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Lee Fitzhugh

( Trooper)

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Biography Lee Fitzhugh
photo Lee Fitzhugh
(November 19, 1835 - April 28, 1905)
. In the battle of Winchester under Lee were killed three horses, and he was seriously wounded.
. Fitzhugh Lee was born November 19, 1835 in Clermont, Ferfeks County, Va., the son of Sydney Smith Lee, brother of Robert Edward Lee and the son of General Henry Lee
. Sydney Smith Lee for 40 years, had a distinguished naval career, while achieving impressive success in the political poprische.V 1856, he graduated from the Military Academy at West Point on the 45-m performance of the 49 cadets in the class. At the time he was the uncle of Robert E. Lee Superintendent Academy, Fitzhugh once nearly was expelled from West Point for "unbecoming conduct". Up to 1 January 1858 Fitzhugh Lee served as an instructor at the Cavalry School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and then was assigned to the frontier in Texas in the 2 nd Cavalry Regiment U.S. Army. May 13, 1859 in a collision with the Comanches, he was almost killed when the Indians lumbago it easy poison arrow. In 1860 Li was transferred to West Point as instructor of cavalry training, but after the secession of Virginia left the army of the Yankees, returned to his home state and joined the Army in the South.

. Within one year, Fitzhugh Lee quickly moved from the first lieutenant of the cavalry corps CSA in April 1861,
. to colonel, 1 st Virginia Cavalry Regiment in March 1862. He has held various staff positions under General Beauregard and during the first battle of Manassas was acting adjutant of the brigade Ewell. In the spring of 1862 his regiment covered the retreat of the Confederates and Yorktown participated in the famous raid around the Army Stuart McClellan on Peninsula. Lee distinguished himself during the raid on the camp of their former colleagues on the 2-th Cavalry Regiment of the Union Army, as well as in aregardnom cover-up under construction Southerners bridge Chikahomini. Lee was the last Confederate past the new bridge - on the heels of the Yankee pursuers followed. Stewart contributed to rapid production of Li to brigadier general, and the organization of the cavalry division July 28, 1862 Lee received a 2-Brigade, which included a 1-st, 3 rd, 4 th, 5 th and 9 th Cavalry Virgin regiments and battery Bretheda. This team has actively participated in the August cavalry operations during the offensive in the north Jason, . the seizure Manassaskogo train depot and in the promotion of Stuart in Maryland, . and covered the retreat of southerners through Bunsboro after the Battle of South Mountain,
. In November 1862 the brigade was reorganized and Lee in the December victorious battle of Fredericksburg struggling on the left flank of the Confederates, and later participated in a daring raid on Dumfries and Fairfax Station. In February 1863 the brigade was transferred to Lee Culpeper to protect the upper reaches of the river Rappahennok, . which led to the battle with the Fed in the W. Averell Kelliz Ford, . which Stewart described as "one of the most brilliant tactical achievements of this war",
. At the Battle of Fitzhugh Lee Chansellorsville cavalry covered the maneuver of infantry Jackson on the right flank of northerners. With the start of the Pennsylvania campaign, the 63rd, during a June raid Stewart, Lee had captured part of Custer's brigade in Henovere and managed by 3 rd July to come to Gettysburg and take part in the final cavalry cutting.
. August 3, 1863 he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant general and took command of one of the two cavalry divisions Southerners, led by beating in the 2 nd Battle of Brandy Station and defeated the "Wolverine" Custer at Buckland Mills
. After a hard confrontation Grant in Uayldernesse Division Fitzhugh Lee led the Confederate attack on Spotsilveynia, and then questioned the honor vaunted Sheridan at Howes Shop, Cold Harbor and Trevilien Station. Lee supported the movement Early in the Shenandoah Valley in August 1864, September 19, 1864 in the fighting at Winchester under Lee were killed three horses, and he was seriously wounded. After injury Fitzhugh Lee is back in operation only in January 1865 and immediately assumed command of the cavalry units of the South to the north of the James River. He was appointed commander of cavalry, Army of Northern Virginia instead of the wounded Hampton, but out of respect for the old swordsman did not proceed with the execution of their duties in this new capacity until the end of the siege Pitersberga. Consequences of injuries prevented Lee to take a real part in the battle of Five Forks, but he was an active protagonist of the final action of the Civil War - Appomattokskoy campaign. On the day of capitulation he was part of his cavalry broke through the federal position, but still was forced to surrender their weapons two days later, on April 11 at Virginia Tech campus Farmvill.
. After the war, Fitzhugh Lee took up agriculture, and in 1885 he was elected for a four-term governor of Virginia from the Democratic Party
. In 1896-1898 he. He served as U.S. Consul General in Havana, and showed a lot of restraint and tact in the period preceding the American-Spanish war. In 1898, Fitzhugh Lee, volunteers for service in the U.S. Army and the rank of Major-General of Volunteers in command of the 7 th Corps in Cuba. With the end of hostilities Fitzhugh Lee moved to Missouri for the post of commander of the military district (department). In 1901, Fitzhugh Lee was dismissed from the U.S. Army with the rank of brigadier general, and he turned away from activism, died peacefully in old age, Apr. 28, 1905 in Washington, DC. Fitzhugh Lee left to posterity many brilliantly written memoirs and historical works, the best of which is devoted to his legendary uncle, Robert E. Lee ( "General Lee", 1894).

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Lee Fitzhugh, photo, biography
Lee Fitzhugh, photo, biography Lee Fitzhugh  Trooper, photo, biography
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