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Imboden, John Daniel

( Trooper)

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Biography Imboden, John Daniel
photo Imboden, John Daniel
(January 16, 1823 - August 15, 1895)
As to the marrow civil rights during the Civil War, John D. Imboden proved himself a brilliant artilleryman and effective cavalry commander, who himself paid tribute to General Robert E. Lee.
John Daniel Imboden was born in the city of Staunton Virginia January 16, 1823. His childhood was typical for a boy from a good Southern family. In 16 years, John Imboden was adopted in Washington College in Lexington (now - University of Washington-Lee), where he studied law. After college, Imboden purchased practice in Staunton and was twice elected to the legislature of Virginia.
. When the Civil War began, he volunteered to join the emerging in the Staunton artillery unit and was promoted to captain
. In this rank, he commanded an artillery battery in the capture of the federal arsenal in Harpers Ferry, and participated in the 1 st Battle of Manassas, . which was noted for his exemplary behavior in boyu.Pokinuv artillery, . Imboden collected horse-guerrilla battalion rangers, . whom fought with the Stone Wall Jackson during the campaign in the Shenandoah Valley, . distinguished themselves in the battles of Cross Kiisa and Port Ripablik,
. January 28, 1863 John Imboden was promoted to brigadier general and, together with William, a querulous "Jones led the famous raid on the north-west Virginia, . in the course of which was captured by several thousand head of cattle and horses, and cut off vital transport artery of the northerners.,
. During the Gettysburg campaign Imboden cavalry did not participate in the big parade in Brandy Station and the subsequent battle, but moved north in the Army of Northern Virginia
. In the Battle of Gettysburg people Imboden hast taken no active participation, as were guarding the rear of Confederate Chembersberge. Imboden's finest hour came when the army began to retreat Lee. He brilliantly fulfilled its mission - provided the security convoy of the wounded, ammunition and food, not repulsed one attack federal cavalry. July 6 spread over the Potomac, and parts of Imboden, at that time consisted not only of his cavalry brigade, and several batteries of artillery and a large number of wagons, were unable to force the river. Unless, . being in a difficult situation, . devoid maneuver Imboden able to defeat the pursuing his federal cavalrymen Byuforda and Kilpatrick at Uilyamsporte, . defended, . thus, . Confederate wagons and wounded Confederate,
. This victory of the Southern arms all the more surprising that in this battle Imbodenu had the first time in my life to command troops on foot.
. After Gettysburg, Imboden cavalry continued service in the Shenandoah Valley as a close aide "grunt" Jones and the second after his seniority
. When Jones died in the Battle of Piedmont in June 1864, then joined Imboden at the disposal of Lieutenant-General juban Earley and under his command took part in the battles in the valley. Autumn 1864. he fell ill with typhus, from which he never recovered until the end of the war, met surrender as chief of the military prison in South Carolina. As to the marrow civil rights during the Civil War, John D. Imboden proved himself a brilliant artilleryman and effective cavalry commander, who himself paid tribute to General Robert E. Lee. After the capitulation of Imboden returned to Washington County, Virginia, and began development of local coal deposits. He founded the city of miners Damascus - and died there Aug. 15, 1895. The body of John D. Imboden, the savior of the convoy and wounded Confederate rests on the Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond.

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Imboden, John Daniel, photo, biography
Imboden, John Daniel, photo, biography Imboden, John Daniel  Trooper, photo, biography
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