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Azef Yevno

( Spy)

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Biography Azef Yevno
photo Azef Yevno
Yevno Azef was one of the most successful double agents in the entire history of espionage. He worked for two mutually hostile organizations and deftly 'duril' and the one and another.
Russia, St. Petersburg. July 15, 1904, Mr.. One London-based journalist calmly walking through the streets of the city, when he drove past the carriage. Through the window he saw who it was: Vyacheslav Plehve, Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia. Zasmotrevshis to the Minister, the Englishman did not pay attention to lean swarthy man, who promptly ran across the street and something left in the carriage Plehve. But what happened afterwards, the journalist described in detail.
"Suddenly the earth trembled before me, there was a deafening roar, such a thunderous rumble, the nearest houses rattled the windows, shattered glass rained down on the pavement. Dead horse, the blood spill on the rocks, fragments of the carriage, a terrible hole in the ground - all flashed before my eyes a succession of quick successive images. "
Terrorist act
Plehve fragmented. Terrorist group led Yevno Azefs recorded on your account with a bloody sacrifice.
It was a brutal murder. But Azef used to say: "Terror - our only way."
And many have agreed with him. In Russia at that time there were political factions who wanted to overthrow the Tsar Nicholas II. Including - the Union of Socialist Revolutionaries (SRs), in which both consisted Azef. He led the so-called 'militant organization', devoted entirely to terrorism, and was considered one of the most valuable people in the party. He was very cunning and clever, and did not hesitate to use violence to achieve their goals.
At the service of secret police
However Azefs was another work. If his party learned of this work, they simply would not believe that this is possible. Actually Azef was a provocateur, an agent employed by the Tsarist secret police - the secret police, secret police oversight agency in tsarist Russia, which has political investigation. Azef was fierce ntimonarhistom, but when forced to choose between faith and money, he always chose the money.
In 1893. at age 24, he suggested that the tsarist secret police his services as a secret agent. He, of course, tested, and test results met the gendarmes. "Yevno Azef clever and shrewd schemer, - said in an official report of the office. - Can sovereignty suggest that his greed for money and present straits have contributed most of his zeal. "
. So Azef and became an agent spying with monthly salaries of the tsarist secret police
. Brilliant career
. Outwardly Azef was extremely unattractive
. But a sharp mind and remarkable strength of spirit is more than replaced his lack of physical beauty.
He was truly a remarkable person, and also possessed the gift of almost hypnotic oratory.
By 1901. he became a respected and trusted member of the Socialist Revolutionary Party.
When to him in an underground printing house raided by the police and several party members were arrested anyone and never thought that could be an agent provocateur Yevno Azef. They all blamed themselves and deciding that they are clearly not enough skilled manager, was asked to lead Azefs 'Combat Organization'. In the secret police he immediately doubled his salary.
A few months later and denounced by Azefs was arrested the leader of the Socialist. Salaries Azefs in the secret service has increased 10 times compared with the original. Still no one suspected that he was an agent of tsarist secret police.
Power terror
Azef proud of its successes. But his bloodthirsty nature, clearly lacked the thrills. Together with the new leader of the Socialist-Revolutionaries, quick-tempered, hot young man named Gershoni, Azef forming a terrorist group - 'militant organization'. And the first victim they had already identified. It was Sipyagin, Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia.
Azef takes precautions: for some time, leaving from St. Petersburg, in order to avoid possible accusations. He could always say the secret service that plans for the SR changed in his absence. At the same time he warned the gendarmes that they did not touch G. Gershoni. "It can not be arrested under any circumstances" - Azef wrote in his report, stressing: If Gershoni be arrested, SR suspect that in their ranks is a provocateur.
Death sentence
April 2, 1902, when Azefs was not in St. Petersburg, one of the terrorists came to Sipyagin study. He was dressed in military uniform, with gun and sword. He had with him an envelope which allegedly contained an important message to the Minister. Sipyagin opened the envelope. It was a death sentence, signed by 'militant organization' cotsialistov-revolutionaries. Sipyagin not finished reading it before the end. Shot 'officer' turned deadly. So 'Combat Organization' Socialist first announced its existence.
A tightrope over an abyss
Since then, a shrewd game Azefs became even more difficult and dangerous. If he wanted to gain the approval of the SR, he had to continue to pursue a policy of terror. At the same time, the secret police demanded from him, that he reported on all the planned conspiracy to murder the unwanted SRs political figures. Like tightrope walker, striding over the precipice, Azef had to balance, holding the balance. In his denunciations secret police arrested a lot of the SR, but a certain amount of important information he 'held the' for itself, which allowed him to engage in terrorist activities with impunity.
. 'Combat Organization' again manifested itself May 13, 1903, Mr.
. Now it was the murder of Ufa governor. When performing this act of terrorism, Azev again absent in Petersburg. On his return he learned that Gershoni arrested and sentenced to penal servitude in Siberia.
Month later Azefs unanimously elected leader of 'Combat Organization'. This immediately gave him a substantial profit, and most of all because now Azefs had access to public money. Along with a salary that Azev paid in the secret service, he could put together a good condition. Because it was especially important to intensify terrorist activity. Azef feared that, if there is no visible results, it can be removed from leadership 'militant organization'
Winning time
Murder of Pleven in July 1904. strengthened the position of Azev among the Socialist-Revolutionaries. But with the secret police had to explain. "Things must be. really are not important, now that even Azev nothing was known "- not without suspicion noticed one of the highest ranks of the secret police.
Azef denies that he was aware of the impending murder Plehve. He betrayed the secret service a few minor members of their organization, and then said that the Socialist-Revolutionaries are preparing an attempt on the life of the king, and that their headquarters are located in Odessa. He said the addresses of two people who allegedly have to be directly implementing the planned assassination.
But it was not true. The SRs did not intend to kill the king, they did not have its headquarters in Odessa, but the crime of those two, whose address was secret police, was that Azef suspected that they mark out in his place.
However, the secret police took it all at face value. 'Assassins' immediately arrested. The gendarmes were very proud of themselves, because they sincerely believed that saved the life of the Emperor. Then the secret police rushed to seek nonexistent headquarters in Odessa, on what was spent a lot of time and effort.
A Azef meanwhile, worked through the details of his most ambitious and grandiose plan. As a result, large-scale terrorist operation 'Combat Organization' was to kill several people to her liking: a new interior minister, governor-general of St. Petersburg and the governor-general of Kiev. Azef included in this list - as they say, to the heap - and two uncles of the king.
February 4, 1906, Mr.. in one of them, Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich, a bomb was thrown. He died on the spot. But then everything went haywire. Undermined by its own missteps in the most skilful 'Combat Organization' manufacturer bombs. Then the secret police - apparently on someone's tip-off - finds a warehouse full of dynamite and arrested all but one of the specialists demolition.
Azef scared to death. Not only is his plan to 'bankrupt', so even it turns out that the secret police has secret information that she could deliver one of the well-informed members of his own 'Combat Organization'. It turns out that the secret police was another secret agent, and it is possible that very soon will be revealed that Azef fed her false information.
Not every day is not Sunday
While Azef feverishly pondering what to do, it struck another blow. An officer of the secret police to the side of the SR and told them the names of the two leading undercover agents. The first was a man who gave police information about the preparation of the recent terrorist. The second was Azef.
But strangely enough, Azev managed to stay 'afloat', because no one believed in what he is a traitor. But as the second agent provocateur they did not have any doubt. He was immediately executed.
And then, when Azef was in Moscow at him on the street with knives attacked two assassins hired by the secret police. He survived only because a thick fur coat - knives mercenaries have not touched the body. Azef realized that this was a warning Police Department. He decided to recall who pays d
Right to rest
Not easily Azev managed to convince the secret police that he was still working on it. He had a long conversation with the chief of the secret police, during which betrayed his best friend, a companion to the revolutionary movement. This betrayal led to Azef in the next pay raise. Soon Azef communicates the secret service of the planned attempt on Prime Minister. He promises to stop the plans of the conspirators and vouched for the safety of the Prime Minister's own head.
However Azef not take into account the interference of outside forces. August 25, 1906, Mr.. independent group of revolutionaries planted a bomb in the house of Prime Minister. Killing themselves sappers. Killed 30 more people. The Prime Minister was not injured.
Azef was in a very unenviable position. The Secret Service considered him guilty of the incident. The double life starts to weigh. He suspends the activities of 'Combat Organization' and goes on holiday to France. "I started this business since Gershoni, - he says. - Terrorists also need to rest ".
Scoundrel no rest
However, he rested briefly. In early 1907. in St. Petersburg appear Gershoni, who managed to escape from prison by hiding in a barrel of sauerkraut. Changing the name, it is resuming its campaign of terror. The chief of the secret police requests Azefs return to service. He agrees, but reluctantly.
Back in the capital, he learns that Gershoni plotting to kill the king. Azef communicates to the police (resulting in 28 conspirators were arrested), and he stands at the head of the conspiracy. Such a venture would require considerable cost, he warns supporters. Those organizing the collection of funds on the 'right thing'. Azef clean money in hand and at the same time gives the police their comrades.
However, he secretly plans to escape. Money he had accumulated enough. As the saying goes, time and the honor of knowing. Azef just waiting for the right case.
December 26, 1907, Mr.. event occurs which causes him to hurry up. He met a woman named Hц╘di de Hero.
Love and money
Hц╘di, German cabaret of the canary, came to Russia in search of fame and money. She gained both. However, putting almost all their money in one unsuccessful venture for the development of gold veins in 1907. again left without a penny. We had to find a new source of funds. Attention Hц╘di drew Azef. He was madly in love with her, she was in love with his money, and they both cherished the idea of how to leave Russia.

And I had to leave immediately. The Socialist-Revolutionaries began to investigate the cause of their numerous failures and finally found the answer. Everything pointed to the fact that Azef was a spy Tsarist secret police. But even now Revolutionaries could not believe it. They sent him to Azef his agent, who was to find out the truth.

By 1908, Mr.. This man, named Bourtsev (publicist, last Narodovolets, then became close Revolutionary Party), has collected irrefutable evidence that Azef traitor. Azef hurriedly explained to the secret police, and in January 1909. they Hц╘di safely leave for Germany with false passports, which the secret police kindly furnished them goodbye.

They settled in Berlin, in the very trendy. Azef got a service on the Stock Exchange and began augmenting its capital. During the first few years everything went well. Azef Hц╘di full swing and enjoying life, arranged in his home chic dinners for new German friends and buy beautiful expensive things: silver, crystal and even bought a concert grand piano.
. Still tracked
. And then, in the summer of 1912., Burtsev sought Azefs
. At this time Azef openly admitted his guilt. But he argued that betrayed few of his comrades, in order to gain the trust of the secret police and to achieve its main goal - to kill the king. Azef also expressed readiness to appear before a revolutionary court and was willing to accept a death sentence if he would be considered guilty.
Bourtsev returned to Russia to report to the comrades all that he learned. Azef meanwhile, goes from Berlin and was in hiding for two years. And then the First World War. Germany and Russia are now enemies, and Azev can not fear retaliation Socialist-Revolutionaries: he was out of reach. He returns to Berlin. However, all his money was invested in Russia's shares, which in Germany is now worth nothing. Azef ruined.
They Hц╘di desperately trying to improve their situation. And in 1915. Germanic authorities unexpectedly Azefs arrested on suspicion of terrorist activities. Two and a half years he spends in prison. At the end of the war goes on freedom turns out a broken man. In 1918. Azef lies in the hospital with complaints of pain in the kidneys. A week later he died.
Yevno Azef was one of the most successful double agents in the entire history of espionage. He worked for two mutually hostile organizations and deftly 'duril' and the other, and the other. But no one praised for the dignity of his 'achievements'. Azef was buried at a cemetery in Berlin on April 26, 1918., Mourned only disconsolate Hц╘di de Hero.

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Azef Yevno, photo, biography
Azef Yevno, photo, biography Azef Yevno  Spy, photo, biography
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