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Toguz Kaurbek Tembolatovich

( Hero of the Soviet Union)

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Biography Toguz Kaurbek Tembolatovich
photo Toguz Kaurbek Tembolatovich
(December 21, 1919 - ...)
. Successes of the Hero of the Soviet Union on the labor front were awarded medals "For Labor Valor" and "Veteran of Labor", honorary diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Republic of North Ossetia, dozens of letters of local authorities and public organizations.
. Born December 21, 1919 in the town of Ardon (North Ossetia) in the working peasant family
. Father - Toguz Tembolat Drisovich (1900 g.rozhd.). Mother - Mary Toguzova Timofeevna (1903 g.rozhd.). Wife - Toguzova Irina Sabazgerievna (1924 g.rozhd.). Daughter - Toguzova Leila Kaurbekovna (1951 g.rozhd.).

In 1939. T. Toguz was drafted into the Red Army, he served in the artillery regiment of the Transcaucasian Military District. Kaurbek quickly entered the army life, conscientiously studied military science. The exercise showed great skill. Soon he was promoted to sergeant and designated gunner, and then commander of the calculation of 76-millimeter guns.

The Great Patriotic War. In August 1941, Sergeant Toguz participates in the Soviet invasion of Iran. This armed attack was launched by the Soviet Union because of threats to the national interests of the Soviet Union by Hitler's agents in Iran.

Not long sample to. T. Toguz in Iran. In early September the 80 th artillery regiment, where he served as a sergeant Toguz, consisting of 76-th Infantry Division was immersed in trains and sent to the South-Western Front.

Well remembers his baptism of fire Kaurbek Toguz. It is September 30, 1941 under the village Kochubeevka Poltava region. In a heavy battle with German tanks and machine gunners calculation Sergeant Toguzova set fire to two tanks, destroyed dozens of fascists, repulsed all enemy attacks. Then in the division in a night battle without loss broke his troops.

After this memorable battle military biography to. T. Toguzova filled with new and new pages. At the gun barrel Toguzova growing number of white stars. It noted the number of soldiers slaughtered enemy tanks. And the shirt to. T. Toguzova flashed first award - the medal "For Courage".

In autumn 1941, spring and summer of 1942, Sergeant Toguz engaged in heavy fighting near Kharkov, Volchansk, Stary Oskol, Ostrogozhsk, Liski. He experienced the bitterness of digressions, the pain of the abandoned cities and villages. But at every turn of the defense calculation Toguzova accurate blows inflicted on the enemy, destroying his tanks, cannons, machine guns, manpower. Sergeant Toguz became master of artillery fire
"Our guns - remember, Lieutenant-General of Artillery T. N. Kovtunov - are mainly for direct fire in combat formations of infantry, had to fire at tanks. Selflessly acted calculation Sergeant Toguzova. Calm, confident, unhurried, even, perhaps, a bit phlegmatic in their daily lives, Kaurbek transformed in the tense moments of battle. Dark eyes seething with anger, the movement becomes sharp, impulsive.

The first shell knocked head tank. First armored vehicle began to spin in place, like a blind, lost his bearings. Then just a few seconds enveloped in thick clouds of black smoke.

. - Here is Ossetian! - Exclaimed one of the fighters.

. Kaurbek looked around and flashing eyes, said:

. - In Russian and Ossetian, comrades, must beat the enemy! Yes, so that the first shot the spirit of it out! "

. In the battles took place in 1943
. Guard Sergeant Toguz involved in the Battle of Kursk in the 6 th Guards Army of the Voronezh Front. 138 Guards artillery regiment took up positions south of the city Obojan, in the villages Cherkasskoe - Yakovleva - Butovo. On this line of defense July 5, 1943 there was a fierce battle with Hitler's tanks and motorized infantry. Here Kaurbek Toguz met with the new German Tiger tanks and self-propelled gun "Ferdinand."

Here come finest hour Kaurbeka Toguzova. He has displayed exceptional courage and composure. When the batteries lined up against 36 enemy tanks, gun Toguzova opened fire. From the first shots began to burn four tanks, two of them "Tiger". Calculation Toguzova was shooting and when the enemy tanks set fire to crates of ammunition at the firing position.
. In this battle Toguz was badly wounded, lost his hearing and speech, but did not leave the firing position and when it wanted to evacuate, wrote a note: "As long as my eyes can see, I'll be firing at the enemy"
. Results of individual account Toguzova in the Battle of Kursk lined and destroyed eight tanks, two of them "Tiger".

Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of September 23, 1943 By. T. Toguzovu awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, Red Banner, Red Star, World War I level, the medal "For Courage" and many other awards.
After the Great Patriotic War to. T. Toguz began actively work in the economy of North Ossetia. For many years, worked as a director of a number of Vladikavkaz factories: brewery (1945-1958 gg.) Winery (1958-1976 gg.), A shoe factory (1977-1985 gg.). He worked as he fought: with honesty and sincerity. And all these years, he is actively involved in community service, military-patriotic education of youth, its preparation for military service. 17 years was a member of the Soviet War Veterans Committee, continually elected into the North Ossetian Republican Council of Veterans.
Since 1986 Toguz K. T. retired. But peace is not for such active, active people, as Kaurbek Tembolatovich. He still works.
. Successes of the Hero of the Soviet Union on the labor front were awarded medals "For Labor Valor" and "Veteran of Labor", honorary diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Republic of North Ossetia, dozens of letters of local authorities and public organizations.
. He is fond of folk epic of North Ossetia
. It is well known and fascinating tells folktales and legends. Among other passions - football and hunting.

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Toguz Kaurbek Tembolatovich, photo, biography
Toguz Kaurbek Tembolatovich, photo, biography Toguz Kaurbek Tembolatovich  Hero of the Soviet Union, photo, biography
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