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Zemtsov Nikolai Andreevich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Zemtsov Nikolai Andreevich
(April 15, 1917)
. Hero of the Soviet Union Zemtsov Nikolai Andreyevich awarded the Order of Lenin, . two Orders of Red Banner, . Order of the Patriotic War I degree, . Red Star, . medals "For Military Merit", . "For the Defense of Odessa", . "For the Defense of Sevastopol", . "For the Defense of the Caucasus" and many others.,
. Born April 15, 1917 in the village Erasovka Nazyvaevsk region Omsk region, in a working class family
. Father - Zemtsov Andrei Yakovlevich (1888-1944). Mother - Zemtsova (Sizova) Anastasia (1899-1934). Wife - Zemtsova (Drozdov) Rose Stefanovna (1926 g. born.). Sons: Zemtsov Yuri Nikolayevich (1947-1986), graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering, worked as a senior engineer at one of the research bureau; Zemtsov Viktor Nikolaevich (1956. born.), a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Automotive, working in joint-stock company.

In 1933 the family moved to Zemtsova Azerbaijan. Have completed secondary education and worked for a year with his father a carpenter, Nick comes in Dagestan College Road. After graduating with honors, he worked briefly on from college specialty, and in 1938 a young man drafted into the army. Zemtsov sent to a naval base in the city Ochakov. There, and finds its Great Patriotic War.

The first months of the war - is continuous and fierce defensive battles, the loss of comrades and retreat deep into the native land. Behind - Nikolaev and Ochakov, the heroic defense of Odessa, which involves Nikolay Zemtsov. Over the shoulders - the destroyed building in the Dnieper-Bug estuary, where Zemtsov was transferred to Sevastopol. In September, by a decision of the Military Council of the Black Sea Fleet is formed separate reconnaissance detachment of the Intelligence Staff of the fleet. It is composed of volunteers who have been in combat.

One of the first unit was credited Nicholas Zemtsov. Petty Officer 2 nd article was elected secretary of the party organization and appointed commander of the Operational Intelligence Unit. Its task was to penetrate behind enemy lines to capture the "tongues", detection of enemy defenses, the implementation of sabotage.

December 1941. Scouts Zemtsova involved in the preparation and conduct of the Kerch-Feodosia amphibious operation. On patrol boats the group goes to the sea, secretly planted on the wide pier port of Feodosiya, silently removes watch and fast breaks in the city ... In this battle, Nick receives a serious wound. The second shot in the leg when he receives its removal from the battlefield. For the successful conduct of amphibious operations scouts awarded orders and medals, commander of the group becomes a knight of the Order of the Red Banner.
. After curing in the hospital returns to Nikolai Zemtsov reconnaissance detachment of the Intelligence of the Black Sea Fleet
. He continues to lead a group of scouts, who had already operates on the passes of the Main Caucasian ridge. In the new situation from the commander needed the ability to navigate the mountain-forest terrain. Enough to capture a "tongue" or detailed to reconnoiter the enemy's defensive system, its rear - have yet to deliver the prisoner, as well as data obtained in the squad along paths, avoiding positions and ambush the enemy. And such combat missions more than once occasion to carry out patrols. The data obtained by them, have allowed our troops to launch an offensive on Kluhorsky direction.

October 1942. Reconnaissance plunged into the enemy's rear on the road that runs along the river Bolshaya Laba. The battalion commander called Commissioner Koptelov group Zemtsova and gave him a task: to speed up the river on its left bank to cut the connection induced by the enemy along the trails, and in anticipation of the approach of the German convoy carrying ammunition to ambush. The task was performed. Communications cut. Waggons from dozens of pack horses, accompanied by Alpine Arrow Division "Edelweiss", destroyed. Petty Officer 1 st article Nikolay Zemtsov awarded a second Order of the Red Banner.

In 1943, a group of scouts Zemtsova performed many days fighting operation. Late at night the whole party was transferred to boats in the area heavily fortified enemy abroad - the Blue Line. Each group received a detachment of combat mission. A crescent reconnaissance Zemtsova, hiding in the forests in the rear of the enemy, it identified the enemy's defense system. Sometimes the enemy tried to encircle the group. Fastened melee. In the course of lurid assault rifles and grenades. Waste scouts lay mines, which undermined the pursuers.

. One day, walking around the posts and the "secrets" of the enemy, as determined by daily observation, the scouts entered the lair of the enemy: the night quietly climbed to the attic of a house in the village Varvarovka
. During the day they were monitored by fixing the defense system. At night, down from the attic, bypassing the time, went to the area of Novorossiysk, where they were again discovered the enemy. When passing barbed wire and mine fields skirmished. Killed three scouts, one wounded. After 15 days of reconnaissance team returned to the location of its parts.

. For participation in the various intelligence operations, displaying bravery and courage of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on January 22, 1944 Nikolai Andreyevich Zemtsova awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union
. For participation in intelligence operations of the same title of Hero of the Soviet Union was named commander of the reconnaissance Captain DS. Kameninu.

Ochakov, Odessa, Sevastopol by May 1944 were released from the Nazi occupiers. In all these operations involved a separate reconnaissance midshipman Zemtsova. In September the same year he was sent first to the Military Institute of Foreign Languages, and six months later transferred to the newly created Leningrad Higher Naval School of Intelligence. Two years Zemtsov the rank of lieutenant went on a six-month internship in the Crimea, which has 13 Bomber Air Division.

. In 1947, Nikolai Andreyevich becomes a security officer control of the KGB in the Odessa region, where over 5 years working as a senior security officer, deputy chief of staff - the chief of the special inspection
In 1952, Lieutenant Zemtsov sent to study at the High School of the KGB. He graduated with distinction in 1955 and receives the next rank - Captain. Prior to 1959, Nikolai Andreyevich operates in the 5 th economic management KGB. From there, the rank of Major resigned in stock.
. Subsequent 22 years before his retirement in 1981, working first as head Zemtsov 1-st division of Gosplan, then head of the 1 st management Gossnab USSR.
. Hero of the Soviet Union Zemtsov Nikolai Andreyevich awarded the Order of Lenin, . two Orders of Red Banner, . Order of the Patriotic War I degree, . Red Star, . medals "For Military Merit", . "For the Defense of Odessa", . "For the Defense of Sevastopol", . "For the Defense of the Caucasus" and many others.,
. Retired Colonel Zemtsov - party parades of veterans of the Great Patriotic War on Red Square in Moscow on the 50 th anniversary and 55 th anniversary of the Great Victory
. A lot of the time he returns to public work. He lectures widely, meeting with young people in schools and colleges.
In his spare time, Nikolai Andreyevich likes to read books that reflect the heroic history of his native homeland.
Lives in Moscow.

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Zemtsov Nikolai Andreevich, photo, biography
Zemtsov Nikolai Andreevich, photo, biography Zemtsov Nikolai Andreevich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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