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Makarov, Mikhail

( Hero of the Soviet Union.)

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Biography Makarov, Mikhail
photo Makarov, Mikhail
Born in 1923 in a small village Urop-Belovo region of Kemerovo region. 3des spent his childhood and adolescence. Father Andrey Makarov, the farm's accountant named 17 th Party Congress, died at the front in 1943. Mother - Makarova Maria Petrovna, a milkmaid, died in 1982.
In 1939 he graduated from Uropskuyu seven-year school. A year later he moved to Belov and wishing in the future to become a pilot, went to study at the local flying club.
. In May 1943, Michael called in the army, and he becomes a cadet of the Omsk tank school.
. Six months later, a radio operator-gunner on a tank Mikhail Makarov received in Omsk, serving on the front in the 21 Tank Brigade 6 th Army.
. Soon he is involved in the Korsun-Shevchenko Operation
. Until now, proud that he and his comrades were among those who had surrounded a large group of German troops and subsequently liberated Ukraine.
This was followed by Iasi-Kishinev operation. 21 Tank Brigade was at the center of fighting. Then our troops entered Romania. The Germans were entrenched on the west bank of the river Siret. Brigade was tasked with - cross the river, to entrench. Participated in this task and the crew, consisting of a Mikhail Makarov. This was a young crew. The platoon leader, Lieutenant Gregory Burmaka was 25 years old, the driver Fyodor Kulikov - 23, commander of the gun Gregory Shevtsov - 36 years, Mikhail Makarov only 21 years old.

. Burmaka received a radio order to the brigade commander: tank platoon to reach the bridge over the Siret, grab it and hold until the main forces brigade.
. When our tanks approached the bridge, we saw a fast moving river width of 100 meters with steep banks, and through it - double-deck rail and road bridge
. Do not have time to look around the tankers, as with the opposite shore opened fire on them German guns. Tankers have destroyed the enemy's battery, but the tank has failed.

Burmaka ordered one tank to cover all their fire, and the rest on the bridge began to move cautiously on the other side. Was the danger of explosion of the bridge, but nothing happened. When the tankers passed the bridge and went on the road toward them because of the far woods rushed out two German tanks.

In a brief battle, they were hit. In the heat of battle tank crews did not notice that appears somewhere in self-propelled. Her fire was broken left caterpillar leading tank. The car launched, and one of the shells hit in the engine compartment. There was a smell of burning. The commander gave the order to leave the tank. Mikhail Makarov took the tank gun, the rest - Automatic. Took refuge in a deep ditch. Soon after moving to the bridge seemed to Nazis. Firing, tank crews retreated to the bridge. Lieutenant ordered everyone to take cover behind concrete piles and hold the bridge.
In that battle M. A. Makarov, together with his comrades destroyed 3 tanks, 2 self-propelled guns, anti-tank battery, captured prepared to blow up bridges.
We have already ended in the tank rounds, when the team went. The engineers examined the bridge, found the bombs, disarmed them. Apparently, the tankers keep the enemy to blow up the bridge.
Tanks Brigade moved to the west, and Burlak and his comrades stood by the roadside and waved their hands. Suddenly they stopped near the "jeep" came from the general, the corps commander. Lieutenant Having reported it, who they are and why the road.
"So you are the heroes who defended the bridge!" - He said in surprise. - Well done! No awards will not leave! "
Then he got a new tank. And once again fighting - on the territory of Romania, Hungary and Austria.
. September 5, 1945 the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR: all four tankers awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.
. In February 1945, when a tank brigade Mikhail Makarov was fighting in Hungary, he was sent to the Kiev school of self-propelled artillery units.
. Graduated in March 1946, Makarov was sent to a tank commander in the 723rd Tank reserve base of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
. Almost two years he taught young men to drive a tank, shoot straight from the gun.
In 1948 he was demobilized and returned to Belovo. It soon met his future wife - Nadezhda. Long life they lived together, raised two sons and now helping to raise grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
In November 1952, Mikhail Andreevich again called to the army. Almost two years he served in the regiment of antiaircraft artillery in Leninsk-Kuznetsk.
. Last 20 years before leaving well-deserved rest Makarov worked in Belovo gorzhilupravlenii.
. Mikhail - always a welcome guest at the celebrations of the Great Patriotic War
. Annually Byelov held Republican tournament in freestyle wrestling for the prize of Hero of the Soviet Union, Mikhail A. Makarov.
. June 24, 1999 at the request of the City Administration, City Council of Veterans, the decision session of the City Council of People's Deputies of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Andreyevich Makarov was named an honorary citizen of the city Belova.
. Hero of the Soviet Union Mikhail Makarov was awarded the Order of Lenin and World War I level, with many medals.
. Lives in the Kemerovo region.

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Makarov, Mikhail, photo, biography
Makarov, Mikhail, photo, biography Makarov, Mikhail  Hero of the Soviet Union., photo, biography
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