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Wharton, John Austin

( Trooper)

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Biography Wharton, John Austin
(July 3, 1828 - April 6, 1865)
. Brave, . courageous, . gay, . like a gallant knight of bygone centuries, . open and cheerful, . a hat with black plumes and gold star, . He remained in the memory of the Southern cavalry best of all time, . galloping into the attack under the Virgin ringtone, . played on the banjo.,
. John Austin Wharton, son of Sarah Ann (Groce) and William Harris Wharton was born on 3rd July 1828 in Nashville, Tennessee
. Even in its infancy, he and his parents moved to Galvston, Texas, and spent his childhood on a large plantation in the county Brazoriya. In eight years, little John was sent to his uncle, Leonard I. Groce, and in his house, he received a decent education under the supervision of invited teachers.

From 1846 to 1850. Wharton attended classes at South Carolina College (now - University of South Carolina), and during his studies he was appointed commander of the student cadet corps. In 1848, Mr.. He married Eliza Penelope Johnson, daughter of the governor of South Carolina. After college Wharton returned to Texas and continued his study of law with the help of three famous and talented lawyers - former U.S. Senator William Preston, Jack Harris and Elisha M. Piza. Receiving a license attorney, John Wharton, together with Clint Terry opened in Brazorii law firm Wharton and Terry ".

In 1860 he headed the state election candidate for the U.S. presidential Breckinridge, and then was elected from the county Brazoriya delegate to the Convention of Texas, which voted to secede from the Union. Degree in law and policy did not prevent the Wharton a prosperous planter - to 1860. value of its taxable property amounted to more than 167 thousand dollars, and he owned 135 slaves.
At the beginning of the war Wharton was elected captain of the company Bi 8 th Texas Cavalry Regiment, which went down in history as the Texas Rangers, Terry ". After the death of Colonel Benjamin F. Terry and podpolkovnikaTomasa C. Lubbock Wharton became the commander of the regiment. "Texas Rangers, Terry" distinguished themselves in the battle of Shiloh, in CAUTERETS Wharton received the first wound. During the invasion army of Braxton Bragg in Kentucky, he is so good command of his regiment, that in November 1862. became a brigadier general. The actions of the team at Wharton Chickamauga resulted in his production of a major general, . and in February 1864 he was transferred to Louisiana in the Trans-Mississippi Department and led all the cavalry in the region, . having time to take part in the final battle at Red River Campaign,
. His life is interrupted by a tragic case - 6 th April 1865, in Houston headquarters of General John B. Magrudera a dispute arose between John O. Wharton and his friend George Y. Baylor on the possible outcome of the war. In the heat of a quarrel Baylor shot an unarmed Wharton. Subsequently, the Yankees winning shot with Baylor all charges of premeditated murder. The body of John Austin Wharton was buried first in Hampstead, but later his remains were moved and buried with military honors at the state cemetery in Austin, Texas.

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Wharton, John Austin, photo, biography
Wharton, John Austin, photo, biography Wharton, John Austin  Trooper, photo, biography
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