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Novikov, Alexander

( Marshall, commander of the Air)

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Biography Novikov, Alexander
(6.11.1900 - 3.12.1976)
Under the leadership of Marshal Alexander Novikov our aircraft during the war has become a powerful force and defeated the Luftwaffe. But now the name of the commander of the Air Force almost forgotten. Military prowess is not saved him from the barbed wire.
. Exclusive interview with the daughter of Marshal Novikova - Svetlana took Larissa Goryachev, head of the department record, the National Archives.
. - Svetlana, tell me in what year was arrested your ottsaN
. - In April 1946
. In the MGB was written accusation that we have bad technique, bad aircraft, but the Americans - remarkable. Denunciation this written Vasily Stalin. He was subordinate to the father. Arrest Novikov prepared in advance - in December 1945 was arrested by Deputy Marshal Khudyakov father. And he has already received the necessary testimony.
Soon my father went to table a draft decree on conferring the rank of General Vasily Stalin. He was 24 years old. At 21 he was a colonel. This project is not the father signed.
And here we find the peace in 1946. For the first time after the war with the whole family gathered around the table. Together. And suddenly - call on government phone. Telephoned Stalin. For a person of a father figure to be seen, as he strained. Stalin asked: "How do you look at it, . to assign the title to Vasily generalaN "My father was very politely give him arguments against: that young, . that there is no good education (he graduated from flight-only special school), . him it would be nice to do, . say, . Academy of Zhukovsky,
. Stalin listened in silence, threw a short phrase: "Imagine one list" - and hung up. Father, not talking to us, immediately dialed the number Zhukov and told him the conversation with Stalin. Zhukov said: "And what you can sdelatN That's an order!"
Soon the decree was published in newspapers. My father realized that the clouds are looming over him
- However, your father in February 1946 he was elected to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.
- And in March, was removed from his post as commander of the Air Force. No explanation. Then it created a commission, and she dutifully identified deficiencies in the Air Force. It was headed N.A. Bulganin.
The only one who tried to protect his father - the future Marshal SI. Rudenko, then he commanded the Air Force. The fact that the father attributed the time grass-roots initiatives. Based on his order prohibiting unauthorized changes in the design of aircraft. That was then, at the commission, Rudenko broke down and said: "Excuse me, because the plane did not cart. If everyone would change its structure, then the people will perish. "
Then called Bulganin Rudenko. As Sergey Ignatievich, was present during the conversation, and Zhukov. Bulganin and only said: "This is not a forum for speeches!" The Board signed all charges. Father had only to wait for his arrest.

- And, of course, wait ...

- It happened on the night of 22 to 23 April. Previously there was a call - his father asked to go down to the car, which will take him to the Kremlin. But you know - as soon as he left, he wrung his hands, pushed into a car, where the "meat" torn epaulets, the star of Hero of the Soviet Union. I was taken to the Lubyanka.
... In the course of interrogation, he realized that the investigator need material not so much on him, but on Zhukov. So it. When my father was brought torture to the deranged state, he was brought into the office Abakumov. "Statement", which gave the sign to his father, it was typewritten, with the omission of names, so that the typist did not know. This was the usual practice.
Father of "Aviation business" not to award Article 58, and 193-17, paragraph "a". For negligence and abuse of power, he received 5 years. But Abakumov, following the successful conclusion of the case Novikov was appointed Minister of State Security.
. When the time came, and Bulganin came to Stalin (himself subsequently Bulganin told the story to his father) and asked: "How to be a NovikovymN release or netN" He replied: "Let him sit still
. To issue always have time ". After 10 months the father was released - in February 1952,. Soon came the other prisoners in this case.
- Where then worked your otetsN
- He was attached to the Civil Air Fleet: first at a suburban airfield, then - in the Office of the Civil Air Fleet. There he had to pick some papers. A man he was energetic, determined, like big business.
After Stalin's death, his father, on the advice of Bulganin, wrote a statement addressed to L.P. Beria - for restitution and return to the army. In an effort to cover up the traces, Beria immediately rehabilitate father. Already in June 1953 returned to the title, was restored to the party and was appointed commander of long-range aircraft.

- And how he felt after leaving tyurmyN

- Health, of course, undermined. Not only prison. From 1937 to 1946 he was on vacation. Clearly, myocardial. After leaving the hospital he went to the reserve, retired.
Time passed re GVF, a new technique, needed new staff. In Leningrad created Higher Aviation School GVF - now the Academy of Civil Aviation. Her father was chief until 1966, has not yet collapsed from a stroke. At the academy and then created a museum devoted to Alexander Novikov.
- Svetlana, in what ways were your father and ZhukovN
- They met in 1941 in Leningrad. First communications were only business, then and friendly. I remember after the war, Zhukov, invited my father with his family at his daughter's birthday. Zhukov, of course, was not similar to an open, cheerful Novikova. Even at the family holiday Zhukov behaved as if he commanded the army.
After the prison's father immediately went to Zhukov and told him everything: a tortured, palmed off as a "statement", typed, as given to sign on one sheet. They parted as if in an amicable. But Zhukov, not stand up for his father in 1946, could not forgive.
- And how to treat each other and Novikov StalinN
- Cautiously. When Stalin first called his father from Leningrad to Moscow in February 1942, my father, crossed the threshold of the Cabinet, he heard select mat. Assembled commanders leader wings, like a cobbler. It seemed to my father wild. Take another. On the eve of 1945 in the Kremlin with a reception on the occasion of the signing of the Franco-Soviet treaty. The delegation was headed by General de Gaulle. Of course, remembered squadron Normandie-Niemen. Stalin proposed a toast to the Novikov: "A good marshal, works well. But if he do something wrong, we hang him. "
Time, I hope everyone and everything in its place, and each will take in the history of a place that deserves it.

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Novikov, Alexander, photo, biography
Novikov, Alexander, photo, biography Novikov, Alexander  Marshall, commander of the Air, photo, biography
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