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Lindsay Lomax Lunsford (Lunsford Lindsay Lomax)

( Trooper)

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Biography Lindsay Lomax Lunsford (Lunsford Lindsay Lomax)
photo Lindsay Lomax Lunsford (Lunsford Lindsay Lomax)
(November 4, 1835 - May 28, 1913)
. At the Battle of Woodstock Lomax captured the Yankees, but he escaped from captivity, only three hours later, though, the price of a fractured skull guard.
. Lunsford Lindsay Lomax, a future Major General Army of Northern Virginia, was born on November 4, 1835 in Newport, Rhode Island, in the family of artillery, Major Mann Page's Lomax, Virginians by birth
. His mother, Elizabeth Lindsay, was a descendant of the legendary one-armed captain Lindsay, the company commander of the Light Brigade Henry Lee during the War of Independence. Young Lomax studied in schools of Richmond and Norfolk, and the 1 st July 1852 became a cadet at West Point. From the walls of the Military Academy, he came out exactly four years later with the rank of brevet lieutenant and his appointment in the 2 nd regiment kavaleriyky. Lomax served on the frontier in Kansas and Nebraska, and March 21, 1861 for the first time put on the shoulder straps of the first lieutenant.

. In early April of that year, after separation from Virginia, USA, Lpnsford Lomax resigned from the federal army and offered his services to the Confederacy
. On April 28 followed by production in the captaincy of the armed forces of Virginia, a little later - transfer to the headquarters of General Joseph E. Johnston to the post of assistant adjutant. Many of movement in the service led Lomax for Mississippi, where he became the Inspector General at the headquarters of the brave Texan McCulloch, commander of the division in the Army Van Doorn. After the death of McCulloch Lomax was promoted to lieutenant colonel and the appointment of the Inspector General at the headquarters of Major-General Van Dorn. At this point, he served from July to October 1862, in the middle of autumn standing on one more step up the ladder - he was appointed Inspector General of the entire Army of East Tennessee. When she was in the West Lomax participated in almost all major military clashes with the Fed - at Pi Ridge in Arkansas, . in Farmington and Corinth in Mississippi, . in the first defense Viksberga, . in Baton Rouge in Louisiana, . at Spring Hill and Thompson Station in Tennessee.,
. 8 th February 1863 translated to the East Lomax was given the rank of colonel and given the opportunity to return to favorite cavalry
. He took command of the 11-m Virgin cavalry regiment in the division "grunt" Jones and together they participated in raids on West Virginia and Pennsylvania campaign (the Battle of Brandy Station, . Winchester, . Rektorz Cross Roads, . Apperville, . Gettysburg and Buckland),
. July 28, 1863 Lomax accepts promotion to the rank of brigadier general in command and starts a new cavalry brigade, formed from the 5 th, 6 th and 15 th Virgin cavalry regiments and 1 st Maryland Cavalry Regiment. Largely thanks to Lomax, the team became the elite, while the main strike force division Fitzhugh Lee, . showing itself in all its glory at Culpeper Court House, . Mortonz Ford, . Second Battle of Brandy Station, . at Toji Tavern, . during the campaign in Uayldernesse, . at Cold Harbor, . Yellow Tavern, . Rimz Station and Trevilien Station,
. Thanks to the outstanding bravery, coolness and tactical skill in August 1864 Lomax became a Major General and took command of the division, which consisted of the cavalry brigade of Johnson, Jackson, Davidson, Imboden and McCausland. Division Lomax wonderfully made in the course of the Valley campaign of the Army, General Earley, particularly distinguished themselves in the battles of Winchester and Tomz Brook.

October 9, at the Battle of Woodstock Lomax captured the Yankees, but he escaped from captivity, only three hours later, though, the price of a fractured skull guard. October 31 Lomax led the cavalry wing of the army Earley, and 29 th March 1865 was appointed commander of the valley districts of the departments of Northern Virginia. After the fall of Richmond he was able to regroup their forces in Lynchburg, and after the surrender of Lee combines them with the remnants of divisions Fitzhugh Lee and Rosser. Lomax joined the Confederate Army in North Carolina, but the resistance was hopeless. His division surrendered with Johnston in the Army in Greensboro.

After the war, Lomax moved to Caroline County, Virginia, and quietly worked on a farm until 1889, when he was elected president of the college in Bleksberge. Five years later, he resigned and devoted himself entirely the work of collecting statistical data about the Civil War. Lunsford Lindsay Lomax died on May 28, 1913 in Washington, DC.

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Lindsay Lomax Lunsford (Lunsford Lindsay Lomax), photo, biography
Lindsay Lomax Lunsford (Lunsford Lindsay Lomax), photo, biography Lindsay Lomax Lunsford (Lunsford Lindsay Lomax)  Trooper, photo, biography
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