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POPOV Dashko

( Spy)

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Biography POPOV Dashko
photo POPOV Dashko
Popov had intended to gather information about Germany, sent it to London, and his Berlin superiors to send reports with false information.
1941. Portugal. Estoril City. Casino lobby. Dashko Popov is a table with roulette, lazily watching the players. Beauty blonde makes bid vykladyvaya chips on a green baize. She chooses the numbers 22,18 and 15. She momentarily raises his head, and their eyes meet. Popov barely perceptible nods. A woman puts a chip on the fourth 'zero' (zero). Popov again nods. Bets made. The dealer spins the roulette players fall silent, intensely watching the ball. At what number will vyigryshN
Popov is not interested. Woman - personal secretary to the head of military intelligence in Germany in Portugal - did not come here to play and arrange Popov met with his chief. The first number to which it is supplied, means the day of the meeting, the second - an hour, the third - minutes. Meeting held on 22 of this month in 18 hours 15 minutes. The fourth number indicates the place of meeting. By pre-agreed code, 'zero' means Lisbon.
Popov in no hurry to move away from the table. Curiously, some rolled winning nomerN He knows from past experience that women tend to have no luck in the game. And this time was no exception. Smiling, Popov withdrew. So Dashko Popov became involved in one of the most complex double game in the history of exploration of the Second World War.
Idle life of a young rake

Dashko Popov was born in an aristocratic family in the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia (the region in the former Yugoslavia). He was a typical secular lion and hung. Fluent in several European languages. He knew all the best hotels in Europe. Everywhere he had powerful friends. And he had enough money to not think about what work and indulge in idleness. But Popov was an adventurer at heart and an adventurer. When in 1939. World War II began, he felt in his element.

Payment of old debts

Popov was a staunch anti-fascist, but by a strange twist of fate it was Germany first attracted him to the service as a secret agent. And he recruited his old friend, the fabulously wealthy man named Johnny Dzhebsen working for Germany's intelligence. Now it's time to return the old payback. Dzhebsen ordered Popov to compile a list of Yugoslav politicians, who in the case of occupation by German troops would agree to serve in Germany.

Popov agreed, albeit reluctantly, and at the same time suggested that British intelligence services, placing it in the fame of a task received from the Germans.

Fortunately, the friendship with Popov Dzhebsen appreciated still above their loyalty to Hitler Suspecting that Popov is working on the British Dzhebsen warned that the Germans occupied recheck his work
. As the Nazis led by the nose

. Soon Popov told Dzhebsenu, . that in England he has one friend, . who would like to work for Germany's intelligence Popov proposed a plan: posing as a businessman he settles in neutral Portugal, . where it will be very useful from time to time to visit London for secret material from his agent,
. During these visits, he will also be able to recruit other agents for the Germany intelligence. The Germans had approved the plan and immediately sent Popov in Lisbon.

It was a clever deception - from start to finish.

In fact, Popov intended to gather information about Germany, sent it to London, and his Berlin superiors to send reports with false information.

Everything turned out perfectly, as if by magic in 1940

Popov arrived in Lisbon, where he was very cordially greeted the head of the local branch of the German military intelligence background Karsthoff (his real name - von Auenrode). Then Popov goes to London. There, the British supply his carefully fabricated false information, and he sends it to the Germans allegedly from his faithful man, who does not actually exist.

Materials referred Popov, made an impression on the leaders in Berlin, and his efforts were appreciated: for this work he received 10 thousand. dollars.


Nearly half years Popov traveled between Lisbon and London. The Germans 'swallowed' all the data, not suspecting mischief. A Dzhebsen duly warned his friend about the possible 'slippery' situations and kept him informed of affairs in Berlin.

Dzhebsen had information that Germany is negotiating with Japan for the preparation of a sudden air raid on the naval base of the U.S.. Popov, of course, all ears. Many suspected that Japan might attack the United States, which at that time had not yet entered the war with Germany. Perhaps the Japanese were preparing udarN

Popova suspicions were confirmed when Germany hastily tossed it to a new job. He was instructed to go to the U.S. to organize a new network of agents and to collect information about how well the U.S. Navy prepared for war.

In particular, he had to visit one of the Hawaiian Islands and try to learn as much as possible on the basis of the naval forces of the United States in the Gulf of Pearl Harbor.
Technology microdots

Popov has no doubt that the attack on 'big little business'. Finally he became convinced of this, when the background Karsthoff called for him and described the technical equipment that Popov had to use during the job. He explained, . as a result of multiple photographic text gradually decreases as, . the page is compressed to the size of a tiny point, . which can be stuck under the stamp, . under the fold of the envelope or just on the skin in Germany this information will be read by a special magnifier microscope,

. Von Karsthoff opened a box in which lay strange tiny black things, with the help of tweezers, he took one of them and put them into the hands of the size it was no longer the little moles or freckles.

. "This is Microdot - proudly explained the background Karsthoff
. - You - the first scout, who will use the latest technology. "

Popov had been promised that all the necessary equipment, he will receive on the spot, in the U.S..

America only shrug

In August 1941. Popov flies to New York, where he intends to organize a second false its network of agents. He is full of the most optimistic expectations: he carries the newest invention of the Germans in the field of espionage equipment, and in addition - information about possible impending Japanese attack. Also, with its emergence from the Americans a real chance to control the German network of agents. He had no doubt that he will be welcomed with open arms, but, to his unspeakable astonishment, the U.S. counterintelligence was to his information pointed disparagingly.

The FBI did not allow him to recruit agents, ignoring the warning about possible Japanese air raid on the U.S. naval base, and threatened him with arrest if he tries to go to Hawaii. They wanted to personally monitor his network of agents and generally with a large suspicious of any foreign agents acting in their own country.

Edgar Hoover, then director of the FBI, was very dissatisfied with methods of Popov.

"I run the most honest and most respectable in the world police organization - said he is their only personal meeting. - You show up here from nowhere. It was not even a half months, as you moved into the penthouse on Park Avenue and start to run after the pretty starlet. I'll tell you frankly: I do not leave.

Stimulation Hoover could understand. Literally from the first days of its appearance in New York, Popov began to lead an active social life: bought an expensive luxury apartment, . began to attend the most prestigious and fashionable clubs, and got himself several mistresses, . Women are not just pretty, . and charming,

Risk increases

December 7, 1941, Mr.. base at Pearl Harbor suffered a surprise attack Japanese aircraft. The losses were more than significant. Popov could not believe it. Had he not warned Hoover, telling him everything except the exact datyN!

. Americans are finally allowed to recruit Popov 'agent', who passed false information to Germany, but they flatly refused to acquaint him with the contents of these messages

And when the Germans sent to the New York Courier, who was to deliver the equipment to create Popov microdots, the FBI just was not arrested.

Popov was horrified. Such actions of the American counter-intelligence could cause the Germans suspected that he was a double agent. He asked to return to Lisbon. The British did not object, but there was another hitch: Popov did not know what information the Americans handed over to the Germans supposedly from him, and therefore could 'puncture' in the first inquiry. There remained only hope that he would still be able to extricate themselves somehow.

He said that Germany provided him enough money to recruit. This argument seems to be convinced von Karsthoffa, but only for the time.

The route of flight

Popov still do not believe in miraculous escape, when he arrives in Lisbon Johnny Dzhebsen with important news. Only now, he confesses to a friend that was always anti-fascist, and offers Popov to take part in the creation of 'corridor' for flight opponents of the occupation regime established in Yugoslavia in 1941. Many relatives and friends of the Popov killed. He had only to convince the Germans that the refugees from Yugoslavia are prepared to work for Germany's intelligence, and then they can be taken across Lisbon to England.

. During the entire existence of the route of flight friends managed to smuggle into Britain more than 150 Yugoslavs
. But once one of the refugees had disappeared without a trace somewhere between Yugoslavia and the UK. Nobody doubted that he had betrayed her and told the Germans about the existence of a secret route.

. When this became known, Popov was in London and planning to go to Lisbon.

. "You probably got burned, - he was told in British intelligence, thinking that the Germans had opened a double game Popova
. - Look for friendly advice and stay in London ". Popov, however, decided to go. At least in order to recruit his friend Dzhebsena in British intelligence.
Game Over
Upon arrival in Lisbon Popov immediately went to the background Karsthoffu for its regular report. Von Karsthoffa was not there, so that Popov had to wait. Today is the first time he took with him a loaded gun. If he is there the slightest suspicion that the background Karsthoff knows that he is a British spy, he would have to shoot Germans. Popov stood with his back to the door and looked out the window, and then behind him a voice background Karsthoffa:
"Turn to me, Popov. Only slowly and without sudden movements. "

Popov was about to pull out a gun and shoot, but, fortunately, noticed the reflection in the mirror background Karsthoffa. The German's shoulder sat a little amusing monkey.
"I gave her one of our agents from Africa, - explained the background Karsthoff. - Only it is not tamed, and can snap if it is frightening. "
Popov sighed with relief and let go of his hand convulsively compressed in a pocket pistol.
After a background report Karsthoffu he contacted Dzhebsenom. As Popov and expected Dzhebsen immediately agreed to serve the British intelligence.
Betrayal and art survive
But luck changed Popov. However, he fell under suspicion. When he next came to Lisbon, unidentified attackers blew up his car, parked near the beach. Once, after a successful evening at the gambling tables in the casino, Popov had found her new lover in a strange occupation: it is digging in his things. Soon came the news of the failure of Dzhebsena - denounced by one of the trusted agent. Popov hastily flees to London, while he still has a chance.
He remained in Britain until the end of the war. But his career intelligence officer, naturally, ended. After the war he continued to lead a luxurious life of a millionaire, not accustomed to deny themselves anything. People like Dashko Popov, always find a way to get from life.

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POPOV Dashko, photo, biography
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