the North Pole, in the organization of the world's first circumnavigation. Leaving the base of the Northern Fleet, a group of nuclear submarines submerged held for six weeks, about 25 thousand miles, circling the globe.
In January 1967 Mr.. M. Egorov - Deputy Chief of the Navy of the USSR for military training. In this position he was insistent that the ships would not "grow" to the bank, and most of the time were engaged in operational and tactical training in the seas and oceans. And he himself wanted to be more fleets. Admiral took part in the maneuvers of the Navy, held in April-May 1970, code-named "Ocean". They participated staffs and forces of all fleets. At the head of the operational group of the General Staff of the Navy, he arrived in the Far East, ensuring the successful implementation of squadron tasks at the strategic direction of the ocean.

In May 1972, Mr.. M. Egorova appointed commander of the Red Banner Northern Fleet. In the short time he has made improving the quality of training of crews at sea. Many ships were at sea for months, patrolling in the Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic. Podlodki became more frequent firing of rockets from the high Arctic on the firing range on Kamchatka and the North. Grew stronger nuclear deterrent force sea. The Northern Fleet has become an important component of the sea power of the state.

. In 1973, Georgi Mikhailovich rank of admiral of the fleet.

. In 1977 - 1981 years he was trusted with an even higher position: he - Chief of General Staff, 1 st Vice-Chief of the Navy
. Based on the most experienced officers - Professional Service Staff, Admiral T. M. Egorov done much to ensure the sustainable management of the forces at sea, improving maneuverability of ship and aircraft groups. He successfully organized the military-scientific work to improve the operational and strategic training fleet command. In his tenure as chief of staff time was significantly reduced commissioning of new warships.

In 1978, for the courage and skill shown in the performance of tasks of command, T. M. Yegorov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.
Three years later, Georgy received a new appointment. He became Chairman of the Central Committee of the USSR DOSAAF. Man persistent, proactive, creative, and here he found new opportunities to improve the work of the mass defense organization. Of course, the main efforts of the admiral of the fleet were then designed to ensure that young people increasingly educated in a spirit of constant readiness to defend the Fatherland.

In 1992 Georgy Egorov resigned. But at heart he remains the same fighting sailor, cares for Fleet of Russia. He speaks frequently in the press, . at various conferences and meetings on the current state of our Navy, . making rational suggestions, . aimed at improving both of the Navy, . and learning sailors.,

. Faithful to this exciting problem, Georgy Mikhailovich wrote a book about the sea and sailors - "The point of all the people"
. In 1999, the second edition of his book "Waterway Marine Service, imbued with love for the navy and inescapable concern for the future of our fleet.

. Georgy Egorov, along with Gold Star was awarded two Orders of Lenin, three Orders of the Red Banner, Order of the October Revolution, three Orders of World War II degree, a number of foreign orders and many medals.

. G
. M. Egorov - member of the Bureau Committee of Russia war veterans and military service. And as a representative of this body is a large military-patriotic work, often meets with seamen, university and school youth.

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Georgy Egorov, photo, biography
Georgy Egorov, photo, biography Georgy Egorov  War Veteran, photo, biography
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