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Mosby, John Singleton (John Singleton Mosby)

( Trooper)

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Biography Mosby, John Singleton (John Singleton Mosby)
photo Mosby, John Singleton (John Singleton Mosby)
(December 6, 1833 - May 30, 1916)
. John Singleton Mosby, the man who became a nightmare army of the Union and the legendary hero of the Confederacy.
. John Singleton Mosby, the man who became a nightmare army of the Union and the legendary hero of the Confederacy, was born in Edzhmonte, Va., 6 th December 1833
. In 1849 he enrolled at the University of Virginia, where he was expelled for having fallen out of his wounded comrade. There followed a fine of $ 1000 and sentenced to six months in prison for "illegal shooting, later repealed by the General Assembly of Virginia. After his release, a former law student has successfully passed the exam to the Bar and opened his own office in Bristol.

. Despite the fact that Mosby was an opponent of secession, he immediately joined the Confederate Army immediately after separation from Virginia, USA
. Virginia - this is my mother, may God keep her God. After all, I can not fight against his own materiN "He was an ordinary 1 st Virginia Cavalry Regiment under the command of" grunt "Jones, and with it participated in the 1 st Battle of Manassas. In his 27 years he was undisciplined and wayward soldier, but, nevertheless, quickly was promoted to lieutenant and adjutant post 1 st Virginia. During the Peninsula Campaign Mosby volunteered to be a spy, Brigadier General Jeb Stuart, and in that capacity distinguished himself during the traversing Stewart McClellan Army in June 1862. Then Stuart Mosby described the service as "a shining example of courage and efficiency". July 19, 1862, in the final seven days of battle, sleeping Mosby was captured by the feds. He was held for ten days in Washington, and then put on a ship for delivery to the exchange. In the port Mosby noticed a large number of Allied transports with the troops, Major-General Burnside, heading to the aid of the army, Major-General Pope in the Manassas. After an exchange Mosby reported the General Lee, which eventually led to the successful attack on the Confederate position of Pope in August 1862
. But the real fame Mosby only when he began to practice the tactics of Francis Marion, the famous Swamp Fox "war of independence
. Mosby believed that the actions of small and mobile cavalry groups are more effective in destroying enemy communications, than the offensive operations of large formations. Therefore, by December 1862, he got from Stewart's permission to create a separate army unit in accordance with the provisions of the Act of Confederation of partisan rangers. At the beginning of next year, Mosby scored in Union occupied areas of northern Virginia partisan detachment rangers, who is completely on your own security, and began air raids on federal outposts and communications. Most of his men were volunteers, did not want for whatever reason, to serve in the regular army. As a rule, they lived at home with their families, and not in camps, and came together only when they convene Mosby. Tactics Mosby - fast night raids of small groups of allied trains, wagons, pickets, posts and camps - has meant that the Rangers have become a serious threat to the federal troops stationed in northern Virginia. By his own calculations, operations Mosby diverted from the front no less than thirty thousand soldiers of the Northern. And in March 1863, he straight up in bed captured Brigadier General Edwin Staftona.

In June 1863 a detachment Mosby was reformed in the 43rd battalion of partisan rangers, and successfully continued lightning raids against the enemy. Catlett Station, Oldie and the raid on Grinbek - these are just some of the glorious milestones Mosby. 43rd battalion, numbering to 1864, 240 people, appeared out of nowhere, attacking the weak and sick points of the Union. The key to success was that the battalion rarely acted as a single fighting unit. Typically, . he divided into two or more unit, . operating in different places, . so in one night attacked the Rangers could and Sheridan in the Valley of carts, . and pickets, . guarding railroad Baltimore-Ohio, . and avanrosty in Fairfax County, . and rear of the army, . maneuvering against General Lee,
. For the six months of 1864 Mosby people killed, wounded or captured 1 200 federal troops and captured more than 1 600 horses and mules, 230 head of cattle and 85 wagons loaded with. Federal army tried in vain to put an end to raids Mosby. "Mosby - it is an old rat, which has harvested a lot of holes" - wrote to Colonel Charles Russell of the 2-th Massachusetts Cavalry. He was seconded polkovnikGenri C. Gansevoort of the 13th New York Cavalry: "The whole country is just swarming with guerrillas, and to fight them - a thankless task. Anyway Mosby will haunt us ". Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant was so angry about the successes of the Rangers, that he ordered hanged if caught, Mosby and his men without trial. Major General Philip Sheridan has created a special team of hundreds of thugs, armed with the latest Spencer carbines, with one goal - to catch and destroy Mosby. But on Nov. 18, 1864 Mosby Rangers defeated the detachment, leaving alive only a couple of commandos. Fed Pledges outlaws and captured Rangers really were hanged without trial. At this Mosby responded that hung the same number of captives of George Custer's cavalry, and only if the execution of the federal parties have ceased. Grant moved to the use of other anti-partisan measures, for example, ordered the destruction of all animal feed and food supplies in the county Laudaun and arrest all men younger than 50 years. But this failed to stop Mosby, through which all West Virginia became known as "Confederation Mosby". In December 1864 he was promoted to the rank of colonel and his party rose to eight people, but the war is drawing to an unhappy end for the Confederacy. Within 12 days after the surrender of Lee's army Appomattokse, 21 th April 1865 Mosby last gathered his people in Salem, said goodbye to them and dismissed them to their homes.
After the war, John. Mosby returned to the practice of law in Uorrentone, Virginia, and seriously engaged in political activities. He was unpleasantly surprised many in the South, supporting Grant's candidacy in presidential elections, and in 1876 joined the Republican Party and helped to occupy the presidential chair Hayes. From 1878 to 1885. Mosby served as U.S. Consul General in Hong Kong, and since 1904. to 1910. was an adviser to the Department of Justice. He died in old age, May 30, 1916 in Washington, DC.

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Mosby, John Singleton (John Singleton Mosby), photo, biography
Mosby, John Singleton (John Singleton Mosby), photo, biography Mosby, John Singleton (John Singleton Mosby)  Trooper, photo, biography
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