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Ernesto Che Guevara

( The legendary revolutionary)

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Biography Ernesto Che Guevara
photo Ernesto Che Guevara
Ernesto Che Guevara is dead for more than thirty years. His great contemporaries - John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev, Charles de Gaulle and Mao Zedong - took their places in the world history textbooks, and Che - still idol. Publication comes out cash feature and documentary films about him, published - and immediately became best sellers - his biography, the legendary revolutionary era dokompyuternoy devoted dozens of Internet sites. Pragmatic cerebral world longed for romance. In the yard - the time Che.

It was all wrong. Instead of aristocratic sonorous name of Ernesto Guevara de la Serna - a short, almost faceless nickname Che, even sense something special does not have. Just interjection - well, hey. Argentines repeat it across the floor. But do you go - caught on, remember, became known to the world. Instead swanky attire and pomaded hair - crumpled jacket, worn shoes, unkempt hair. Root Argentinian, from the waltz and tango could not distinguish. And yet it was he, and not someone from the dashing peers captivated the heart Chinchina, the daughter of one of the richest landowners of Cordoba. So it came to the soiree at her house - a shaggy, in tattered clothes, horror snobs-guests. And still was her best. Until then, of course. In the end, life took its prose: Chinchina wanted a quiet, secure, comfortable life - a normal life, in one word. But for a normal life of Ernesto is just not good enough. Then, in his early years, they owned a dream - to save the world. Any price. That is probably the secret. Therefore effete, sickly boy from a noble family turned out to be a revolutionary. But in the clan of his mother, the last Viceroy of Peru, his father's brother - Admiral - was the Argentine ambassador to Cuba, where they fought with the partisans of his nephew. His father, too, Ernesto, said: "In my son's veins flowed the blood of Irish rebels, the Spanish conquerors and the Argentinian patriots" ...

Going further. Revolutionist. In the common understanding - a gloomy subject of few words, strange pleasures of life. And he lived greedily, . with pleasure: avidly read, . loved painting, . he painted watercolors, . fond of playing chess (even carrying out the revolution, . continued to participate in amateur chess tournaments, . and his wife jokingly warned: "he went on a date"), . played football and rugby, . involved gliding, . chased rafts on the Amazon, . adored cycling,
. Even in the newspapers the name of Guevara appeared for the first time not in connection with the revolutionary events, and when he made a moped tour of four thousand miles, toured South America. Then a couple with a friend, Alberto Granados, Ernesto traveled decrepit motorcycle. When driven bike gave up the ghost, the young men continued their journey on foot. About the adventures in Colombia Granados recalled: "We arrived in Leticia, not only to the limit exhausted, but without a penny in my pocket. Our view unpresentable caused natural suspicion of the police, and soon we found ourselves behind bars. We are saved by the glory of Argentine soccer. Painful. May 2, 1930 (Tete - so Ernesto was called in childhood - it was only two years), he suffered a first attack of asthma. Doctors advised to change the climate - the family, sold his plantation, moved to Cordova. Disease did not let Ernesto life. Even in school the first two years he could not walk - my mother had to deal with him at home. By the way, the mother of Ernesto lucky. Celia de la Sor-on-and de la Llosa was an extraordinary woman: possessed of several languages, became one of the country's first feminists, and perhaps the first among Argentine women avtolyubitelnitsey was incredibly well-read. The house was a huge library, a boy addicted to reading. I love poetry, has kept this passion until his death - in a backpack, found in Bolivia, after the death of Che, together with the "Bolivian Diary" lay a notebook with his favorite verse.

The man who all his life he could not sit still. Since childhood. In the eleven years of Tete, along with his younger brother ran away from home. They found only a few days to eight hundred (!) Miles from Rosario. In his youth, already a medical student, Guevara was recruited at a cargo ship: the family needed the money. Then - by choice - an internship in a leper colony. One destiny brought Guevara and Granados in Peru, the ruins of an ancient Indian city of Machu Picchu, where the last emperor of the Incas by Spanish conquistadors gave the fight. Alberto said Che: "You know, old man, let's stay here. I am married to an Indian from a noble Inca family, proclaim himself emperor and become ruler of Peru, and you appoint the prime minister, and together we bring about social revolution. Che said: "You're crazy, a revolution without firing do not!

After graduating from the University and earned a doctor-surgeon, Ernesto Guevara did not bother to settle down. Could start a measured life - the medical profession is in Argentina has always been a profitable business - but he ... leaving home. And it turns out in Guatemala in the most dramatic moment for this country. As a result, the first free elections brought to power in the republic has come the government is moderately reformist wing. In June 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower organized a military intervention against the Guatemalan. That's when Guevara was adopted in mind: a revolution without firing do. Of all the recipes for getting rid of social inequality Ernesto elect Marxism, but not rationally dogmatic, and romantically idealized.

After Guatemala, Ernesto was in Mexico City, worked as a bookseller, a street photographer, a doctor. And here his life changed dramatically - he met with Castro brothers. After an unsuccessful assault on the barracks, Moncada, July 26, 1953 Castro emigrated to Mexico. Here they developed a plan to overthrow the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. In a training camp near Mexico Ernesto studied military science. Police arrested a rebel in the future. The only document found in Che, was known as ranked in the pocket of a certificate of participation ... Russian language.

Once out of prison, Che was almost too late to board the "Granma". Among the approximately one hundred rebel Ernesto was the only foreigner. After a week's sailing yacht moored off the south-eastern tip of Cuba, but at the moment of landing met ambush. Some rebels had been killed, someone captured, wounded Che. The rest took refuge in the forested mountains of the Sierra Maestra and began 25-month struggle.

All this time, parents Ernesto almost did not get news from him. And then - joy. Around midnight on Dec. 31, 1958 (the day the revolution triumphed in Cuba) in the door of their home in Buenos Aires, knock. Opening the door, his father, Ernesto could not see anyone, but on the threshold lay the envelope. News from the son! "Dear old! Feeling great. Spent two, left five. But trust, that God was Argentinian. I embrace you all, "Tete". Guevara was often repeated that he, like a cat, seven lives. The words "spent two, left five" meant that Ernesto was wounded twice. Who brought the letter, Guevara's family never knew. A week later, when Havana was already in the hands of the rebels, the plane arrived from Cuba for the family of Che.

A few days after the victory of Che visited El Salvador Allende. The future president of Chile was in Havana travel. On this meeting, Allende said: "In the big room, adapted for the bedroom, where the book could be seen everywhere, on a camp cot lay bare-chested men in olive-green trousers, with a piercing gaze and an inhaler in his hand. With a gesture he asked me to wait until cope with the strong attack of asthma. Within minutes I watched him and saw a feverish gleam in his eyes. Before me lay, beveled severe illness, one of the great champions of America. He told me, without affectation, that throughout the rebel war asthma gave him no peace. "

But the rebel war ended. These were the everyday. Che - Minister of Industry, Head of the Planning Commission, the chief banker. His sprawling signature of the two letters appear on the banknotes. He is studying higher mathematics, . wrote a work on the theory and practice of revolution, . which sets out the theory of "partisan focus": a handful of the revolutionaries, . mainly from layers of educated youth, . goes to the mountains, . began an armed struggle, . enlist peasants, . creates a rebel army and overthrow the anti-popular regime,

. The Cuban revolution was in need of international recognition, and Che is headed important diplomatic mission
. In August 1961, he participated in the Inter-American Economic Conference on the fashionable Uruguayan resort of Punta del Este. It was voiced by President John F. Kennedy proposed program "Alliance for Progress. Cuba blockade, the rulers of the Latin American countries in exchange for economic aid to sever relations with the "island of freedom". Soviet Embassy in Uruguay from Moscow ordered the mission to assist Che.

After his lecture in Montevideo at the audience attacked the police. A shot rang out, and fell to the pavement was shot Professor. Professors did not intend to kill - a bullet meant Che.

Che first of the outstanding figures of the Cuban revolution, arrived in Moscow. Preserved photos. Packed in a hat with earflaps on the podium of the Mausoleum of Che November 7. He is genuinely sympathetic to our country and, perhaps, so was concerned about the initiative of Khrushchev's "run to the Americans in their pants urchin, placing Soviet missiles in Cuba.

Minister of Industry, banker, diplomat ... And in the soul of Che has always been revolutionary - blindly believed in the effect of "partisan focus, that the Sierra Maestra can be repeated in other countries" third world ". Eight months he fought in the Congo for the sake of a successor regime Lumumba. Using Tanzania as a rear base, Che led a detachment of black Cubans. Find a common language with the Congolese he could not: they fired their machine guns with eyes closed.

Defeat of Che in the Congo cured of their illusions about the "revolutionary potential of Africa". Remained "pregnant with revolution" Latin America, its weakest link - impoverished, cut off from the outside world, Bolivia, has experienced a short history of independence about two hundred putsch.

. Che in a hurry: the U.S. is rapidly taking revenge for the victory of the Cuban Revolution
. In 1964 in Brazil twenty years reign, the military regime. But as Nixon said, "in the way in which Brazil will go, will go the whole continent". Continent clearly drifted to the right. A year later, President Lyndon B. Johnson organized an intervention against the Dominican Republic. Creating a new "guerilla chamber" Che Guevara was hoping to divert the attention of the U.S. from Cuba.

In March 1965 Che Guevara returned to Cuba after a three-month absence. And since then ... more on the public did not appear. Journalists are at loss: arrested? ill? escaped? killed? In April, Ernesto's mother received a letter. The son reported that he was going to get away from public activity and settle somewhere in the wilderness.

. Shortly after the disappearance of Che, Fidel in a narrow circle announce his letter: "I formally renounce his post in the party leadership, from his post as minister, from the rank of Commander, from my Cuban citizenship
. Officially, I was nothing more ties with Cuba, but only ties of another kind, from which it is impossible to refuse as I resign from their posts "

. Here are fragments of a letter he left "dear old people, their parents:
. "... I again feel their heels ribs Rocinante, again, dressed in armor, I'm off on their journey.
. ... Many people call me an adventurer, and so
. But I'm an adventurer of a special kind of the breed that risk their skin in order to prove its case.
Maybe I'm trying to do it last time. I do not seek such an end, but it is possible ... And if it so happens, take my last embrace.
I loved you hard, just do not know how to express your love. I too straightforward in his actions and I think that sometimes I do not understand. Moreover, it was hard to understand me, but this time - believe me. Thus, the determination that I have perfected an enthusiastic artist, makes work frail legs and tired lungs. I'll do my.
. Remember sometimes this modest condottiere XX century ...
. Embraces you, your prodigal son and incorrigible
. Ernesto "
. But the letter to children:
. Dear Ildita, Aleidita, Camilo, Celia and Ernesto, If ever you read this letter, so I will not be among you.
. You little think of me, but kids do not remember anything.
. Your father was a man who acted according to his views and, of course, lived according to his convictions.
. Grow good revolutionaries
. Learn a lot to learn the technique, which allows you to rule over nature. Remember that the most important - it is a revolution, and each of us individually does not mean anything
And most importantly, always be capable of the most profound way to feel any injustice committed anywhere in the world. This is a great feature of a revolutionary.
Goodbye, kids, I hope to still see you.
Pope sends you a great big kiss and embraces you.

Hope does not come true. He never saw them. These letters were the latest news.

And a half years after the disappearance of Che in Bolivia will be headed by the mingled detachment of forty men: about the same "team" began guerrilla warfare in Cuba. But the second Sierra Maestra place was not destined. The peasants, Indians, all white - and only to foreigners especially - were treated as outsiders. Contrary to expectations, did not help local Communist Party, has consistently performed ideological order in Moscow. But Moscow did not need another in violation of the Kremlin's Orthodox calendar (without hegemony of the proletariat) revolution.

All eleven-month stay of Che in Bolivia, his demoralized squad plagued with failures. Winding, insurgents tried in vain to get away from the Americans trained rangers. President Johnson gave the go-ahead operation "Cynthia" - the elimination of Che and his men. One day before the denouement, the New York Times published the correspondence under the title "The Last Battle Che". October 8, 1967 Che trapped in the gorge of El Yuro in south-eastern Bolivia. Exhausted, he barely moved a long time there was no cure for asthma, he was shaking, malaria, stomach pain plagued. Che was in solitude, his rifle was broken, he was wounded. Legendary guerrilla was captured.

The nearby village was locked in his hovel, called the school. The emergence of high-ranking military officers Che did not react. His last conversation - with a young teacher Julia Cortes. On the blackboard was written in chalk in Spanish: "I already know how to read". Che said, smiling: "The word" read "is written with an accent. This is a mistake! "October 9 at approximately 13.30 Sergeant Ma-rio Teran from automatic rifles M-2 shot Che. As proof that hated Che was killed, his body put on public display. Indians Che was like Christ, and they, like amulets, cut the strands of his hair. At the direction of the Bolivian military leadership and the CIA from the face of Che shot a wax mask, cut off his hands for fingerprint identification. Later wishers it crosses Cuba zaspirtovannye hands of Che and they become the subject of worship.

Only after almost three decades, the murderer Che reveal the truth about the place of his burial. October 11th Che's body, and six of his companions buried in a mass grave, razed it to the ground and poured asphalt on the runway of the airfield near the village of Valle Grande. Later, when the remains of dead guerrillas delivered to Havana, a skeleton with a tag "E-2" are identified as the remains of Che.

Solemn funeral Che held on the eve of the opening of V Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba. It was declared a week of mourning. Obelisks, plaques, posters of Che's motto: "Ever onward to victory!" Hundreds of thousands of Cubans were in silence past seven containers made of polished wood.

. Partizan buried in three hundred kilometers east of Havana, in the center of the province of Las Villas, Santa Clara, where Che won his most brilliant victory.
. And on Oct. 17, 1997 the remains of Che was taken to a mausoleum, arranged at the base of the monument erected to the twentieth anniversary of his death
. Among the numerous participants of the mourning ceremony - the widow of French President Francois Mitterrand, a famous compatriot Che striker Diego Maradona. Given the highest military honors at the burial place of Fidel Castro lit an eternal flame. It seems that putting an end to the fate of man-legend.

... Ernesto Che Guevara is dead for more than thirty years. His great contemporaries - John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev, Charles de Gaulle and Mao Zedong - took their places in the world history textbooks, and Che - still idol. Time of Che continues.

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  • EAO for Ernesto Che Guevara
  • OK, try kbedit that a man of 43, she has led himself as a 20-year-old. But he was already minister suite, Days, comfort. Meetings with heads of state. And suddenly - the post commander's "subversive" companies in the forest - one of you lived in the woods, on the march for weeks? In this in 43 years from the good life do not come back. Just do not want to share sudbbu Camilo Senfuegasa? Not want to die op Castro? As well as its world-famous stylized portrait - that, . that on t-shirts, . - Not like his photos - polneyuschego Creole - so not like the truth is not fancy, the legend of the perpetual fighter.,
  • EAO for Ernesto Che Guevara
  • OK, try kbedit that a man of 43, she has led himself as a 20-year-old. But he was already minister suite, Days, comfort. Meetings with heads of state. And suddenly - the post commander's "subversive" companies in the forest - one of you lived in the woods, on the march for weeks? In this in 43 years from the good life do not come back. Just do not want to share sudbbu Camilo Senfuegasa? Not want to die op Castro? As well as its world-famous stylized portrait - that, . that on t-shirts, . - Not like his photos - polneyuschego Creole - so not like the truth is not fancy, the legend of the perpetual fighter.,
  • Bell for Ernesto Che Guevara
  • Dear JAR, I dare you to see that firstly Che Guevara was never a creole, he participated in the campaigns, not in order to save his ass from Castro, but for the simple reason that really wanted to make a revolution.. Such people as you can write a morazm and envy great persons, who themselves would never. Will live their lives masturbator with a computer and lopaya American chips, and not understanding what they live. Ados!
  • BendeR for Ernesto Che Guevara
  • Che Guevara is a hero of the great chelovek.on helped people and made mnogogo.on known to the whole world and not for you, some kind of idiot who does not know the judge of that good cheloveka.tak which leave their opinion sebe.adios ... .
  • Anonymous for Ernesto Che Guevara
  • JAR, you just moron ... First, Che died when he was 39 years old. So it's not clear about what this 43-year-olds referred to in your comment. Secondly, Che was amazingly brave man and he certainly could not have feared his fellow Cuban guerrilla - Fidel Castro. About polneyuschego Creole - all nonsense ... not even worth responding - completely agree with his comrades Bello and BendeRom
  • TYGEL for Ernesto Che Guevara
  • Che is a Don Quixote of the 20 th century!, He is in his last letter mentions the AMU that ONCE AGAIN FEELS BOCA Rosinante. He can not help it! His life is JUST THE MISSION! He will do it honestly!
  • Vlad for Ernesto Che Guevara
  • Bellamy BendeR; No name; quite agree with you! Hasta la victoria siempre!
  • NOname for Ernesto Che Guevara
  • People, every opinion on this. Personally, I think Ernesto man fighting for the freedom of the individual. Each of us has the right to do, and I do not think anyone should judge things. Theoretically, Ernesto dropped all the wealth and went to fight head-on is awarded FAME.
  • Bart for Ernesto Che Guevara
  • Patrio o muerto Here for chevo to live!
  • XAKER1000 for Ernesto Che Guevara
  • Th is my idol fighter spravidlivost a fucking Americans from its dictatorship пЇп°п?п?п°п?п? all nach America
  • Serge for Ernesto Che Guevara
  • daaaa, EAO ty realno tormoz
  • Anonymous for Ernesto Che Guevara
  • EAO for the comment thanks! Your statement of 'good' in that it combines intelligent people in unison against your opinion, and from ignorance, thoughtlessness of some individuals! A Che-great man! Glory and eternal memory!
  • Che for Ernesto Che Guevara
  • he will always be in the hearts of many as an idol! And jealous freaks like monster who has made no difference but in fact real hero Che!
  • Onnellinen for Ernesto Che Guevara
  • Che Guevara is a hero! And the majority knows it ... And those who say it nasty, or they have no idea who he is, either out of envy ... And anyway ..... Che is alive .... up until about him remember ... I'm sure he will not be soon forgotten .....
  • Elena for Ernesto Che Guevara
  • I think, . that Che Guevara was the last romanitkom on our sinful earth (romantic in the purest sense of the word), . and after his assassination is the time of cynicism and cold calculation, . when everything is exposed for sale, . even the most sacred - freedom,
    . Such men were not enough already, and now, almost certainly does not. Gone through so much betrayal, not to fall with the spirit and fight to the last - this is not everyone is capable of, so I advise silence those who are in a hurry to condemn this great man. It is easy to breed demagogy, boys, sitting at a computer ... Well, you understand me in general ... Ciao!
  • guevara for Ernesto Che Guevara
  • Ernesto Che Guevara was and will present botsom for freedom. he is the embodiment of justice! in general he is a real man and my geroy1
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