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Eremin Boris

( War Veteran)

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Biography Eremin Boris
photo Eremin Boris
(March 18, 1913)
May 5, 1990 BN. Eremin was given a well-deserved back in the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union. Among his awards - the Order of Lenin, six orders of the Red Banner, Order of Suvorov III level, World War I level, two Orders of Red Star, as well as Bulgarian, Romanian, Czechoslovakian, Mongolian Orders - only 58 awards. He - honorary citizen of Stalingrad, Saratov, Nikopol, the Polish city of Kielce.
Born March 18, 1913 in Saratov. Father - Nikolai M. Eremin (1887-1955), an employee. Mother - Nina (1888-1977). Wife - Zoya Petrovna (1917. born.). Daughter - Nina B. Eremin, engineer-economist, worked in the management of the pharmaceutical industry. Son - Boris, a specialist in repair of medical equipment. Granddaughter - Maria, engineer-economist.

After high school, Boris Eremin entered the Saratov factory "Sickle and Hammer" apprentice lathe operator, will soon become a good specialist, turner 4-th digit. In 1931, at the call of the Komsomol Boris - already cadet Volsky Aviation College. After service in the Far East, participating in battles near Lake Hassan.

June 22, 1941 Boris Eremin met the deputy commander of the aviation squadron in the 160-m reserve air regiment of the Odessa Military District. The first combat sorties, shot down the first enemy plane. Night on July 13 while on patrol in the vicinity of the station Shestakovka Eremina plane was shot down by enemy anti-aircraft guns and a pilot with serious injuries admitted to the hospital - broken jaw, cracked collarbone ...

. After a month with little Boris Eremin again in the cockpit of his fighter - again flies in the exploration, stormed enemy positions on the island of Khortytsya
. Near - fighting friends Baranov, Fedorov, Maresyev, Vishnyakov, Martynov, Solomatin - all are glad that Boris is back and together they routed the enemy.

In early March 1942 the Luftwaffe increased noticeably south of Kharkov. Several times a day over the positions of Soviet troops appeared bomber groups S-88 and S-87. There was a March 9 - the day memorable Boris Nikolayevich for life.

"The morning was clear. Lightly frost. At the scheduled time we took off, quickly gathered and lay on the course - recalls the general Eremin. - We were Seven. I - leading the group to my right - Captain Zapryagaev left - Lieutenant Animal Farm, and to increase the range above, right - Lieutenant Sedov with Aleksei Solomatin, left, below the meters on the 300, - Lieutenant Martynov with the King. Get close to the front line. Suddenly the right, almost at the same level with us, I see a group of six Me-109 and then, just below - a group of bombers, S-88 and S-87. Behind, on the same height with the bombers, are twelve Me-109. All twenty-five enemy aircraft ... "

The pilots saw the enemy aircraft, set signals trying to draw the attention of leading a group of "Junkers" and "Messerschmitt" ... But Boris Eremin was occupied by one thought: do not let the enemy to detect seven "yaks". He completed a small dovorot entire group left, walked a little aside to climb and then led the troops into battle. "The bombers and fighters of the enemy began to rebuild some sort - recall the details of the battle, Boris Nikolayevich, - in this mass of tanks, each of us has chosen a goal, and we went into the attack! Open fire. In the nose beats the smell of powder gases, mouth dries. There is a hit! Peripheral vision can see deflating right "Junkers" - it worked Sedov. After that, all mixed up. Left, right, top to sweep the fiery trails. We operated in pairs. I hit the "Messer". Another hit - on fire! Our eresy not sum. Germans maneuver. I see that as one of our pair tied with them fighting.
But the enemy aircraft markedly diminished, and it seems they go. Pursuing a single Me-109, knocked him. But the bottom of the aircraft cattle frustrated white jets - apparently hit in the radiator. Suitable "yak", it seems, Solomatina. I notice a car knocked down the front of the lantern. Signaled collection. All the maneuvering, and going to - go home! "

After landing a leading group Eremin reported to the regimental commander on assignments. Harassment foiled. Shot down 7 enemy aircraft, and the rest dispersed. No losses. After years of general aircraft A. S. Yakovlev wrote about the courageous seven: "March 10 was a telegram, which stated that on the eve of seven of our pilots on fighter Yak-1 won the aerial battle in the battle against 25 enemy planes. I do not yet know the details, but the fact I was deeply upset and delighted. This event was discussed at the State Defense Committee, and was instructed to disseminate widely the feat pilots in the newspapers.

The next day the battle sevens Boris Eremin a whole page devoted newspaper "Pravda". Under the heading "7 to 25," was reported in the "Red Star". The epigraph to the text were the words of Suvorov: "fighting is not the number and skill". Detail about the air battle of the newspaper "Stalin's falcons", "Communist" Saratov region. In the regiment arrived Aviation commander of the Southwestern Front, F.YA. Falaleev. In the presence of the commander of the regiment H. Baranova commander said that all participants in the battle will be awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

. - Well, as leader of the group Eremina will be the title of Hero of the Soviet Union - the general said.
. - No, Comrade Commander, - suddenly turned to the general Falaleyev slender, erect in a military pilot, a leading group
. - We are all the same fight.
Falaleev not without surprise, looked at Eremin, then at the regimental commander Nikolai Baranov. But he supported his fliers:
- Boris rights. A Hero he still win!
Three times during the war worked for a high rank Boris Eremin. Of the 342 sorties had about 100 shturmovok manpower and equipment of the enemy, . 100 intelligence and 23 downed enemy aircraft! But the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, the pilot was only 48 years after the historic battle in the skies over seven Kharkov,

. "The greatest joy in those days for us were the words of gratitude from the soldiers, . eyes that we had this fight, . - Says Boris Nikolayevich and recalls, . in the regiment came one day two old fighter with a message from the commander - to find "those" pilots and send them greetings from the combat infantry,
. - "Thank you, guys!" How we got from the Germans - do not tell. And then look at: "crosses" from the sky sypyatsya and burn! Pleased with you our souls. We know how to beat the Nazis, and how! "

In December 1942, the decision of the Military Council of the Stalingrad Front Eremina airman assigned to receive the aircraft - the gift of the Red Army from the collective farmer F. P. Holovaty. Collective farmer selhozarteli "Stakhanovets" Saratov region in the difficult years for the country gave all his savings to build aircraft. We Holovaty in personal use was apiary - 22 bee hive. Money from the sale of honey, made most of the required amount, the rest is added from the sale of vegetables and grains. Then Ferapont Holovaty wrote a letter I.V. Stalin. The letter stated: "... seeing her two sons to the front, I gave them to his father's mandate - mercilessly beat the German invaders, and for his part promised their children to help them selfless work in the rear ... Soviet government has made me wealthy, collective farmers, and now, when the Motherland was in danger, I decided to help her all I can ...".

. In a response letter to Stalin Golovaty wrote: "Thank you, Ferapont Petrovich, for your concern about the Red Army and its Air Force
. The Red Army will not forget that you gave all his savings to build combat aircraft. Please accept my greetings. "

Here are some of these aircraft and seconded by Boris Eremin in Saratov. Met the commander of the Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, Major Eremin and Ferapont Holovaty plant. "As we walked to the plane, - says Boris Nikolayevich - Golovatyi questioned me in detail about that for the Yak-1, which has a weapon, how long can fly. The aircraft, which was predetermined by the glorious battle path, could be seen the inscription: "The pilot of the Stalingrad Front Guard Major Eremin from collective farm collective farm" Stakhanovets "Holovaty".

Airplane Ferapont Holovaty worked on glory. In its assembled form worthy battle biography: Stalingrad, Rostov, Donbass, Crimea, Sevastopol ... After many years, he always takes pride of place at the Mount Falcon in Saratov.

. A Ferapont Petrovich again sent a letter to the Supreme Commander "with a request to buy the whole family earned workday fighter most recent design for the Red Army"
. I was in a letter, please: a new aircraft to deliver another pilot Eremin.
Supreme Commander replied: "Please accept my greetings and gratitude to the Red Army, Ferapont Petrovich, for your concern for the Air Force Red Army. I. Stalin. This plane, fighter pilot Boris Eremin flew smashing attack until the end of the war ...

Shortly after the war, B. N. Eremin was appointed commander of the fighter air formations, then he was a military advisor in Bulgaria - transfer of flight and combat experience of the Bulgarian pilots. After graduating from the Military Academy of the General Staff of Boris Nikolayevich 7 years supervised illustrious Kaczynski Military Aviation School, . commander of the Air Force of the North Caucasian Military District, . was commander of the Air Force in the Northern Group of Forces,
. Finally, 10 years, General B. N. Eremin headed the agency safety. After transfer to the reserve, met with the brother-soldier Alexei Maresyev and for a long time worked with him in the Soviet War Veterans Committee - led by an international commission.

May 5, 1990 BN. Eremin was given a well-deserved back in the Great Patriotic War, Hero of the Soviet Union. Among his awards - the Order of Lenin, six orders of the Red Banner, Order of Suvorov III level, World War I level, two Orders of Red Star, as well as Bulgarian, Romanian, Czechoslovakian, Mongolian Orders - only 58 awards. He - honorary citizen of Stalingrad, Saratov, Nikopol, the Polish city of Kielce.

Combat aircraft with the inscription "In the final defeat of the enemy" and stars on the fuselage - the number of downed pilot Eremin enemy aircraft - was in the museum Yakovlevskij Company. Then he was sent to chuzhedalnyuyu country - for rent for 4 years. It's been 12 years, and WHO and now there. General Eremin somehow touched on the subject to the leadership of the firm. However, one official replied: "And what nedovolstvoN We celebrate Yakovlev aircraft ..."
Yet Boris Eremin continues to struggle to return to their homeland battle relics.
Lives in Moscow.

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Eremin Boris, photo, biography
Eremin Boris, photo, biography Eremin Boris  War Veteran, photo, biography
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