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Starinov Ilya Grigorievich

( War Veteran)

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Biography Starinov Ilya Grigorievich
photo Starinov Ilya Grigorievich
(p. August 2, 1900)
Professor Starinov, by a hundred and fifty monographs, several private training manuals, two books of memoirs, and remained a colonel. Three times he represented to the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, twice Hero of Russia. Vain. But the most important thing in another - "My grandfather Russian special forces" are still in service.
. Column Raduyev still coming out of Kizlyar, when in close Moscow flat pensioner Starinov, surrounded by maps and armed with a magnifying glass, designed the operation to free the hostages and capture the bandits.
. Play old nobody
. But he went for a walk on the planet shameful assault on the First of complaints and the military that they had to deal with organized guerrilla war. And the old saying: "The Chechens of this guerrilla war does not lead and lead can not. Thank God, they are in our partisan groups not served ". Once again he was not listening, and he knew what he said. The Special Forces flexing its muscles, . demonstrated their prowess on the parade ground or in the trade "series, . were many, . various special forces units, in the Interior Ministry special forces was not only a child's room police, . but old saw: the level of professionalism is very low - and talked about it.,
. He had the right to say it, like no other.
. Here railroad dived into the tunnel almost a kilometer length
. All supplies Franco often carried out on the road, and they were guarding it and a tunnel with great care.
Yet no attention to the tire that was lying in cloth. I did not notice that the freight train, catching banner, dragged the tire in the tunnel. Explosion (in the tires was a charge of TNT) and the subsequent fire shut the road for a week. Then under the Cordova hit the skids train with staff officers of the Italian Air Division and the Moroccans.
. About saboteur knew just what the Republicans call him Rudolph.
. Four years later, in another war, the Germans entered the Kharkov, carefully examined all buildings
. In the basement of the mansion on a street. Dzerzhinsky, 17 in a pile of coal miners have found a powerful 150-kilogram mine. Identified and the reason why it did not work: Russian mine experts, apparently in a hurry put elektrobatarei in raw coal, and those discharged. In the mansion entered the garrison commander, commander of the G8 Infantry Division, Lieutenant General von Braun. November 13, 1941, Mr.. at 4.20 am an explosion that left one of the mansion porch. Under the floor of a boiler was laid more powerful radiomina. Coded signal is sent radio station in Voronezh. Blasts in other parts of Kharkov.

Chief of the Operations Engineering Team, mining facilities, was Colonel Starinov, the same Rudolfo.

In Spain Starinov came in November 1936. Created them subversive group expanded into a battalion, then brigade of special purpose. Spanish students Starinov long used his science - they were in the French Resistance, the four fought in Castro's Cuba. But the age-old, returning from Spain, was at home in a vacuum: the former bosses and the majority of students were repressed. He, however, survived and even got into the heads of the Central Scientific-test rail landfill.
The catastrophe of the first weeks of the war forced the recall of guerrilla war. Views Starinov to organize a guerrilla movement were very different from the official. And surprisingly. Directive SNK and the Central Committee of the CPSU (B) of 29 June and the resolution "On organization of the fight in the rear of the Germanic troops" of 18 July 1941. better meet the tactics of "desolation" than fight. Bulged, above all, political party. Hastily formed party underground, teams and groups either inactive or rapidly killed. The officers were surrounded by units of the RKKA sought at any price to get to her - they simply do not teach that, maneuvering on the open rear of the enemy and disrupting communications, we can inflict great damage on the enemy and save more people. They complete their education life. Gradually, the guerrilla movement and the diversionary work passed into the hands of professionals, among whom was and old. He commands the operational and engineering groups in the West and South-Western Fronts, . 5 th Engineer Brigade Specialty, . works in Central, . Ukrainian, . Polish headquarters of the guerrilla movement, . military mission in the People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia, . manages operational school special purpose, . trains miners to guerrilla forces and commando units (including the Yugoslav, . Czech, . Polish), . three groups is thrown into the rear of the enemy,
. British commandos have gained experience in Africa, when the Abwehr and the SD were forced to admit: "Russian saboteurs" have become one of the main problems of the Eastern Front.

By the end of the war Ilya Grigorievich Starinov, peer century, there were 45. To many he seemed a living mammoth, and he was sent to the reserve, his destiny became history. However, in the midst of the Cold War, his expertise is in demand again - his name is to teach the courses to improve officers, graduates of which later formed the basis of the famous group "Vympel", "Cascade", "Zenith".
. The Special Forces of all security agencies styled Starinov grandfather.
. While military theorists have assessed the probability and consequences of World War III, . and politicians and the public fought for its prevention, . My grandfather wrote a "guerrilla war", . which stated: Third World is already in the form of local wars with predominantly partisan ways of action,
. Oh he is a perfectly well what the animal will produce on a superpower, helping to "friendly guerrillas" combat "unfriendly regimes"
. It sounded ambiguous, because each of the warring superpowers had their own ideas of "friendly" and "unfriendly" regimes.
. Starinov again left out in the cold
. And soon his pupils, one after another began to send in the stock, repeatedly shaking the part of the spetsnaz. Obviously, the new political forces to seek out a more friendly among the less friendly officers.
Professor Starinov, by a hundred and fifty monographs, several private training manuals, two books of memoirs, and remained a colonel. Three times he represented to the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, twice Hero of Russia. Vain. But the most important thing in another - "My grandfather Russian special forces" are still in service.

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Starinov Ilya Grigorievich, photo, biography
Starinov Ilya Grigorievich, photo, biography Starinov Ilya Grigorievich  War Veteran, photo, biography
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