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Shambliss John Randolph (John Randolph Chambliss, Jr.)

( Trooper)

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Biography Shambliss John Randolph (John Randolph Chambliss, Jr.)
photo Shambliss John Randolph (John Randolph Chambliss, Jr.)
John Randolph Shambliss was born to a wealthy planter in Hiksforde, Grinsvill County, Va., Jan. 23, 1833. In 1853 he graduated from the Military Academy at West Point and over the years he served in the rank of second lieutenant of mounted riflemen in the Cavalry School in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. In the spring of 1854 Shambliss resigned, returned to his native plantation in Hiksford and fully devoted himself to farming. With the approaching threat of war, his military education had been claimed by state - Shambliss the rank of Major was the adjutant of the governor of Virginia, and until 1861 was headed by the local militia regiment. He was heavily influenced by his father, ardent advocate of secession and independence of the South, so after the outbreak of hostilities with joy received the colonel's stars, and in July 1861 took command of the 13th Virginia Cavalry Regiment. Until the fall of 1862 Shamblissa regiment was in command of General Hill and participated in operations on the James River. During the Maryland campaign Shambliss commanded Confederate forces at the river at the site Rappahennok Uorrenton-Frederiksberg, . having at their disposal not only the native 13th Virginia Cavalry, . and 2-nd Severokarolinsky Cavalry Regiment and 61 th Virginia Infantry Regiment,
. It is so cleverly coped with the tasks that deserve personal thanks of the General R.. E. Lee. In November, 1862. Shamblissa regiment joined the Cavalry Brigade Rooney Lee, but he has since been considered one of the most courageous, talented and gallant officers of the famous Brigade, taking part in all of its operations.
. In April 1863, when the Federal cavalry corps gathered to go through and cut off communication Rappahennok Lee at Richmond, the brigade Rooney Lee inflicted on the Yankees a powerful pre-emptive strike, and buried the plans of the Northern Command
. Among those rewarded was, and John R. Shambliss. At Beverly Ford, he with five dozen cavalrymen attacked two federal squadron and drove them into the river, capturing many prisoners. This feat was marked by orders and P. E. Lee and Stewart, who called Shamblissa "about a brave man '. In the famous battle at Brandy Station on June 9, 1863, when Rooney Lee was wounded, and Colonel Saul Williams killed Shambliss assumed command of the brigade. He remained in this position and during the fighting in the Olde and Middlberge. During the raid of Pennsylvania Stewart Shambliss conducted a brilliant attack on the position of Kilpatrick in Henovere, knocked him out of the city and captured the wagon train and captured. To place Gettysburg battle Brigade Shamblissa and Fitzhugh Lee arrived until the afternoon of July 2 and July 3, participated in a cavalry battle on the left flank of the Confederate. In the ensuing retreat Shambliss effectively in aregarde.
When the campaign began in Bristow, a brigade under the command of Shamblissa time has come to the aid of Lomax at Mortons Ford and the move dealt a serious setback feds. Next Bristow for the 2 nd battle of Brandy Station Shambliss got one more thanks to Stewart in December 1863 was finally promoted to brigadier general. In that position he continued to command a brigade Rooney Lee and scored a remarkable victory at the Battle of Stoney Creek. August 16, 1864, in a cavalry battle in the Charles City Road, John Randolph Shambliss was killed. His body was taken prisoner and was buried with military honors. General R.E. Lee wrote that 'the loss suffered by our cavalry with the death of General Shamblissa, will resound throughout the army, which he so boldly, energetically and ably served'.

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Shambliss John Randolph (John Randolph Chambliss, Jr.), photo, biography
Shambliss John Randolph (John Randolph Chambliss, Jr.), photo, biography Shambliss John Randolph (John Randolph Chambliss, Jr.)  Trooper, photo, biography
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