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Ivanov Georgy

( Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General)

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Biography Ivanov Georgy
photo Ivanov Georgy
(May 25, 1901 - ...
Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General GV. Ivanov was awarded two Orders of Lenin, . four Orders of the Red Banner, . Order of Suvorov II degree, . Kutuzov II degree, . Red Star, . Zhukov, . Of Honor, . numerous medals and foreign decorations, . among which the American Legion of Honor, . Czechoslovak Order of the Red Cross, . Polish Order of Virituti military ",
. Honorary citizen of the Czech cities of Most, Chomutov and Pisek (Czech Republic), the Polish city of Wroclaw.
. Born May 25, 1901 in the hamlet village Uporniki Akishevskoy Hoper district of the Don Cossacks (now Nehaevsky region Volgograd region), the son of the Don Cossacks
. Wife - Nina Ivanova Trifonovna (1924 g.rozhd.) Health worker. Son - Ivanov Victor G., retired colonel. Grandson - Ivanov Stanislav V. (1980 g. born.), law student at Moscow State University named M.V. University.

Father Ivanova - Basil Akimovich - George Knight, the veteran Russian-Japanese war, died of his wounds, when George was only ten years. George, his brother Arkady, and their sister Darya, Nura, Anna, Natasha, orphaned, brought up in the mother's family. Helped them and grandfather on his father's side Akim V. - Host farmhouse strong economy. The same economic, respected Cossack wanted to grow up and George. He was proud of his grandfather and four uncles - her father's brothers, . - They all wore a soldier's St George cross on his chest, . while the second highest, . George Cross, . Yefim Anya Cross there were two officers and the rank of lieutenant for the excellent service even in the tsarist army,

In 1919, Georgi Ivanov called the Red Army and sent to the detachment of the Karl Marx Akishevskoy Cossack hundreds of 5-th the Amur Cossack Cavalry Regiment. It consists of young Cossack participated in the Civil War-Don. After the withdrawal of the regiment in reserve Ivanov became ill with typhoid and spent two months in hospital and on discharge from it has got already in the first cavalry army. It includes Ivanov White Poles fought under the Novocherkassk. Here Cossack said commissioner and gave him a direction to study in Novocherkassk, in courses Red Commanders. Timoshenko, Ivanov was gathering the commander's experience, in 1923 he was transferred from the Kuban to the Leningrad Military District, in the 19 th Cavalry Regiment. Served until 1924 as commander of the platoon, he was sent to study in Kiev joint military school named after SS. Kamenev.

At the end of the school until 1926 commanded a squadron. From there was sent to Mongolia, where at that time created the People's Revolutionary Army, instructor and advisor to the military school named after Sukhbaatar. Taught part of the drill, gave lessons on shooting and tactical training. From Ulan Bator was transferred to Undurhan, for 300 kilometers from the capital, an instructor-advisor to the commander of the local cavalry regiment. From Mongolia Ivanov was sent to study again, this time in Moscow in the commanding faculty of the Academy of armored and mechanized forces behalf I.V. Stalin. At the end of the course has the rank of Major, he was appointed commander of Panzer Regiment 7 th Cavalry Division, stationed in Minsk. Here Ratna fate first brought Ivanov Georgi Konstantinovich Zhukov. Under his command, Ivanov served for three years.
In 1937 he was sent to study at the Academy of General Staff. From there, Lt. Col. Ivanov was sent to serve in the Red Army General Staff, the operational department of the Belarusian directions. The first task of the young staff officer was writing the deployment of Red Army troops in this area. After the outbreak of war with Finland Ivanov led Kandalakskoe direction. After the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War ...

Until June 27, 1941 the General Staff of the Red Army had almost no reliable operational information from the Belorussian Special Military District. To clarify the situation on the DBP-3 bomber escorted by two fighter Ivanov flew to the front commander Colonel General Pavlov. During the flight, . turned into a kind of global exploration, . found two armored columns of the enemy: one, . numbering over a thousand combat vehicles, . Minsk was moving north along the Berezina River, the second, . as it was later revealed, . owned tank grouping General Hoth, . went south of the Berezina,

Air Ivanov immediately took the direction of Smolensk, where stationed 3rd Air Corps Command. It was found that the Corps has not had a combat mission. From the Corps on HF Ivanov reported to General Vatutin observations. From himself added that the pilots still do not have a combat mission. Vatutin immediately ordered: "To fly to Berlin, bomb!". Describing the armored columns, he discovered Hitler, Ivanov suggested sending bombers not to Berlin, but in the area of the Berezina. Vatutin agreed.

All day on June 29, our planes bombed the Germans and suddenly received a message: the enemy lost! Ivanov decided to once again fly exploration. No one knew then that our airports were German fighters. And when DBP Ivanov attempted to refuel at one of them flew out to meet the 16 Messerschmitt. Ivanova bomber and two fighter cover was immediately hit by superior enemy. Ivanov and crew of the plane suffered multiple shrapnel wounds. It was decided to leave on the grave where there was a command post of General Pavlov. The plane sat on a single chassis, on the runway and rolled over in addition to the injury of all seriously injured.

Georgy awoke on a cot, it was all tied up. The surgeon said: "In gospitalN" "What a hospital! At KP!" - Ordered Ivanov. The doctor did not dare to disobey. Fortunately Ivanov MP at the time was Marshal of the Soviet Union B.M. Shaposhnikov. Assessing the health of staff officers, he sent his air ambulances to Moscow, a hospital named Mandryko. There is already waiting Ivanova general п-.п°. Wasilewski and Colonel Kurasov to hear a report from the front.

A month later, cure, Ivanov headed the defense headquarters of one of Moscow sectors. Two months supervised the construction of fortifications on the Poklonnaya Hill. Simultaneously, he taught at the Military Academy named M.V. Frunze. However, it was evacuated to Central Asia, but stayed there a short time - until March 1942. After repeated insistent requests was again sent to the front - Chief of Staff of the 24 th Infantry Corps 60 Army under the command of General Ivan Danilovich Cherniahovskogo. In this capacity, participated in the crossing of the Dnieper and the liberation of Kiev. Here he was first introduced to the rank of Hero of the Soviet Union. However I.D. Chernyakhovsky was recalled to the Baltic states, and not having to pin Ivanov promised gold stars.
In the early 1944 GV. Ivanov received the new appointment responsible - Chief of Staff of the 27 th Rifle Corps 13th Army, which was part of the troops of the 1 st Ukrainian Front. Here he was to fight under the command of twice Hero of the Soviet Union, Marshal of the Soviet Union IS. Konev. Will take years and even in peacetime Ivanov and Konev become close friends and associates in the patriotic education of Soviet youth, families will be friends. Chief of Staff Corps GV. Ivanov took part in the preparation and crossing the Oder River, in which part of the body seized a bridgehead at 10 kilometers wide and 10 kilometers in the depth of the German positions and have begun an operation to force the river Nissa. For the successful execution of the task GV. Ivanov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. Right in the trench, a member of the Military Council of MA Kozlov Gold Star pinned to his uniform.

Victory GV. Ivanov met in Prague. On the Victory Parade in Red Square in Moscow on 24 June 1945, he commanded a battalion of heroes, tommy. He received the rank of Major-General.

After the war, Major General GV. Ivanov year served in the 13th Guards Army in Czechoslovakia and Austria. Then he was transferred to the Belarusian Military District, and thence in 1948 he returned to Moscow at the Military Academy named M.V. Frunze already as Senior Lecturer senior military compounds. From this position in 1950, retired. Transferred to the reserve, a fighting general plunged into the work of patriotic education of youth. Together with Marshal IS. Konev led the patriotic campaign of youth and students, organized by the Komsomol Central Committee. Created at the Moscow High School 702 бL Museum of Battle Glory 6-Guards Orders of Lenin and Suvorov Rivne Guards Division, the Chairman of the Veterans Council of which he is now 56 years old.

Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General GV. Ivanov was awarded two Orders of Lenin, . four Orders of the Red Banner, . Order of Suvorov II degree, . Kutuzov II degree, . Red Star, . Zhukov, . Of Honor, . numerous medals and foreign decorations, . among which the American Legion of Honor, . Czechoslovak Order of the Red Cross, . Polish Order of Virituti military ",
. Honorary citizen of the Czech cities of Most, Chomutov and Pisek (Czech Republic), the Polish city of Wroclaw.
. Despite his advanced age, and four combat wounds received in the Civil War and World War II, George V. cheerful, energetic, hospitable
. Keeping Your Mate to dancing and singing - he has a beautiful baritone voice, which at one time was "placed" in a song and dance ensemble named after Alexandrov. Likes Jighitovka and sports - athletics, swimming, though, had not involved himself, and follows the success of our athletes on TV. He reads a lot - classical and memoirs. Conducts extensive correspondence.
Lives in Moscow.

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Ivanov Georgy, photo, biography
Ivanov Georgy, photo, biography Ivanov Georgy  Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General, photo, biography
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