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William Henry Fitzhugh (William Henry Fitzhugh)

( Trooper)

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Biography William Henry Fitzhugh (William Henry Fitzhugh)
William Henry Fitzhugh "Rooney" Lee, the second son of General Robert E. Lee, born in Arlington, Va., May 31, 1837 and was educated at Harvard College, who successfully graduated in 1857. In the same year he was promoted to second lieutenant's 6 th Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army, and in that position took part in the campaign against the Mormons in Utah, under the command of the future hero of the Confederation of Albert Sidney Johnston.

. In 1859, William Henry Fitzhugh Lee resigned from the army and took up farming on his farm the White House
. Even before the Civil War Confederate sympathizer warmly Lee in January 1861,. formed a cavalry company and took an active part in organizing a military compound, which later went down in history as the legendary Army of Northern Virginia. In May, William Henry Fitzhugh Lee were awarded the rank of captain, first, and almost immediately - Major of the regular army of the Confederation and the position of commander of the cavalry from General Loring. Lee has fared well in the very first campaign - the positional battles in western Virginia.

. Winter 1861-62 Lee moved in Frederiksberg, Va., with the rank of lieutenant colonel 9 th Virginia Cavalry Regiment, in March, he was a colonel
. His regiment became part of Stewart's cavalry brigade and participated in its operations during the Confederate retreat from Yorktown to Richmond. Lee was with Stuart in the famous raid around McClellan and his army regiment of cavalry inflicted a heavy defeat the Yankees on June 13 at Howes Shop. In July, the Confederates started to build Cavalry Division, . and a regiment of William Henry Fitzhugh Lee joined the team of his cousin Fitzhugh Lee, and within it participated in the 2 nd Battle of Manassas (Bull Run), . in offensive operations in the Washington area and in the invasion of Maryland,
. In the battle of aregardnom Terners Pass regiment Lee fought off attacks prevailing federal forces, when the horse was killed under him. Lee himself was seriously wounded and some time in besoznatelnom able to lay by the roadside in front of the Yankees, miraculously without hitting them in captivity. Then Rooney managed to get through to her in Sharpsburg through enemy lines - and there he was greeted with open arms as an insurgent from the grave.
. Later, Rooney Lee famously commanded his brigade during a cavalry raid on Chembersberg and was in the forefront during the next maneuver around the army Stuart McClellan
. He rightly considered one of the most fearless and cold-blooded officers of the Confederation, which he demonstrated, demanding surrender of Wight ferry across the Potomac from the superior forces of the federal. The Yankees were frightened and gave the crossing without a fight. More control over this crossing safe return of Stewart's cavalry in Virginia.

. Since the beginning of the reorganization of the army of the South in November, Lee was promoted to brigadier general and prinal command of a cavalry brigade, which consisted of 5-th, 9 th, 10 th and 15 th Virgin cavalry regiments, as well as the 2 nd Cavalry Severokarolinsky
. Brigade Lee actively used during tactical operations prior to the Battle of Fredericksburg and Chansellorsville. He was able to compete with the forces of the northern Pleasanton's cavalry during the Gettysburg campaign - at Fleetwood Hill, and Brandy Station, surprising the enemy's desperate attacks. At Brandy Station, William Henry Fitzhugh "Rooney" Lee was wounded in the leg. In a subsequent official report said Stewart "highly satisfactory" method of command of a brigade, and expressed hope that the injured Lee "only a short time, tear it from the brilliant performance of their duties". It so happened that, being wounded and in a helpless state, Rooney Lee was captured by federal forces captured and imprisoned first at Fort Monroe, and then to Fort Lafayette until March 1864. After an exchange of prisoners and returned to operation, Lee was promoted to Major-General, and again took command of the Cavalry Brigade. In 1864, he participated in the cavalry operations on the Rapidan rivers and James, . obstructed Grant at Malvern Hill, . Wilson intercepted a raid on Ueldonskuyu railroad, . commanded the cavalry at Globe Tavern, . the battle of Five Forks was holding the right flank of the Confederate,
. During the retreat of the Army of Northern Virginia at Appomattoks Rooney Lee, together with Gordon reflects attacks on northerners aregard southerners.
. After the defeat of the South, Major General William Henry Fitzhugh "Rooney" Lee returned to his plantation, . some time was president of the Agricultural Society of Virginia, . for one term and was elected to the Senate for three terms - in the U.S. Congress as a deputy from the 8 th District of Virginia,
. He died in Alexandria on Oct. 15, 1891.

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William Henry Fitzhugh (William Henry Fitzhugh), photo, biography
William Henry Fitzhugh (William Henry Fitzhugh), photo, biography William Henry Fitzhugh (William Henry Fitzhugh)  Trooper, photo, biography
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