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Dunlap, Jack

( traitor and spy)

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Biography Dunlap, Jack
His grave is located just a few steps from the place where later was the funeral of President John F. Kennedy. So now one of the greatest heroes of the U.S. rests next to a traitor and a spy, which humiliated considerable harm to his country.
Sergeant Jack Dunlap was the usual 'average' American. He lived with his family in a normal house in a suburb of Washington, and brought home the most usual salary - $ 100 per week. Like most 'average' Americans, he moonlighted at night to have additional means of livelihood. But the day job, Dunlap went beyond the usual.
Every morning, Dunlap was a member of spetspropusku at Fort Meade - one of the most impressive buildings across America. The length of its main corridor about three times greater than the length of a football field. Its walls were literally infested with electric cables and wires. In the cellars of Fort Meade were the most powerful computers in the world. Radio antennas receive information from around the globe. The building is surrounded by three rows of barbed wire under an electric voltage. Territory adjacent to the Fort Mido, patrolled by armed soldiers marines.
Inside the cement fortress built in the form of the Latin letter U, the work does not stop for a minute. Hundreds of people day and night to process sensitive information, deciphered coded messages and studied and analyzed the information obtained. This building was the headquarters of the NSA, one of the major U.S. intelligence agencies.
Boy on the premises
Dunlap was not a cryptographer. His position was much more modest. Although Dunlap and had the rank of Sergeant U.S. Army, the NSA, he worked as a simple courier. His work was to distribute documents from one department to another. Officially, his title was 'clerk-messenger' - a little more honorable unless the post of errand boy. If employees know and Dunlap, the only person. His name no one bothered to remember.
But Dunlap was not such a quiet, insignificant country, which seemed to be around. At one time he was awarded several medals for bravery. He also served as a driver for NSA Chief of Staff. But it did not suit such an existence. He believed that deserves a better life. And in 1960. has a chance to achieve the desired. In that year - the third year of service Dunlap from the NSA - with him to contact the agent out of the Soviet intelligence. Dunlap agreed to work on the Soviet Union. He promised a lot of money. From Dunlap needed to make copies of documents passing through his hands, to make them secret NSA from the building and send another Soviet agent, is absolutely safe. Nobody in no suspect. In the end, is not he a sergeant U.S. Army - loyal soldier, worthy of every kind doveriyaN
Beautiful Life
Only during the first year of work for Soviet intelligence Dunlap received about 40 thousand. U.S.. This is much higher than the annual salary of a senior army officer. Style of his life dramatically changed.

Modest and quiet family man who worked part time at night at a petrol station for a dollar an hour, turned into a chic man 'in the full prime of life', literally sorivshego money. In the short time he bought a new car, yacht and powerboat. Luxury mistress followed one another. Leisure Dunlap also conducted 'in a big way': amateur regatta sailing, car racing and race boats, dancing in prestigious clubs were his favorite entertainment.

. When someone asked Dunlap, where he got the money, he built himself a holy innocence
. "I received a small inheritance," - usually he replied. And if someone has expressed bewilderment why such a rich man to spend your precious time and run a simple courier, Dunlap just smiled enigmatically. His low post, he declared confidently, this is only a cover. In fact, he supposedly serves the NSA one particular secret missions.

Obviously not notice

The NSA, as it were, and did not notice the sudden change in the life of a humble messenger. Nobody paid any attention to the fact that now he comes to work in an expensive car. He excused from work for the day, if he asked for time off, citing the fact that he would like to take part in races on cutters. And when he hurt his back during a sailing regatta, the authorities even sent a carriage 'ambulance' to take Dunlap in the departmental hospital.

Dunlap tried all means to maintain its reputation as an important classified 'bumps'. "They were afraid that I was under anesthesia can inadvertently give some secrets," - he said friends, devoutly attentive to the speeches.

Dunlap went on to copy secret documents directly under the noses of the NSA. Every month he gave his material obtained is connected, the Soviet agent. Most of these meetings took place in the car parks or other public places. Dunlap did not take any security measures. Once he even brought with him another lover.
However, in March 1964. Dunlap contract with the NSA over. Fearing that he might lose its 'warm place', Dunlap met to resign from the army and to join the NSA is already a civil official. This is where it and waiting for a nasty surprise.
Lie detector
The staff of the NSA took both the military and gazhdanskih persons. It was believed that the soldiers suspicion. But civilians, went to work, should have been compulsorily tested for a lie detector.
Dunlap behaved quite calmly, but it did not save him. The test revealed cases of 'petty theft' and 'misconduct'. However, the NSA still has his work and kept him for his position. But two months later, when it was revealed that a modest live messenger is clearly beyond their means, Dunlap was finally denied access to classified information.
And now he realized that he faces big trouble. Contact agent was interrupted. The exposure was inevitable. He was expected to either life imprisonment or death in the electric chair.
Dunlap finds a solution
In June 1964. Dunlap gathered to take part in motor racing to production vehicles. He went there with a noisy company of friends and casually hinted that he wanted to commit suicide. Nobody, of course, he did not believe. But the next day he was found half-dead. He took large doses of sleeping pills and alcohol.
After that incident, the NSA in conjunction with military police and military counter-intelligence division of the U.S. Army conducted an investigation of the case Dunlap. June 20, he tried to shoot
Bystanders friend literally snatched the pistol.
Two days later, Dunlap left the city by car. Stopping at some dried-up stream, it is tightly closed all the windows and left the engine turned. His body was found the next morning. Dunlap died from choking in the exhaust gases.
Management shocked
In August, a month after the suicide of Dunlap, the NSA finally gathered evidence that he was a spy. But they never found out what kind of information Dunlap managed to convey the Soviet intelligence. "Probably we will never know how documents are passed through his hands - said one of the investigators. - It is better for us to play it safe and assume that all information held by his department, is now kept in Moscow. "
The assumption was correct. Information transmitted by Dunlap, were priceless materials for Moscow on the inner life of American intelligence.
All this was very unpleasant for the leadership of the NSA. And besides, as if in mockery of the 'snookered' superiors, Dunlap was buried at Arlington National Cemetery with full honors, relying soldier of the army. His grave is located just a few steps from the place where later was the funeral of President John F. Kennedy. So now one of the greatest heroes of the U.S. rests next to a traitor and a spy, which humiliated considerable harm to his country.

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  • ken for Dunlap, Jack
  • I lived two blocks from the Dunlaps in suburbia. Their change in lifestyle was definitely noticeable to us kids - cars, boats, swimming pool and toys. The oldest daughter was in my 5th grade class. Men in suits came and removed her and her siblings from school and we never saw them again. By the time we got off the bus that day, their house was being surrounded by fence but we could hear the house being dismantled board by board.
  • bob wilson for Dunlap, Jack
  • I gave the sgt the water hose with which he used to do himself in supposedly. it was a Friday nite and he supposedly wanted to wash his car. I took 2 lie detector tests in a effort to gain employment at nsa but the subject was jack on both tests. he supposedly put the secret info in his blouse as he walked out of the bldg. he was just another hi-lite in my army experience. he really hurt nsa.
  • R.G. Foley for Dunlap, Jack
  • Army Sgt Dunlap was a regular at the Starting Gate Bar with Marine Gunny Kerokis. Little did we know at the time that Dunlap was being spied on by the Gunny. When we found out that Dunlap killed himself because he was a spy, none of the Marines from our barracks was surprised. i never liked or trusted Dunlap, but many people thought he was a good time guy, who was up to no harm. Turned out i was right....Sad.
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    Dunlap, Jack, photo, biography
    Dunlap, Jack, photo, biography Dunlap, Jack  traitor and spy, photo, biography
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