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Abraham Byuford (Abraham Buford)

( Brigadier General, the trooper)

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Biography Abraham Byuford (Abraham Buford)
photo Abraham Byuford (Abraham Buford)
(January 18, 1820 - June 9, 1884)
. Davis honor the achievements of this giant-cavalryman, and in September 1862 produced Byuforda to brigadier general, passing it by the beginning of the 3rd Cavalry Brigade in the division Loring.
. Abraham Byuford was born January 18, 1820 in the family secured landowners living in Woodford, Kentucky
. In 1841 he successfully graduated from the Military Academy at West Point and as a lieutenant took part in the US-Mexican War, after which, until his resignation in 1854, he served on the frontier. A man of huge size and uncommon physical strength, Byuford was a born soldier, and loved the discipline of all, so could not resist and separate from your command and in his civilian life.
. On the eve of the war he was a prosperous grazier, so the beginning of hostilities provoked in Byuforde painful reflections, whose side to take the same
. Two of his cousins were fighting on the side of the Union, Confederate sympathizer native state of Kentucky was occupied by federal troops, so the transition into the camp of southerners would mean a minimum loss of status. Unless, . during one of the famous raids of John Morgan in Kentucky in 1862, . Byuford made his final choice and joined the Confederate rangers in Georgetown on the South Byufordu was given the rank of colonel with permission to set his own cavalry unit,
. With five thousand fresh recruits Byuford joined General Bragg and covered the retreat of his army from the battlefield in Perriville. After the arrival of troops Bragg in Knoxville troopers Byuforda was given the command to dismount and send all the horses at the disposal of artillery. Byuford protested loudly, and when his protest was not heeded, he took command and went with a complaint against Bragg and Kirby Smith, the president himself to Davis in Richmond. Davis honor the achievements of this giant-cavalryman, and in September 1862 produced Byuforda to brigadier general, passing it by the beginning of the 3rd Cavalry Brigade in the division Loring. In the brigade consisted of three Kentucky Cavalry Regiment (Krosslenda, Thompson and Sheketta) and one Alabama Cavalry Regiment. 3rd Cavalry Brigade took part in Viksbergskoy campaign, fighting in the division Champion in Loring Hill and was defeated by troops of the Grant. Next brigade Byuforda joined Joe Johnston in Mississippi, and fought against Sherman, advancing to Viksbergu.
. In the spring of 1864 cavalrymen Byuforda made available to Forrest at Tupelo and in May fought with him in Tennessee and southern Kentucky
. During this operation Byuford captured enough horses and weapons, to adequately equip all of its battered and naked men. Forrest of Jackson moved to the federal Fort Pillow, ordering Byufordu with five hundred people block Columbus and Paducah. He coped with the task, not allowing for the Fort Pillow a few columns of northerners, hurrying to the rescue of the doomed garrison of Fort Pillow. In the battles at Paduka Byuford captivated the entire federal artillery, without incurring with its own losses. Then he joined the victorious Forrest at Tupelo, in order to inflict a crushing defeat to the federal General Sterdzhisu a four-hour battle. Before the battle Forrest asked the Byuforda opinion that the situation. Byuford replied: "Quite simply. We must fight, and, hell, fight very quickly ". Two months later Byuford challenged the northern cavalry under General Smith, forcing the Feds to retreat to Memphis after a bloody battle in which southerners have lost more than four hundred killed and wounded;. After failing to Southerners clashes with the troops of General Wilson Byuford rolled into Georgia, and during the retreat of Hood's Army of Nashville, he bravely fought in aregarde.
. After the capitulation of the army brigade Lee Byuforda folded arms in Gainesville, Tennessee, and the Abraham Byuford returned home and again took up horse breeding
. Incidentally, after the war appeared Byuforda habit of calling his best horses, the names of comrades. Suddenly, the only son died Byufoda. Neither Abraham himself, nor his wife never recovered from this loss. His wife soon died, and Byuford, lost with the death of loved ones meaning of life and never reconciled to the end with the defeat in the war, committed suicide on June 9, 1884.

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Abraham Byuford (Abraham Buford), photo, biography
Abraham Byuford (Abraham Buford), photo, biography Abraham Byuford (Abraham Buford)  Brigadier General, the trooper, photo, biography
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